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Tinder’s First Advertisement Is One Big Experiment | TechCrunch
The 1st ad on @Tinder advertisers @Budweiser's #Whatever campaign; VP of advertising @ Tinder, Brian Norgard, says the app works w/ 'like' & 'pass' so it has great signal for advertisers; co says when people are in the mindset of discovery they're willing to discover various types of content incl ads // // // wouldn't it be more logical to focus on local advertising in the future? as well as event advertising?! adding value to the consumer experience! // and auto play? w sound? that is disrespectful. // see - always try add value - - instead of plain ads
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New Online Marketplace Raises $140 Million - WSJ
[ 2nd app for wama is hyper local highstreet/mall shopping assistant and (style) advisor in your pocket ] --- Pre-launch online shopping club raises $140M in convertible debt led by @BainCapVC, w/ participation from @GoogleVentures, @NorwestVP & others; WSJ reports $600M valuation; ___ site matches buyers w/ nearby sellers to lower shipping costs; ___ slated for spring launch, membership is $50/yr & promises prices 10-15% lower than any online shop
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Introducing Place Tips in News Feed | Facebook Newsroom
Facebook launches location-specific Place Tips for iPhone; appears at top of News Feed when user enters establishment; tapping displays friends' comments & photos related to business; also shows maps, restaurant menus, etc; viewing does not post to Facebook or reveal location; also testing w/ beacons in NYC // >> "In late 2013, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley and his leadership team decided it was time to rethink things. If the company was founded today, what would the app look like? What would the experience feel like?" // &! &!
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Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users | Technology | The Guardian
[ NSA & Co. served them with an order to comply, in order to watch over employees. Spotting potential Whistleblowers and leaks. Period. ] The technology, for example, enables the company to monitor all the geolocated messages sent from the Pentagon and National Security Agency. It also allows Whisper to track an individual user’s movements over time. When users have turned off their geolocation services, the company also, on a targeted, case-by-case basis, extracts their rough location from IP data emitted by their smartphone. & & &
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Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right? | Fast Company | Business Innovation
It's a compelling prospect: If Google has built a $294 billion business based on your explicit searches, Foursquare's bet is that the data behind your implicit intent are just as lucrative. [...] If you check in at Walgreens, should we show you an ad for toothpaste? We're not sure," he says. "Does that dilute the experience?" [...] And Crowley is well aware of what's become of him: His identity is his company; he is only as mature as it is. "I've thought about it for a while, and to me it's like I've got to close this chapter in my life before I can go on to the next one,"
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The f8 Preview: How Facebook Plans to Take Over the Web
So why is Facebook doing all this? For the money. By optimizing the social graph and using distributed tools, Facebook is hoping to increase user engagement. More time spent interacting with its site and the sites it effectively powers will translate into more money-making opportunities.

Facebook’s combination of audacity and ability is admirable and at the same time, a little scary. To those who view it as the 21st century version of the online ghetto called AOL, you’re underestimating this gang. If Mark Zuckerberg and his troops execute on their plan, the web is going to be a lot different. I believe that Facebook will rival Google’s current domination of the search and online advertising business. These guys are ruthless, unrelenting and singleminded in their quest for success.

semantic web
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SimpleGeo Locates $1.5 Million And Many Big Name Investors
SimpleGeo has just closed a $1.5 million seed round of funding, we’ve confirmed. This round, led by First Round Capital, also includes from Redpoint Ventures, Ron Conway, Kevin Rose, Chris Sacca, Joshua Schachter, David Cohen, Debbie Landa, Tim Ferriss, Shawn Fanning, Gary Vaynerchuk, David Lee, and Freestyle Capital. Yes, it’s basically a who’s who in angel investing that is on board now with SimpleGeo.
Participants in its previous debt round include Joanna Shields (formerly Bebo), David Liu (formerly AOL), Ziv Navoth (formerly Bebo), Darius Contractor (Bebo), Ravi Narasimhan (Strategic Data Corp/NewsCorp), and Jason Knapp (Strategic Data Corp/NewsCorp). Needless to say, a lot of powerful people clearly want this company to succeed.
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