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Google’s $6 Billion Miscalculation on the EU - Bloomberg Business
via // Google declined to make its executives available for on-the-record interviews, but several concede that the company was caught off guard by the intensity of European criticism, in large part because of its broad popularity with users. Google is so relied upon that many people casually assert that the most prevalent search term on rival Bing is, in fact, “Google.” (Microsoft declines to confirm this.) [...] The more Europeans rely on Google, however, the more they’ve come to fear it, making it an easy target for politicians. Last November members of the European Parliament voted 384 to 174 for a symbolic proposal to break up the search giant into two separate pieces—its monolithic search engine and everything else. [ + agressive tax evasion schemes came under public & political pressure; Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, and Co ]
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Online Harassment (HBO) - YouTube
Online harassment is a major problem, but it’s rarely prosecuted. If only we’d been warned about this in the early days of the internet. // &! Facebook real name policy issues. // &! 'any kind of tools can be used as a weapon.'
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BBC forgotten list 'sets precedent' - BBC News
The BBC has "set a precedent" for other media organisations by publishing a list of links removed from Google searches, the corporation's policy boss has said. [...] The BBC published a full list of stories that had been removed so far. It would continue to do so, said David Jordan, head of editorial policy. "It's impossible to have a meaningful debate if you've not got an idea about what's being de-listed," he said. -
right  to  be  forgotten 
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Don't Be Awful: Roger Myers and Paul Carr - YouTube
Don’t Be Awful: Attorney Roger Myers on the line between free speech and online harassment ( ) // talks at the end about revenge porn and right to be forgotten
#GamerGate  trolls  troll  hater  haters  harassment  gender-based  harassment  Twitter  anonymity  Facebook  comments  community  threat  of  violence  death  threat  rape  threat  free  speech  hate  speech  everyday  sexism  sexism  sexismus  Misogynie  misogyny  Patriarchy  white  male  privilege  male  privilege  privilege  straight  white  male  STEM  social  discrimination  discrimination  minority  Media  revenge  porn  TOS  Platform  society  masculinity  jock  culture  Campus  subculture  internet  culture  Tumblr  right  to  be  forgotten 
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Social Networks And Directories Main Target Of European Search De-Listing Requests | TechCrunch
There was some interesting data released about Europe’s “right to be forgotten” court ruling. Although the RTBF ruling has drawn the loudest and angriest criticism from search engines, free speech advocates, and the press, the perceived risks to the freedom of the press and ‘human knowledge’ are being exaggerated.
right  to  be  forgotten 
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BBC News - Thousands of Britons seek 'right to be forgotten'
One in 10 requests for web links to be removed from search results under European "right to be forgotten" laws have come from the UK, Google has said. Google said it had removed 498,737 links from search results since May this year - including 63,616 pages following requests from the UK. It said 18,304 requests were made in the UK, the third highest in the EU. It follows a European Court of Justice ruling that links to irrelevant and outdated data can be erased on request. The ruling sparked criticisms over censorship of material. According to data released on its website, Google removed 35% - or 18,459 - of unwanted links to web pages following requests from the UK.
right  to  be  forgotten 
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Google Suffers New Privacy Setback in Japan - WSJ
The Tokyo District Court on Thursday issued an injunction, ordering Google to remove some Internet search results about a Japanese man that are considered to be violating his privacy, representatives from both sides said. Though the Tokyo court order has far less sweeping implications than the precedent-setting ruling by the European Court of Justice, it touches on similar issues. The court ordered Google to delete about 120 of 230 search results that lead to articles hinting that the man was involved in criminal activity in the past, the lawyer’s office said. The plaintiff requested an injunction in June from the Tokyo court as he felt his life was endangered by the results that came up when his name was entered in a Google search, it said. “This is good news for those who feel their lives are threatened and are sickened physically and psychologically by Google’s search results,” the plaintiff’s lawyer, Tomohiro Kanda,
right  to  be  forgotten  Google 
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Google Details Problems With Handling Right to Be Forgotten Requests -
Google Details Problems With Handling Right to Be Forgotten Requests — LONDON - Google says complying with Europe's so-called right to be forgotten ruling is getting complicated. — In a lengthy response to questions from the region's data regulators, the search giant …
right  to  be  forgotten 
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Google wants us to forget about its near-total monopoly over what we know | PandoDaily
In the Big Controversy over Google being forced by EUcrats to delete a 2007 BBC story about one of the villains of the Financial Meltdown, former Merrill Lynch chairman Stan O’Neal, the debate has so far been limited to “freedom of the press” versus “our right to privacy.” It’s the perfect frame of debate, from Google’s point of view, because it diverts us from the real problem that brought us to this point in the first place: Google’s enormous monopoly power over “what we know”—or at least, what we think we know. If it’s not Google-able, it’s presumed to have been deleted from the historical record. And that presumption is based on the way most of us search or source information. +++ +
Google  right  to  be  forgotten  digital  natives  monopoly  library  freedom  of  press  freespeech  Pressefreiheit  regulators  regulation  self-regulation  way  back  machine  internet  archive  Privacy  Privacy 
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Google in quandary over how to uphold EU privacy ruling | Reuters
After putting up the online form in the early hours of Friday, Google received 12,000 requests across Europe, sometimes averaging 20 per minute, by late in the day, the company said. "The court's ruling requires Google to make difficult judgements about an individual's right to be forgotten and the public's right to know," a Google spokesman said. Next week representatives from the EU's 28 data protection authorities are due to discuss the implications of the ruling at a two-day meeting. Digital rights campaigners say the EU authorities need to agree on a common approach to guide the search engine companies. "Companies should not be tasked with balancing fundamental rights or making decisions on the appropriateness, lawfulness, or relevance of information they did not publish," said Raegan MacDonald, European policy manager at Access, a digital rights organization. +
Google  Digital  Rights  right  to  be  forgotten  Privacy  Internet  Privacy  corporate  governance 
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On Google's Right to Know vs. Europe's Right to Be Forgotten | New Republic
Since Google is in the information business, any efforts to regulate it are inevitably represented as censorship—as Eric Schmidt's remark on the right to know reveals. But of course, the information in question is not eliminated in its entirely. One can still find it, albeit at a higher cost—it is just made less visible. The motto of "The Circle," the company at the center of Dave Eggers' eponymous dystopian novel about a high-tech giant with an eerie resemblance to Google, is “Secrets are lies. Caring is sharing. Privacy is theft.” Well, to those three we can now add the fourth: Regulation is censorship.
Google  Internet  Privacy  Privacy  right  to  be  forgotten  Public  Policy  complexity  unknown  unknowns  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  censorship  corporate  governance  Don't  be  evil  ethics 
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Only the powerful will benefit from the 'right to be forgotten' | Mark Stephens | Comment is free | The Guardian
The European search engine ruling weakens our democratic foundations and could lead to our history being rewritten
right  to  be  forgotten 
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