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Theresa May accused of treating EU migrants as a pawn in Brexit talks | Politics | The Guardian
The home secretary is facing intense political pressure to give cast iron assurance that the rights of EU migrants to remain in the UK would not be used as a bargaining chip in any future Brexit talks with the European Union.

Theresa May was accused of treating millions of EU citizens as a pawn in a wider Brexit negotiation. She said it was her intention that EU citizens should remain but said their rights would be a factor in any talks.

Tories urged to offer assurances to EU citizens living in UK
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The British government, including May, has been reluctant to give guarantees for EU citizens because it has yet to be given parallel assurances about the rights of UK citizens in the EU.
Brexit  game  theory  Freedom  of  Movement  EEA  Single  Market  free  trade  free  trade  agreement  European  Union  UK  Career  Politicians  politician 
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The Myth of Valley DoucheBaggery - John Battelle's Search Blog
But I think our industry culture is moving far faster than the writers at Silicon Valley might wish to believe. I think we’re seeing the rise of a new culture, one that rejects arrogance and the founder worship which breeds it. Inevitable outliers aside, the Valley and technology culture I experience every day in my work at NewCo is one of passion, sweat, earnestness, and good intentions. Sure, we all fuck up. And sure, the press (especially, not surprisingly, the press in New York) has a field day when someone does. But by and large, the teams making companies like Slack, LiveRamp, Medium, Earnest, MetroMile, Lyft, Okta, Pinterest, and hundreds more are damn fine people, and they are dedicating their lives to making something that creates positive change – a product or service that makes the world a better place (even if it’s in a small way). [...] When you’re facing existential threat, our tolerance for douchebaggery in the name of making more money at any cost, ....
Silicon  Valley  counter  culture  brogrammer  asshole  culture  asshole  game  Steve  Jobs  CEO  Leadership  corporate  culture  corporate  values  vision  mission  impact  Privileged  Establishment  Toff  wantrepreneur  Trust  Fund  Kid  Campus  Evan  Spiegel  Hype  Cycle  insular  cooperation  partnerships  Collaborative  collaboration  Open  Platform  Wall  Street  shared  economic  interest  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  post-capitalism  crony  capitalism  Millennials  character  Travis  Kalanick  capitalism  exploitation  Apple  PR  spin  doctor  Amazon  Jeff  Bezos  corporate  social  responsibility  CSR  Salesforce  Marc  Benioff  social  entrepreneurship  Non-Profit  long-term  view  short-term  view  opportunist  Opportunism  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson 
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Alex Gibney’s New Documentary Paints An Ambivalent Portrait Of Steve Jobs | TechCrunch
It opens with footage of the mass outpouring of grief after Jobs’ death in 2011, and the rest of the movie asks: Why did people feel so much attachment to the CEO of an enormous tech company? And is Jobs really worthy of such admiration? Gibney isn’t trying to convince people that they should stop buying Apple products — after all, he’s still got that iPhone. Instead the aim is to raise questions about Jobs’ values and the influence those values had on the rest of Silicon Valley (where Gibney often sees a similar “rough-and-tumble libertarian vibe”). [ ie lying to woz that he got paid only $700 ] &! &! - In his mind, his movie is a necessary counterbalance to overly positive portrayals of Apple’s iconic leader. [...] "I’m appalled, really, by his cruelty," [...] "This film really looks very carefully at his values." [...] "There’s a religion around Apple, and some won’t like it at all." [ Religion, duh. Enables to exploit. Free pass for X. ]
Steve  Jobs  Steve  Wozniak  personal  values  corporate  values  corporate  culture  Apple  character  Silicon  Valley  jerk  asshole  culture  asshole  game  counter  culture  PR  spin  doctor  brogrammer  Religion  exploitation 
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You probably don't want to work for Amazon | The Verge
Amazon is known for its cutthroat efficiency and harsh tactics; it's what makes it possible to get a pack of toilet paper delivered to your door in less than 24 hours. But CEO Jeff Bezos' love of precision and data goes far beyond fulfilling orders and undercutting competitors' prices. It permeates every aspect of the workplace. [...] Working at the retail giant's Seattle offices is apparently nothing like showing up to work at an idyllic Silicon Valley campus. // &! &! - SVers take shots at the NYT's piece vs "_reflexive criticism_" by those who left AMZN. ( flashy offices *false sense of success* leased with money from Venture Capital, companies pushing PR on their A, B, C round like its a major milestone ). Keith Rabois "Awaiting the NYT expose on Kobe Bryant's success or Jordan's. Or any Olympic medalist." &! Josh Elman ["start-ups can] have intense cultures." --- My take, its about the balance of things! // how to nudge to be no asshole
Amazon  corporate  culture  corporate  values  Jeff  Bezos  workplace  beyond  workplace  drama  work  environment  Silicon  Valley  OKR  Google  Netflix  Reed  Hastings  Tony  Hsieh  Zappos  Facebook  linkedin  Reid  Hoffman  Start-Up  advice  Start-Up  lesson  Ryan  Carson  TeamTreehouse  stress  chronic  stress  Success  Gary  Vaynerchuk  Collaborative  cooperation  backstabbing  asshole  culture  asshole  game  gossip  culture  loyalty 
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Uber, the Rashomon | PandoDaily
[ low skill, routine job ] When an Uber glides to its appointed pickup point, what do we see? Do we see an innovator hastening the inexorable shift to a new information-based economy? Or an arrogant bully using cheap capital, greed, and a dangerous, misogynist culture of convenience to consolidate a trillion dollar market? Or do we see both? [...] I’m sure pure Uber defenders exist, but the truth is, most of us are worried about the sheer expression of capitalistic force that the company represents. [...] Uber is the poster child for our global conversation about the role of work in our society, and about the kind of company we want to create, work at, and celebrate. [SV] its male-dominated, aggressive philosophy of “breaking things fast” and “asking for forgiveness rather than permission.” Uber feels inevitable — a uniquely of-the-moment company, a mirror held up to the Valley’s aggregate psyche.
Uber  Capitalism  Share  Economy  self-employment  Zero  Hour  Contract  contractor  outsourcing  precarious  work  Precariat  working  poor  Service  Sector  Jobs  Services  Industry  convenience  disposable  income  disrupting  markets  disruption  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  information-based  Big  Data  analytics  Travis  Kalanick  Silicon  Valley  public  transportation  transportation  workplace  work  environment  labour  market  labour  economics  Future  of  job  security  job  creation  1099  Economy  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  shareholder  value  mono  culture  asshole  culture  asshole  game  monoculture  jock  culture  Campus  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  social  entrepreneurship  accountability  Niedriglohn  Niedriglohnsektor 
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Griechenland-Krise: Europa braucht neue Regeln - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Man kann mit Recht fragen, ob dieser Kurs ökonomisch richtig ist. Politisch aber ist er bislang erfolgreich [...] Bislang erfolgreich, diese Einschränkung ist wichtig. Denn sobald die Eurozone - und damit das europäische Integrationsprojekt - insgesamt ins Wanken gerät, sind die Kosten für Deutschland politisch und wirtschaftlich desaströs hoch. [...] Dass Deutschland, der "zögerliche Hegemon", wie ihn die britische Zeitschrift "The Economist" bezeichnet, auf Dauer die Eurozone beherrschen kann, ist weder politisch erträglich noch ökonomisch tragbar. Nur eine föderale Lösung kann deshalb der Eurozone dauerhafte Stabilität garantieren. &! &! Bailout money not for Greece, but to serve Greece's credits, from European Banks ... its and was always also a Bank Bailout of TBTF & zombie banks - youtu,be/2_inmuTL9PU
game  theory  compromise  Career  Politicians  austerity  economic  history  IMF  sovereign  debt  crisis  PIGS  Grexit  European  Union  Fiscal  Pact  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  Germany  hegemony  European  haircut 
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Atari: Game Over #1 - YouTube &! - min 20 'ATARI committed suicide by trying to sell another 10m units into an already saturated market (with little innovation, new ground breaking hw model). It could sell more stuff, had all this inventory and huge staff (expenses) that ate up less and less cash flow till it ran into a loss of 500m in its last year. During its heyday, corporate boggle heads ran the shop, who were not interested into investing and pushing the envelope and risking a little (known risks, curtailed/mitigated) ... didn't need to risk the shop. ... But after all it was the beginning of the home entertainment that are now video games. And history has shown, that the innovator (first out of the door) does not always win the whole game/industry. See modern Silicon Valley examples in MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, .... Atari also was a corner stone of Silicon Valley of today; casual and a meritocracy (if you exclude gender & minorities).
game  design  ATARI  game-mechanics  Games  Industry  gamedev  gamedesign  business  strategy  strategy  management  product  management  project  management  business  management  history  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice 
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Venture capital and the great big Silicon Valley asshole game | PandoDaily
(( via )) --- This is a complex topic with no real “right” or “wrong.” You have to consider what the job of a VC is. It’s not to give inner city kids a helping hand; it’s not to make mom-and-pop dreams a reality; it’s not to help nice guys. It’s to maximize returns and fund companies that have an outsized chance of creating billion-dollar plus outcomes in a decade or less. There is a certain personality type that frequently builds these companies—a mix of outsized arrogance, steel-eyed determination, and even some element of delusion. Rational thinkers don’t usually think they can upend whole industries. People who get impacted by social pressure will be talked out of an idea long before it comes to fruition.
Silicon  Valley  profit  maximisation  idealism  shareholder  value  stereotype  confirmation  bias  bias  prejudice  Venture  Capital  subculture  counter  culture  Wall  Street  governance  ethical  machine  moral  beliefs  ethical  beliefs  money  status  anxiety  status  symbol  social  status  asshole  game  brogrammer  jock  culture  Campus  asshole  culture  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Steve  Jobs  Jim  Clark  Larry  Ellison  distortion  history  Misogynie  misogyny  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  policing  glass  ceiling  feminism  feminist  minority  social  discrimination  discrimination  STEM  marginal  cost  Lad  culture  monoculture  mono  culture 
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How Silicon Valley’s counterculture went corporate and ruined everything | PandoDaily
Politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, hippies, and corporations all working together to make the world a better place? In 2015, that arrangement seems unthinkable. So where did the dream of tech-powered togetherness go wrong? [...] [...] // As of last November, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco was $3,350 [£2200]. [...] So contrary to Gosney’s and Archer’s dream of a techno-utopia that benefits every slice of San Francisco’s population, the tech boom — along with various city statutes that limit residential housing — have made it harder than ever for artists and other members of the counterculture to live in the city. These are the very people, mind you, who helped spark the region’s technological revolution. And that’s saying nothing of the struggles felt by teachers, social workers and other non-tech workers struggling to stay afloat as housing prices skyrocket. [...] [C]ity officials and outdated statutes are as much to blame as tech companies
Silicon  Valley  Wall  Street  IPO  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  idealism  subculture  counter  culture  San  Francisco  Palo  Alto  Mountain  View  Patriarchy  abuse  of  power  white  male  privilege  democracy  inequality  male  privilege  jock  culture  brogrammer  Campus  gender-based  harassment  gender-based  discrimination  Misogynie  misogyny  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  social  discrimination  Gini  coefficient  Career  Politicians  gender  politics  gender  pay  gap  gender  policing  STEM  Women  in  Tech  Super  Rich  1%  California  empathy  Apple  sociopath  Google  Uber  Techopus  Facebook  Meta  Data  Big  Data  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  confirmation  bias  bias  gender  bias  stereotype  prejudice  filter  bubble  Venture  Capital  minority  exploitation  stakeholder  asshole  culture  asshole  game 
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WDR Kinozeit Dokumentarfilm Agora: Sendung vom 05.02.2015 - YouTube
Die Eurokrise aus griechischer Sicht: "AGORÁ - Von der Demokratie zum Markt" // &! Post-democracy (Themes for the 21st Century Series) Paperback – 23 Jun 2004 by Colin Crouch &! Making Capitalism Fit For Society Paperback – 6 Sep 2013 - by Colin Crouch "The aim of this book is to show that the acceptance of capitalism and the market does not require us to accept the full neoliberal agenda of unrestrained markets, insecurity in our working lives, and neglect of the environment and of public services."
documentary  Greece  sovereign  debt  crisis  Eurokriese  GFC  economic  history  fractional  reserve  banking  banking  crisis  TBTF  toobigtofail  Career  Politicians  oligopoly  oligopol  systemicrisk  systemic  risk  crony  capitalism  capitalism  Wall  Street  shareholder  value  Bailout  haircut  austerity  fiscal  sovereignty  IMF  Troika  book  European  European  Union  PIGS  democracy  liberal  economic  reform  Indignados  Indignants  Social  Media  lehmanbrothers  Lehman  Brothers  Yanis  Varoufakis  neoliberal  neoliberalism  deregulation  regulators  regulation  self-regulation  game  theory  No  Representation  1%  Establishment  Super  Rich  Super  Cycle  debt  bubble  bond  bubble  Privileged  Pact  carmenreinhart  KennethRogoff  Carmen  Reinhart  Kenneth  Rogoff  greatrecession  lost  decade  lost  generation  Lobbying  lobbyist  lobby  interest  groups  inequality  Gini  coefficient  economic  damage  trickle-down  economics  UK  George  Osborne  David  Cameron  Angela  Merkel  Wolfgang  Schäuble 
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Starwhal - YouTube
Starwhal - influence from - Narwhal meme, 80's Disco Album Covers >> Retro, WSOP ridiculous steering/mechanics that you have to learn to predict sway and yaw it seems and lag while also NOT being random! thus competitive bc of learning curve + font from Drive (Movie), and being ridiculous with player figure customization/outfit, 4 players on one pc possible with arena game design/level design - &! - via
Remix  Culture  digital  artist  Indie  Game  design 
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Indie Games & the Fourth Dimension - Computerphile - YouTube
>> scratching your own itch & adding/removing/containing variables (focus, not too much clutter, immersive vs casual) &! full 30min interview -
gamedesign  game  design  innovation  innovator  Indie  Music  Indie  Games  content  creator  Artist  digital  creative  destruction  creativity 
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World of Warcraft: Looking for Group Documentary - YouTube
ie blending of of dev passion and imagination and player passion and imagination, depth of story, team & collaboration, growing together, exploring the World of Warcraft TOGETHER ... & from 46:40 Development Lesson & Game Design - "everything has to be about the idea [in the beginning and middle], focus on the idea and whether it is amazing and structure and foundation [works.]" // & see BlizzCon 2014 Opening Ceremony - << @5:50 adresses #GamerGate &
WoW  creativity  Blizzard  Entertainment  community  gaming  industry  gaming  Pop  Culture  BlizzCon  game  design  #GamerGate 
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The three lives of Blizzard Entertainment | Polygon
"The idea was to take all of the lessons that we learned from World of Warcraft [and start over] ... It turns out it’s still really complicated." [ ... ] One thing regarding Titan became clear: It wasn’t shaping up. [... Hearthstone ...] "Honestly, selling the game internally was one of our biggest challenges," Chayes says. "It felt very different to a lot of the people here. And rightly so! It just feels different. That evangelizing effort was always a big challenge for us." [...] "It’s the era we’re in," Metzen says. "In my house, most of the gaming is all tablets now. I can barely get the tablets out of my kids’ hands. We’re very confident PC developers. But I think given the way the world has changed, we need to be receptive to the idea that we need to follow what’s right for the products." [...] [>>!] steady stream of new content[.] [...] "unbounded creativity"[.]
Blizzard  Entertainment  Diablo  Starcraft  World  of  Warcraft  complexity  game-mechanics  gamedesign  gamedev  game  design  gaming  industry  competitive  gaming  Free  to  Play  F2P  Hearthstone  microtransaction  freemium  Tablet  mobile  first  Heroes  of  the  Storm 
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Extra Credits - Big Bad I - The Basics of Villains in Video Game Design - YouTube - Extra Credits - Free to Play Is Currently Broken - How High Costs Drive Players Away from F2P Games
game  design  gaming  industry 
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Uber continues to screw its “partners,” now by forcing Uber Black drivers to accept UberX fares | PandoDaily
Another issue arises when drivers contemplate simply rejecting these economy tier ride requests. Uber drivers are, after, all independent contractors – a point the company has gone to great lengths to make clear. On the surface, it seems they should be free to accept or reject any ride they choose. According to forum comments, however, Uber drivers are required to maintain a minimum 80 percent ride acceptance rate to remain in the company’s good graces – the best performers exceed 97 percent, the company tells its drivers. Ignore too many inbound ride requests when you are the closest vehicle and the result could be some combination of reprimand/probation, lost bonus income, or, in extreme cases, deactivation of the driver’s account. [...] Uber has stated that its mission is to undercut the cost of car ownership. In pursuit of this goal, it seems like the company is increasingly emphasizing its economy tier services at the expense of its one-time baller image.
Uber  self-employment  contractor  business  model  cost  of  ownership  transportation  urban  transportation  urban  planning  public  transportation  public  transport  urbanisation  city  living  PR  public  relations  branding  Brand  Travis  Kalanick  zero  sum  game  commodity  business  commoditization  differentiation  differentiate 
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Nato: Jakob Augstein über Russland, Ukraine und den Kalten Krieg - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Das Denken des Kalten Krieges folgte der ausweglosen Logik der Spieltheorie: Rechne stets mit den schlechtesten Absichten und den besten Fähigkeiten deines Feindes. Jetzt wird wieder so gedacht. Was will Putin? Wäre es ihm nur um die Krim gegangen, dann könnte er sich jetzt zurückziehen. Denn die Krim wird dem Kreml-Herren niemand mehr streitig machen. Warum der unerklärte Krieg in der Ostukraine? Da ist kein langes Kopfkratzen nötig: Putin will den Westen zerstören - nach dem Motto: Rechne mit den schlechtesten Absichten ... Darauf gibt es nur eine Antwort: stark sein, hart sein. Niemand will den neuen Chamberlain geben und bloß kein neues München! [...] Putin hat lange zugesehen, wie ihm Nato und EU immer näher rückten. Bei der Ukraine war Schluss. Der Westen musste das wissen. Unsere Empörung hat darum etwas Schales. Jeder entscheidet selbst, wodurch er sich bedroht sieht.
vladimirputin  Russia  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  diplomacy  Ukrain  Ukraine  Crimea  Crisis  Crimea  NATO  Europe  USA  presidency  barackobama  Angela  Merkel  European  History  europeanunion  cablegate  geopolitics  Cold  War  game  theory 
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BBC Sport - World Cup 2014: Brazil cracked up, says Germany's Joachim Low
w/o Thiago Silva, Luiz was incapable 2 pickup Leadership role, commanding, directing, organising the game. It wasnt just Neymar missing. It was a team w/o leadership. Youve got 11 world players on both sides. But a team w/o a leader, vision, direction, playbook is a incomplete team. A house of cards that was the Brazilian Team, (many around 1-2 key players - philosophy) fell apart. + "Scolari bounded off the team coach wearing a white "Forca Neymar" baseball cap while captain David Luiz and goalkeeper Julio Cesar held up his number 10 shirt during the national anthem. Fine sentiments perhaps, but also a sign of overwrought emotions, of the pressure of playing without their superstar and the doubts that exposed. The constant hugging and team bonding smacked more of insecurity and posturing. Germany in contrast were cold, clinical, magnificent." + "the trophy doesnt say great team, it says 'winners.'"
leadership  Passion  elite  sports  elite  athlete  Soccer  Brazil  Argentina  Germany  Scolari  vision  capital  skills  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  communication  team  management  management  weakness  weakest  link  people  management  execution  discipline  playbook  Personal  game  plan  accountability  responsibility  Luiz  Felipe  Scolari  pressure  peer  pressure  expectations  courage  sport  psychology  psychology  performance  performance  anxiety  Competition  competitive  gaming  competitive  competitive  advantage  competitiveness  comparative  advantage  self-belief  self-awareness  Soccer  World  Cup  philosophy  Italy 
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EA’s Stock Is Riding High(ish) Again, but Did Titanfall Do Enough? | Re/code
That digital overtake last year was driven by growth both in mobile games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and console games with microtransactions baked in, like the then-current soccer title FIFA 13. However, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment pointedly declined to include microtransactions in its game, but will have some paid downloadable content starting this month.
Game  Industry  DLC  digital  natives  digital  content  Millennials  generationy  friction  point  e-commerce  Music  Industry  Hollywood  digital  economy  microtransaction  Indie  Games  Indie  Game  Developers  Mobile  Games  leisure  time  leisure 
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BBC - Newsbeat - Police crack down on Game of Thrones illegal downloads
if HBO doesn't care about fans seeing it in time (even if it is only 1 week later, online for ALL, for ~2£ per episode + advertising revenue) then screw them ... that is the public youngsters opinion.
Piracy  Content  Piracy  HBO  Breaking  Bad  Game  of  Thrones  Torrent  bittorrent  Hollywood  Music  Industry  Entertainment  Industry  USA  MPAA  RIAA 
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The Snowden affair: The perils of whistleblowing - YouTube
See very last part of the discussion: Stasi Officers Interview 'it is naive to think that this intelligence will not be used (abused) for other purposes.' ... ie throwing off other foreign state officials that have done wrong, and USA, the West wants to have removed for a more Western leaning replacement. ... Let's say Erdogan. Stuff got on the internet about him and his family; bribery, taxevasion, corruption etc. leading up to local elections. ... That is just a coincidence. right!? just serendipity. + NSA Whistleblower - Jesselyn Radack & Thomas Drake | London Real :: + Annie Machon - Whistleblower | London Real ::
Edward  Snowden  Whistleblower  Julian  Assange  Jacob  Appelbaum  surveillance  surveillance  state  Orwellian  cyberespionage  espionage  corporate  espionage  cyber  espionage  patriotact  Patriot  Act  patriotism  USA  presidency  barackobama  gwbush  governance  oversight  transparency  accountability  democracy  Career  Politicians  unintended  consequences  unknown  unkown  GCHQ  NSA  BND  G  Zero  surveillance  disarmament  espionage  disarmament  Wikileaks  Book  Bradley  Manning  Chelsea  Manning  First  Amendment  Constitution  Intelligence  Agency  Zero  Sum  Game  War  on  Terror  9/11  toobigtofail  history  Stasi  Erdogan  Turkey  neoconservatives  neoconservatism  diplomacy  foreignaffairs  foreign  policy  UK  G8  Germany  Angela  Merkel  davidcameron  Thomas  Drake  Jesselyn  Radack  Annie  Machon  encryption  Five  Eyes  ECHELON  Europe  PRISM  XKeyscore  Backdoors  Privacy  human  rights 
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Dortmund-Bayern: Pep Guardiola gewinnt Duell mit Klopp - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Münchens Trainer brachte Mario Götze für Mario Mandzukic und damit einen ballsicheren Offensivspieler, der sich von gegnerischem Pressing nicht beeindrucken lässt. Götze positionierte sich tiefer als Mandzukic und sorgte dadurch nicht nur für Überzahl im Zentrum, sondern erhöhte das spielerische Potential. Die Änderungen sollten sich auszahlen. [...] Diese und viele weitere kleinere Veränderungen Guardiolas brachten Bayern den Sieg. Das ist eine seiner größten Stärken: das Coaching während der 90 Minuten. Wie er auf Stärken des Gegners und Schwächen der eigenen Elf reagiert, ist außergewöhnlich. [...] [...] Flexibilität ist das zentrale Motiv der Arbeit von Münchens Trainer Guardiola. [...]
Soccer  Bundesliga  Pep  Guardiola  Sport  Coaching  Reading  a  Game  Excellence  Jürgen  Klopp  flexibility  fcbayern  Bayern  Munich  FC  Bayern  München 
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Want to train your brain? Play StarCraft - Crave
video games to reduce cognitive decline in elderly. add exercise, add diet (Vegan). Has positive effect. Not only for elderly. But for everyone. There is no poison. There are only poisonous doses. + >>
Alzheimer  vision  WoW  dementia  RTS  game  ageing  World  of  Warcraft  brain  function  brain  plasticity  video  games  cognitive  funtion  eyesight  StarCraft 
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It's Global Warming, Stupid - Businessweek
Rising temperatures. Oceans heating up, more moisture in air. More energy for storms and hurricanes and general extreme weather events like torrential rain, blizzards, and prolonged droughts.


the nature of the thought of the problems is, that not just one making change, making sacrifice etc - is making an impacts - it is when everyone is doing it.
but game theory, capitalism, short-term thinking, nature of our culture is preventing us from doing the long-term good ... just look at the current sovereign debt crisis, pension obligations, public health crisis or obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. just look at the destruction of the planet, of the environment, deforestation, pollution, toxic rain, ...


we need to address the issue, need to start pay for it now, because the damage will be beyond repair.


after sandy, public transport came to a standstill; you have to question - where are the cycling lanes???
nyc  NY  culture  shock  culture  carbon  tax  economics  philosophy  economic-thought  game  theory  society  rising  sea  levels  environment  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  CO2  extreme  weather  climatechange  climate  science  globalwarming  Hurricane  Sandy 
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The Distinction Is Game Theory - Businessweek
This gap allows plans that can better predict beneficiary costs to game the system by selecting beneficiaries who are expected to cost much less than their risk-adjusted payments. (Plans do not always want the least-expensive beneficiaries, but rather those who are the least expensive compared with their risk-adjusted payment. The implication is the same, though: Plans can beat the risk adjustment, and be overpaid.)

—Peter Orszag, “Private-Market Tooth Fairy Can’t Cut Medicare Cost,” Bloomberg View, Aug. 20, 2012

(For a primer on game theory, might I suggest Chapter 10, “Thinking Strategically,” Frank & Bernanke, Principles of Microeconomics, 4th edition. This includes a sidebar in which our august Fed chairman considers “Why do people shout at parties? Tit-for-Tat and the Repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma.”)
risk-management  risk  private  market  private  medical  insurance  private  healthcare  healthcare  health  insurance  medicare  microeconomics  economics  game  theory 
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Labour reluctantly agrees to Parliament probe into banking scandal as MPs vote against call for judge-led inquiry | Mail Online
My Take
> Yes, because Labour government under Gordon Brown, BOE with Mervyn King and Paul Tucker and the FSA as well as other central banks ie NYFed/Fed and regulators turned a blind eye on the issue back in 2007/8/9 because during the Great Financial Crisis, everything was on the table to stabilise financial markets & minimise damage to the economy, trying to save what to save is.
> One has to question the Gov Coalition (Conservatives&LibDems;) for wanting just an inept Parliamentary Inquiry. Preventing collateral damage on own sides? And was Ed Balls playing game of chicken [game theory] 4 demanding a judicial inquiry knowing the Gov would not run with?!
> On the other side the Gov couldn't care less about the outcome as long as 'we' are able to put the LIBOR scandal under the LABOUR years and are able the win the next election. Thus the Gov forgoes the right thing, a judicial inquiry, for political gains. (P1/2) (P2/2)
davidcameron  GeorgeOsborne  misconduct  Willful  ignorance  trustagent  trust  Politics  game  theory  AlistairDarling  GFC  gordonbrown  UK  EdBalls  PaulTucker  barclays  LIBOR  EURIBOR 
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Marriage and the Art of Game Theory - The Daily Beast
To cooperate or not to cooperate? To budge or stand your ground? To say “OK, fine” or “not a chance”? These are questions married people find themselves asking with surprising frequency. Ideally, the answer is always cooperate, budge, and say OK. But in practice, when there’s baggage involved and a history together and scars from past relationships, getting to that point takes effort.

In a survey of married people my co-author and I conducted for our book, It’s Not You, It’s the Dishes, we posed the open-ended question, “What’s the hardest part about being married?” Sure enough, most of the answers related to cooperating, or, more specifically, to not wanting to cooperate ...

[I]f game theory teaches us anything, it’s that relationships aren’t about having it all, they’re about having all you can under the circumstances.
book  marriage  relationships  relationship  game  theory  economics 
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Perfectly Executed - Diablo III Interview With Jay Wilson -
Jay Wilson points out that execution of your game ideas and mechanics are key to a great game.

not necessarily innovation - innovation which is poorly executed / implemented / non functioning (ie just features & gimmicks) ... is not nice to play, less re-play value.
gamedev  gamedesign  gamede  game-mechanics  game  blizzard  entertainment  diablo3 
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Unprecedented Global Monetary Policy As World Trade Volume Craters | ZeroHedge
Academic answers are now more favorable to coordination. ... The issue is often framed in the realm of game theory, where countries are pictured as players which weight the size of trade externalities, their perceived views of the world, their previous record of honoring agreements, and the advantages or disadvantages of committing to future actions. Generally speaking, factors like interdependence, coincidence in business cycles, the commonality of shocks, and heightened uncertainty, make it optimal for central banks to move farther away from inward-looking policies, especially during periods of global turmoil.
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