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Live chart: Age and population - YouTube
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Facebook will Technologie-Riese werden - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Aber es liegt auch daran, dass viele der Tech-Riesen arrogante Gipfelstürmer sind. Sie gehen äußerst aggressiv vor und sehen nur selten die Notwendigkeit, sich zu erklären, Einblicke in Pläne und Absichten zu gewähren. Apple etwa versucht alle Informationen rigoros zu kontrollieren. Das Innenleben des Konzerns und seiner Führungsriege ist ein schwarzes Loch, ganz bewusst. Amazon-Chef Jeff Bezos ist unzugänglicher als der Papst. Wenn der Konzern sich wie gerade jetzt eine Schlammschlacht mit den Buchverlagen liefert, tut er das weitgehend kommentarlos. Auffallend ist jedoch, wie sehr seit einiger Zeit Facebook und Mark Zuckerberg dabei aus der Reihe fallen. Der Konzern und sein Gründer geben sich außergewöhnlich zugänglich und diskussionsfreudig. Und manchmal sogar einsichtig. [...] Mit Status-Updates und Likes gibt sich Zuckerberg nicht mehr zufrieden und der Kampf um die Technologiehoheit wird sicher nicht mit Samthandschuhen ausgetragen. [ nxt bn customers are not in western wrld. ]
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Net Neutrality and the Idea of America : The New Yorker
In “The Frontier in American History,” the historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that it was frontiers that created the essential aspects of American democracy. Life on the frontier, he wrote, was what developed “the courageous determination to break new paths” and “indifference to the dogma that because an institution or a condition exists, it must remain.” The debate over net neutrality, by this reckoning, is a classic debate over the closing of a frontier. The fear is that industrial consolidation, as it has before, will diminish opportunities for the new, idealistic, and optimistic, leaving behind the established, tested, and cynical. It would be the lapse into plutocracy that Turner and others feared.
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The Fed will taper because it doesn't have a choice | ForexLive
On Friday, I wrote about how Fed hawks are pointing to financial risk as the reason for tapering rather than the economy or inflation. Now there is more evidence. Rick Rieder, the chief investment officer for fundamental fixed-income at Blackrock (the world’s largest asset manager) was on Bloomberg TV saying “QE is too big. You’ve got to taper down QE, it’s created this tremendous distortion in interest rates.” They see 10-year yields moving up to 3% to 3.25% from 2.86% today. + >> "We’ve been highlighting the floods of foreign investors leaving emerging markets and that’s not going to end anytime soon." "Foreign selling has amounted to nearly $12bn since May." +
QE  US  emerging  market  NIRP  monetary  policy  Fed  exitstrategy  bubbles  carrytrades  Carry  Trade  unintended  consequences  fiscal  stimulus  bubble  frontiermarkets  ZIRP  emergingmarkets  Taper  carrytrade  equity  bubble  monetary  system  toobigtofail  China  credit  bubble 
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Goldman Sachs’s MIST Topping BRICs as Smaller Markets Outperform - Bloomberg
MIST is beating BRIC: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey; Mexico, Turkey, Indonesia especially are markets with rising domestic demand, young population share very high, relying on less on external demand (exports), as well as ongoing liberal economic and political democratic reforms. < (broad brush).

“You’ve seen a rotation in the leadership based on rate of economic growth,” “If you go back as far as just 2009, you’ll find people buying the BRIC story in a big way, and probably over-buying the BRIC story.”

MIST nations haven’t been immune from global growth concern. The MIST nations each account for at least 1 percent of global GDP and are likely to see that share increase this decade, O’Neill said. Of the four countries, O’Neill said Mexico and Turkey are the most attractive at the moment.

Open Economies
With the exception of China, all the MIST nations ranked higher on the Geneva-based World Economic Forum’s 2012 trade openness index than the BRIC countries.
competitiveness  liberal  economic  reform  greatrecession  Turkey  Mexico  MIST  emergingmarkets  BRIC  frontiermarkets 
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PIMCO | Investment Outlook - Cult Figures
​- The long-term history of inflation adjusted returns from stocks shows a persistent but recently fading 6.6% real return since 1912.
- The legitimate question that market analysts, government forecasters and pension consultants should answer is how that return can be duplicated in the future.
- Unfair though it may be, an investor should continue to expect an attempted inflationary solution in almost all developed economies over the next few years and even decades.

[[For FX traders, a burgeoning era of inflation will ensure that high levels of volatility continue. Central bankers will repeatedly be tested and money will skip around the globe.]]

= Countries that take the brunt right now are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil, Switzerland etc. countries where there is wealth and trust in institutions and or got natural resources (commodities, growing consumer), or is a creditor nation.
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