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Mark Surman: Non Profits in the Digital Age
The heart of social change is collaboration around a common goal, which the shift to the connected age offers in spades. The Mozilla Foundation's Mark Surman sits down with Steve Paikin to discuss applying open source principles to philanthropy and Mozilla's initiative to boost global web literacy. // Internet. You don't need permission. (book by alexis ohanian, without their permission) // is there more trolling, bullying and hate? or is it because it's so much easier to surface and less friction and non-facing confrontation. // Internet = more agency. not just consuming. linear programming. // digital literacy! resources for teachers! >> !? //
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Bill and Melinda Gates' 2014 Stanford Commencement Address - YouTube
min 17 in - about not having a better future for our kids. the thing is, the lowest hanging fruits have been eaten. now there only the hard things left to to, hard because they seem so remote from here, hard because they are worthwhile pursuing despite setbacks. renewable energy, curing diseases, sustainability in lots of quadrants - energy, food & water, environment, democracy & more or less striving for equality - social and income mobility. End: >> Luck, that could be me, empathy, leadership, ...
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