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W. Keith Campbell: The Narcissism Epidemic - YouTube
Social Media = an instant in ones life. not ones life. but this disclosure isn't written in there. under pictures, videos, tweets. + Environment of status symbols, status anxiety, debt fueled (zombie) consumerism. Fast Fashion. Throwaway society. At large not being sustainable. Status quo. Living in the now. Binge Drinking. Keeping up with the John's. Millennials - everyone gets a trophy, even for participation. ... this environment creates a need to display being happy and successful and having everything in life. [...] abundance of digital gossip. whether its whatsapp/sms in own circle at large and in the tabloid [...] 'Narcissism predicts leaders, but not whether they are good or bad.' [Could even argue they dont care abt their eulogy, see David Brooks book Character] [ & rising incivility in politics and lack of trust ] // W. Keith Campbell: The Roots of Narcissism - - From find meaning in self (actualization) 2 self-expression & display, praise work
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▶ Awe!thenticity: Mark Ecko at TEDxMidwest - YouTube
Mark Ecko "guts to the skin." + "School comes to you. [...] School is everywhere. [...] Don't lose the core, don't get distracted by the noise in the white wash. [...] Own it. [...] It's how you make people feel, not necessarily what you make (quality, means [$$$] to produce great quality product]. Evoking emotions and imaginations and connections and relational feelings. To relate." + Friends. Hold on to the word friend. Friend - to love. People are more like acquaintances or companion. Noise - filter it from inside out.
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