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NHS budget control 'will require staff cuts'
It says the government should be honest about NHS spending plans at a time when patient demand is rising. [...] The NHS leadership is set to unveil plans to get hospitals and other trusts to stick to agreed spending limits. In the last financial year, trusts ran up a collective deficit of £2.4bn - and the aim is to cut that figure significantly. [...] "It is no longer credible to argue that the NHS can continue to meet increasing demand for services, deliver current standards of care and stay within its budget. This is widely understood within the NHS and now needs to be debated with the public. "There are no easy choices, but it would be disastrous to adopt a mindset that fails to acknowledge the serious state of the NHS in England today." //&! - An overspend would be a serious breach of Whitehall protocol and lead to senior officials being hauled over the coals by the National Audit Office.
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