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(579) The Matrix: How to Begin a Movie (video essay) - YouTube - every frame serves a purpose. nothing is wasted! &! making a persuarive arguemnt through picture setup frames, keying, sound, etc. - - its not just the argument you try to make the points you make in your story, it is also important how you connect them. //&!
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Holllywood Whitewashing and the Blockbuster Machine
8:35 - Ridley Scott can't get big production (cost) movies financed with non-white, foreign actors about non-white,foreign topics/themes. Hollywood studios do not take those kind of risk, if any risks! Only proven formulas!
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PandoMonthly: Fireside Chat With Rob Burnett - YouTube &! 18:00 Hollywood is still a quote driven business. the underground is rising, being a meritocracy. and actually can have hits. productions which return a profit (beyond expectations - hits driven business) // On killing the talk show (its monopoly, Johnny Carson, David Letterman); (1) Syndication, (2) DVR, (3) Internet Tabloid/Gossip/GlossyMagazine, (4) Celebrity of You [Selbstdarstellung, MicroCelebrities, B-, C-, D-List] and the Platforms to put yourself on (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, YouTube). But Talkshows still have a promotion heft due to its legacy and age [as TV is still relevant for advertising], but did not integrate the Internet and Co. (like a Curation Show, even if only a segment). Thus less relevant for the younger generation. Conan O'Brien & Jimmy Kimmel tries it but less original, for advertising purposes only (
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