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Senior MPs accused of damaging UK with divisive rhetoric | Politics | The Guardian
Senior government ministers including Amber Rudd and Jeremy Hunt are damaging the UK’s standing in the world with their divisive rhetoric, the chair of the Commons Brexit committee, Hilary Benn, has said. [...] Indicating that such language could influence negotiations with the EU, Benn said making pronouncements about what the government would achieve from its discussions would harden attitudes towards the UK among European politicians and officials. [...] “When I reflect upon a certain week in Birmingham in the autumn, where people of a particular political party gathered and made speeches, I thought that was a disastrous week for Britain’s reputation in the world. Absolutely disastrous.
Brexit  Ken  Clarke  anti-immigrant  Tories  UKIP  EDL  Conservative  Party  nasty  immigration  EEA  European  Union  Theresa  May  NHS  Jeremy  Hunt  Amber  Rudd  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  White  Supremacy  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  hate  speech  crime  human  rights  refugee  Religion  ISIS  migration  VISA 
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Steve Keen: Avoid the next financial crisis with People’s QE and a debt jubilee - YouTube
Steve Keen [...] service led economy *uk is bad/not sustainable can not go on forever. [...] Osborne plan could have worked if he would have not cut that much and more invested in skills (higher skills, better jobs, better income, more tax rev, debt can be served more leisurely). ... QE bonkers.bc it includes trickle down via 20% who own reflated assets. trickle down dos not work. [...] no wealth effect from shares. [...] prices in london might not have peaked bc of foreign demand! rest of uk, chinese down want to buy! [...] QE for people is partial debt jubilee bc people could use to spend or use to serve debt. [...] retail banks dont lend to entrepreneur bc of math! thus you need national investment bank! or change banking landscape. Germany has national investment bank. //&! - EU status quo can not work long-term. //&! detailed presentation -
Steve  Keen  Brexit  EEA  Austerity  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  immigration  Freedom  of  Movement  monetary  union  Germany  Wolfgang  Schäuble  Angela  Merkel  refugee  crisis  Brussels  UK  GFC  QE  recovery  Book  Trickle-down  reflate  reflation  ZIRP  NIRP 
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BBC Two - Britain's Secret Slavery Business
[forced labour, thus slavery. modern slavery act 2015; kept as a commodity, exploited, invisible handcuffs (documents taken away, or a threat to family)] [food industry & high steet is using it knowingly, does not monitor regularly unannounced it's suppliers for audits. slavery act 2015 can go only so long. industry can not self-regulate it seem.] Slavery and exploitation are alive and well in the UK. From factories and fields to high streets and high seas, investigative reporter Darragh MacIntyre reveals the extent to which exploited workers are embedded within our economy.
In this hard-hitting documentary, MacIntyre uncovers a hidden world of vulnerable victims - not only those trafficked to the UK from abroad, but also a British citizen forced to work unpaid for years. Joining police raids on suspected traffickers, MacIntyre witnesses first hand the authorities' efforts to combat this growing problem. He discovers, alarmingly, that 80% of slavery crimes may be going undetected
Zero  Hour  Contract  human  trafficking  UK  High  Street  minimum  wage  self-regulation  exploitation  shareholder  capitalism  crony  capitalism  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  slave  labour  shadow  economy  Germany  East  Europe  EEA  Meat  Industry  economic  refugee  supply  chain 
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