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Pando: Nothing to see here: Eric Schmidt is taking a second job, as an advisor to the Pentagon
&! &! &! //&! - Netzpolitik //&! US defense chief tells Silicon Valley: 'encryption is essential' Ashton Carter has been courting tech firms in San Francisco, trying to heal the rift between the Pentagon and the industry in the ongoing Apple and FBI clash - //&! Google's Jigsaw project has new ideas, but an old imperial mindset. Human development is too important, too complex, and too culturally diverse to be left to profit-driven companies acting in their own interests -
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Apple is launching search engine to destroy Google — and you’re already using it |
“Paid Inclusion” is basically the ads that consumers think are content, but are really ads. You can see this on your desktop by doing a search for “used iPhone.” The majority of the screen real estate is now ads! In the example above 11 of the 12 links are advertisements! [...] I could see Apple knocking 10 points off Google’s search business here in the USA in the next couple of years by simply making search an advertising-free piece of Apple’s OPERATING SYSTEM! [...] Apple is leapfrogging Google by making search something that is built into the core of your mobile phone and desktop. [ user experience, frictionless ] [...] Tim Cook is painting Google, accurately, as the evil successor to Microsoft, and Google’s management team is reinforcing this by closing ranks and destroying their partners. [ If its free to use, ... you are paying with your usage, with your data, your identity, ... ]
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Eric Schmidt on New Book, Apple-Google Competition: Video - Bloomberg
+ How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg – review An exploration of how the internet giant is run – complete with ideological inconsistencies - + +!+!+ "Schmidt's “How Google Works” encourages managers to think big, fail fast, rely on data, but these principles may not apply to the average company"
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"The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future," - Larry Page At TED - Business Insider
"The main thing that has caused companies to fail, in my view, is that they missed the future," Page said. This is why Google is going full steam ahead working on a variety of projects.  "When we bought Android, it was small and I felt guilty working on it, but it was smart, it was the future," he said.
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Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal -
Yet according to interviews with two dozen industry watchers, Silicon Valley investors and current and former employees at both companies — most of whom requested anonymity to protect their jobs or business relationships — the clash between Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Jobs offers an unusually vivid display of enmity and ambition.
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How Apple and Google's Romance Turned To Hate - Apple - Gizmodo
Knowing how things developed, it's surprising that Schmidt stayed on Apple's board for so long. He resigned on August 2009, just as the war started to go open, first with Google grabbing mobile advertising company AdMob from Apple's hands (which forced Apple to buy Quattro Wireless). Then with Apple pissing on Google's parade by stealing Lala, the music streaming service that Larry and Sergei wanted to have.
google  apple  iphone  android  mobile  mobilephone  ericschmidt  stevejobs  admob  Lala  advertising  ads  adsense  2010  technology  business  war  HTC  Motorola  googlephone  legalbattle  legal 
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Google's Eric Schmidt on why bankers deserve little sympathy and Obama does - Telegraph
"The number of people who were hurt by the activities of the financial industry is so large, it is very hard to have a lot of sympathy with that industry given the high-flying nature of its behaviour," he said.
banking  ericschmidt  recession  google  fanniemae  freddiemac  history  greenspan  monetary  policy  politics  economy  economics  moneysupply  financialmarket  causes  cause  creditcrunch  deficit  britian  uk  debt  dollar  pound  usa  inflation 
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Google Should Make Apple Beg For Maps Navigation
Apple is in a terrible position here because the future of mobile apps are Web apps, and Google excels at making those. Apple needs Google, its most dangerous competitor in the mobile Web market, to keep building apps for the iPhone. Google would be foolish not to since the iPhone still has the largest reach of any modern Web phone. But it will no longer be a priority.
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