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Edible Education 101: Michael Pollan (2015) - YouTube
'production and consumption (of what types of food) is the key to most things that is on our mind as society - climate change, health & well being, income, food, - are all related.' // livestock farming is 2nd biggest contributor to CO2 emissions (global warming), what we put in our mouths and whether we are active or sedentary determines our happiness, well being and health and in what way we grow old (sick and kept alive) or actually enjoying your old age. // food industry has no shared economic interest and is not a stakeholder because it is a rootless corporate conglomerate that evades taxation and lobbies for subsidies and also thus evades possible prosecution when wrongdoing/negligence is clear, oversight and transparency - exploits unsustainable - money (or stored value in fiat 'container') doesnt have 2 deal with ecological/environmental disaster & economic damage &! personal identity social status = meat consumption! + marketing + peer pressure
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Extreme Algenblüte in China: Grüne Woche - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fertilizer + Overfishing + Warmer Ocean Temerature >> you overturn on wheel, two wheels, three wheels within natures ecology and its complexity. you have quiet a surprise about the sized of the reaction. action - reaction.
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Peak Fertilizer: The Little-Known Threat to Our Food Supply
In a new story for Mother Jones, Philpott writes about what’s called peak fertilizer, the point in time at which the planet will run out of two key fertilizing nutrients and find itself unable to produce any more. Specifically he’s referring to phosphorus and potassium, which are depleted from the soil every time we harvest crops. To make up for their ever dwindling supplies, we mine these nutrients from specific points around the world, but those supplies are running low as well. If they disappear altogether, we’ll be in a tough position to feed ourselves.


Peak could be delayed if we wouldn't feed animals more than half of our agr products. Going all vegan. Ending world hunger.

For one, a planet with limited resources isn't able to feed 7bn people and rising - on a omnivore diet, western diet, status quo - perpetually. Considering climate change effects. One thing has to give, environmental catastrophe followed by human suffering. Till a natural balance is restored.
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