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Jeff Novick, RD, MS - Foods That Make You Thin - YouTube
- how can you fix something that people think is normal. that they are normal? you have to enlighten them, not shove it in their face, but they have to do the work themselves. then comes the intrinsic motivation with that and the step by step, incremental change ... that eventually compounds. change is hard. but hard things are worth it. rewarding so much more. its a individual private personal journey. //&! "Composition of their Diet (author of Starch Solution - Whole Plant Based Diet, not processed, not refined.)!" Obesity and illness -- caused by the same thing - John McDougall MD - &! We Are Processed People. Over fed. Under nourished. - "We are selling sickness [Wall Steeet/Food conglomerates)" This change won't come top down, has not come, will not come - EVER. This change has to be bottom-up in order to stick! (Made to Stick). A message and pictures repeated by 1000 individual voices. "Things could change if we get the awareness out there."
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