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Twitter works just fine – but for investors, anything except total market domination is a disaster | Comment is free | The Guardian
Nothing better illustrates capitalism’s addiction to illogic than the mismatch between Twitter’s workability and its unpopularity with Wall Street [...] Any company that cannot demonstrate a clear route to monopolising its space, monetising its users’ data on a vast scale, is to be discarded, targeted for acquisition, consigned to perpetual dowdiness. [...] When I’ve pointed to Wikipedia, Apache or Linux as harbingers of a new, non-market, open source economics, one of the stock responses is: “now show us something more spectacular.” The problem is, these modest, functional and free products are already in their own way spectacular. Wikipedia is the biggest information product in the world; Apache runs half the world’s web servers; and Linux is the system of choice for at least a third of all servers (the computers that run businesses) and 97% of the world’s supercomputers.
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Net Neutrality and the Idea of America : The New Yorker
In “The Frontier in American History,” the historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that it was frontiers that created the essential aspects of American democracy. Life on the frontier, he wrote, was what developed “the courageous determination to break new paths” and “indifference to the dogma that because an institution or a condition exists, it must remain.” The debate over net neutrality, by this reckoning, is a classic debate over the closing of a frontier. The fear is that industrial consolidation, as it has before, will diminish opportunities for the new, idealistic, and optimistic, leaving behind the established, tested, and cynical. It would be the lapse into plutocracy that Turner and others feared.
Net  Neutrality  frontiermarkets  Frontier  Markets  BRIC  MINT  Internet  FCC  barriers  to  entry  inequality  discrimination  public  policy  public  good  public  utility  digital  divide  oligarchy  oligopoly  oligopol  marketplace  plurality  marketplace  inefficiencies  marketplace  efficiencies  presidency  barackobama  USA  competitiveness  competitive  advantage  comparative  advantage  Europe  UK 
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Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly, and Unfair - YouTube
Is Net Neutrality Dead? - ""pressure from ISP and Cable Provider lobby in Washington not to call them a utility"" - - +++ Bill Moyers Essay: As the SEC Door Revolves - v=pqA4RGI5i8A
Susan  Crawford  USA  Europe  Net  Neutrality  ISP  Cable  Provider  oligopoly  revolving  door  lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  fiduciary  responsibility  public  utility  public  good  WallStreet  presidency  barackobama  book  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  digital  divide  skill-biased  technological  change  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  productivity  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Tom  Wheeler  democracy  barriers  to  entry  trust  trustagent  antitrust  Career  Politicians  transparency  accountability  governance  Don't  be  evil  corporate  governance  choice  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  marketplace  inefficiencies  innovation  market  plurality  marketplace  plurality  pluralistic  society  pluralism  plurality  utilities  internet  tiering  internet  metering  Access  oversight  short-term  thinking  FCC  public  policy  leadership  Vision  national  interest  public  interest  Principle  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  deregulation  discrimination  Google  Fiber  greed  crony  capitalism  corporatism  capitalism  Comcast  AT&T  Verizon  TimeWarner 
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