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Viewpoint: The rejected vegetables that aren’t even wonky - BBC News
Approximately one-third of the food we produce in the UK is never eaten. [...] And we have to face the fact that almost 50% of food wastage in the UK is domestic - the stuff we buy but don't eat. // I've witnessed some pretty grim scenes in the food business down the years - appalling conditions in the poultry industry, crazy EU fishing laws, all kinds of greed and folly. Root vegetables may be a touch harder to feel for than chickens or fish. But watching 20 tonnes of freshly dug parsnips consigned to the rubbish heap in a Norfolk farmyard - purely because they didn't look pretty enough - is still one of the most shocking things I've ever seen. [...] They "failed" the "cosmetic standards". They weren't wonky, or forked, or bruised or even "ugly". [Specs] from some bizarre set of specifications that defines, with apparent omniscience, what it is that we, the customers, demand our parsnips to be. Not that anyone's asked us.
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The Complete Skinny on Obesity - YouTube
chronic disease are 75% of health care expenditure in western world & developing world! developing countries have bigger problem w obesity & metabolic syndrome than infections like cholera/tb // min13 (Structure of Sugar) fructose is equal 2 alcohol. glucose is metabolized by every organ in the body. even if you don't consume glucose, your body will make it. fructose can only metabolized by the liver. you are overloading your liver (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). fructose is a liver toxin (liver fat). fructose and alcohol is metabolized into fat! alcohol and fructose can be both nutrients, but they can also be addictive // min 20 Leptin resistance. Insulin turns sugars into fat. western diet (dietary composition, omnivore, fast & processed food) encourage body 2 up the production of insulin (sugar 2 fat) till the ceiling is reached (Pancreatitis -> diabetes). increased insulin response (from diet composition) blocks leptin-to-brain signal (feeling of full) &is addictive over time
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