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Jenni Murray: 'I had 75% of my stomach removed' - BBC News
NORMALISATION OF THE EXTREME! // Dr Garth Davis reports himself that patients who dont radically change diet & lifestyle will initially lose weight. But will come back 2-3 years having put on weight again (in one of his two interviews/podcast appearance on //&! NICE: Weight loss ops 'good for obesity-linked diabetes' [] 10% of NHS budgets is spent treating diabetes & its complications. Weight loss surgery is "good for patients & cost saving for the NHS", the advisory body said. Obesity had a "huge personal health cost to individuals & an enormous financial cost to the NHS", it said. [] "Obesity [] is a major issue, if not the major issue, for the health service in the coming years." - - LOL AS IF OBESITY ITSELF MAKES U A DIABETIC. & AGAIN, NO TALK ABT PREVENTION: RADICAL DIETARY & LIFESTYLE INTERVENTION ( vs as usual handing out advice and pamphlet following the S.A.D and sending them home ... ) FIRST! //&! The Report podcast saved -
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Five research papers that revolutionised health - BBC News
Richard Doll was the British statistician working for the Medical Research Council who published a ground-breaking paper in the British Medical Journal in 1950 that concluded there was "a real association between carcinoma of the lung and smoking". He looked at the incidence of smoking and lung cancer in a large number of patients and compared their experience with people who had different cancers - what scientists call a control group. His findings led him to give up smoking. But despite many subsequent studies that have supported the connection, the tobacco industry has not accepted the research.
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