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Sustainability or Prosperity? Why Not Both? | PolicyCast
describes the rapidly growing field of sustainability science, which combines a variety of disciplines in both the hard and social sciences to find paths towards a sustainable future. //&! Book Pursuing Sustainability: A Guide to the Science and Practice – (2016) by Pamela Matson, William C. Clark, Krister Andersson. //&! &! &! &! Jeffrey Sachs - Global Cooperation and Sustainable Development - &! "Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet." - &! Jeffrey Sachs: "The Price of Civilization" - - profoundly underestimated globalization's long-term effects: jobs, incomes, poverty, and the environment.
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Government planning to repeal animal welfare codes
Poultry industry to oversee chicken-farming standards as ministers move to create industry-led deregulation. Conservative ministers are planning to repeal an array of official guidance on animal welfare standards, starting with a move to put the code on chicken-farming into the hands of the poultry industry.

Liz Truss, the environment secretary, is overseeing moves to scrap the statutory codes on farm animal welfare and move to an “industry-led” guidance as part of her department’s deregulatory agenda. [ so industry funds its own regulatory body, lol! ] [...] Other sectors that could get control of their own guidance include the cattle, sheep and pig farming industries. //&! Poultry deregulation plans risk bringing back dark days of food scares. History shows problems start when food companies police themselves: think salmonella, BSE, foot and mouth, swine flu - - Privatisation move! Austerity. Self-regulation.
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Global Footprint Network :: HOME - Ecological Footprint - Ecological Sustainability
Calculated by the folks at the Global Footprint Network, Earth Overshoot Day is a best estimate of when we collectively—this vast human civilization that's ever growing in numbers and appetite for things—begins to use more of the planet's resources than can be annually regenerated. We go into ecological overshoot.
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