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"I love making videos more than anything. When you're churning out sheer quantity there's no time to dwell. You just post." @CaseyNeistat
because YT algo demands it to elevate you // "I take it very seriously, I don't mess around. I love every second and my typical edits take 3-6 hours in post production." //&! "I have friends who do daily vlogs that shoot and edit directly from their cell phones. That's amazing!" //&! "I created @bemeapp because I wanted a platform to share video without self-consciousness. It's a way to share honestly." //&! "My office is a sanctuary. It's organized chaos that makes it functional. I'm more productive in my studio than anywhere else" //&! //>> Hollywood and other regular players, off the internet, is no place to take risks.
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Imgur finally cracks down on NSFW content -- and its users are fucking pissed
Making thinks more Family Friendly! To attract (more) actual advertisers (to get even to a 'maybe'). To fund the sites ops and with an aim to actually make a profit. Think about if Nike and co co-host their pictures on Imgur. And or post branded / native style content on imgur along the strings imgur plays. Telling a story with picture series. ie about how a product came to be/evolved (a shoe). // - Reddit and Imgur got funding from a17z
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