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Inquiry launched into UK gender laws amid fears over Brexit effect | World news | The Guardian
[ one particular NHS already breaking EU overtime work directive ] Areas of equality law to be examined include measures to guarantee equal pay, protection for part-time workers and during pregnancy, and combating so-called intersectional discrimination, where someone faces potential disadvantage for not just their gender but another area, for example race or religion. [...] While the government had promised to protect equality and the rights of workers following departure from the EU, Smethers said, the concern was that some protections could be lost almost inadvertently amid wider changes. [...] “The real worry we’ve got is that those kind of assurances are actually quite superficial, and they are probably a second order commitment compared to the need to secure a competitive economy, and how we compete if we’re outside the trading bloc,” Smethers said. &! Sports Direct, JD Sports -
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BBC Two - Britain's Secret Slavery Business
[forced labour, thus slavery. modern slavery act 2015; kept as a commodity, exploited, invisible handcuffs (documents taken away, or a threat to family)] [food industry & high steet is using it knowingly, does not monitor regularly unannounced it's suppliers for audits. slavery act 2015 can go only so long. industry can not self-regulate it seem.] Slavery and exploitation are alive and well in the UK. From factories and fields to high streets and high seas, investigative reporter Darragh MacIntyre reveals the extent to which exploited workers are embedded within our economy.
In this hard-hitting documentary, MacIntyre uncovers a hidden world of vulnerable victims - not only those trafficked to the UK from abroad, but also a British citizen forced to work unpaid for years. Joining police raids on suspected traffickers, MacIntyre witnesses first hand the authorities' efforts to combat this growing problem. He discovers, alarmingly, that 80% of slavery crimes may be going undetected
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