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Prof. Gary L. Francione on the Problem with Welfare Reforms and Single-Issue Campaigns - YouTube
Free Range and Co. - still promoting animal exploitation. Same with don't eat veal (eat the mom) or Foie gras (just eat the bird, don't force-feed the bird to eat the liver). << Single Issue Campaigns still promote animal exploitation. More morally better because you don't eat that kind of cruel meat? // Greenpeace doesn't promote Vegan. Just sustainability. Whole Foods "happy exploitation." << betrayal of animal rights! PETA gave Whole Foods an award for "best animal-friendly." [...] "lessen the suffering." // when its about human rights we take an absolute position. but animal rights public takes no absolute position but talks about meatless Monday's. If it's wrong its wrong. If it violates fundamental human rights, it violates human rights. There are not baby steps. No journey. // Educate people about Veganism. And animal rights will take care of itself. But current Vegan movement is just about "humane" or "compassionate" animal exploitation. Vegan has to be a moral imperative!
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Draper University & Tim Draper's state of California | Launch Festival 2014 - YouTube
California is 50th in tersm of edu cost (too expensive), California spends 3% of their rev on infrastructure investments. ... It has to be really bad that they see as only solution to make it smaller. make 6. The only good thing that has CA going is the weather and that can have unintended consequences as well - extreme weather events, droughts, wildfires, flashfloods, ... + + + ||| +++ -- BOOK ! 'The race for reinvention' ""The Fourth Revolution: The Global Race to Reinvent the State"" - - IN THEIR new book, John Micklethwait and Adrian Wooldridge explain why the state faces a historic juncture
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