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The Supreme Court is about to tackle online threats for the first time | The Verge
The issue before the Supreme Court is whether "a true threat" requires finding that the threatener subjectively intended to be threatening. Elonis is arguing for a subjective intent requirement, claiming that his posts were meant as rap lyrics and not as threats, while the prosecutors are arguing for an "objective" standard—a threat counts as a threat if a "reasonable person" would think the statement is a threat. The government is arguing that it’s enough to use an objective standard, with an exception for "idle or careless talk, exaggeration, something said in a joking manner or an outburst of transitory anger." However, when it comes to the Internet, where context or tone may be more difficult to perceive, this objective standard has obvious drawbacks [...] [UK has] law that forbids electronic messages that are "grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene, or menacing character," [...] "with the intent to intimidate." [...] "[...] most likely to inspire fear of bodily harm."
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