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Theresa May accused of treating EU migrants as a pawn in Brexit talks | Politics | The Guardian
The home secretary is facing intense political pressure to give cast iron assurance that the rights of EU migrants to remain in the UK would not be used as a bargaining chip in any future Brexit talks with the European Union.

Theresa May was accused of treating millions of EU citizens as a pawn in a wider Brexit negotiation. She said it was her intention that EU citizens should remain but said their rights would be a factor in any talks.

Tories urged to offer assurances to EU citizens living in UK
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The British government, including May, has been reluctant to give guarantees for EU citizens because it has yet to be given parallel assurances about the rights of UK citizens in the EU.
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Shields and Brooks on voter disenchantment across the globe - YouTube
"the elites brought this partly on themselves // did not provide metropolitan nationalism and patriotism. // there is a political cause to the current real world economic problems on the street and households. // and cultural sense of loss. // if change is working for everyone ... but this is not that time. //
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