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NHS on brink of collapse, warns former health minister | Society | The Guardian
Norman Lamb [...] NHS will crash within two years with catastrophic consequences unless the government orders an immediate multibillion pound cash injection, the former minister in charge of care services says. [...] fears mount among senior NHS officials, care providers and local authorities that NHS and care services are approaching breaking point. [Lamb] accuses the government of dishonesty in failing to admit the scale of the problems [ sick population, premature ageing, chronic diseases, obesity crisis, Big Sugar, food industry, cancer, sedentary lifestyle, demographic bubble, pollution, chronic stress, mental health ]. [ need non-partisan commision ] [...] NHS CEO [...] [sees no] progress in tackling public health problems [which are multi-dimensional][, shaving the top off/limiting the extent/prevention (Sugar Tax/Alcohol Unit pricing review/review of food deserts & fast-processed-junk-food filled grocery stores) against predictable/status quo = pressures continue 2 increase.]
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