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Net Neutrality and the Idea of America : The New Yorker
In “The Frontier in American History,” the historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that it was frontiers that created the essential aspects of American democracy. Life on the frontier, he wrote, was what developed “the courageous determination to break new paths” and “indifference to the dogma that because an institution or a condition exists, it must remain.” The debate over net neutrality, by this reckoning, is a classic debate over the closing of a frontier. The fear is that industrial consolidation, as it has before, will diminish opportunities for the new, idealistic, and optimistic, leaving behind the established, tested, and cynical. It would be the lapse into plutocracy that Turner and others feared.
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Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly, and Unfair - YouTube
Is Net Neutrality Dead? - ""pressure from ISP and Cable Provider lobby in Washington not to call them a utility"" - - +++ Bill Moyers Essay: As the SEC Door Revolves - v=pqA4RGI5i8A
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FCC approves plan to consider paid priority on Internet
The proposal is not a final rule, but the vote on Thursday is a significant step forward on a controversial idea that has invited fierce opposition from consumer advocates, Silicon Valley heavyweights, and Democratic lawmakers. The FCC will now open the proposal to a total 120 days of public comment. Final rules, aimed for the end of the year, could be rewritten after the agency reviews the public comments. + "Obama pledges Net neutrality laws if elected president. The presidential hopeful says if elected, he'll prioritize enacting antidiscrimination rules for broadband providers during first year in office. Will others follow?" + + - Wheeler a former cable-industry lobbyist
Net  Neutrality  FCC  USA  presidency  barackobama  barriers  to  entry  discrimination  Innovation  Silicon  Valley  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  comparative  advantage  economies  of  agglomeration  economies  of  scale  Start-Up  Start-Ups  revolving-door  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  revolving  door  Washington  Career  Politicians  interest  groups  public  policy  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  public  good  public  utility 
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