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Pigs to peerages: Lord Ashcroft’s act of revenge shows British politics at its venal worst | Simon Jenkins | Comment is free | The Guardian
Cameron’s use of the House of Lords to reward aides, cronies and donors might leave even Tony Blair astonished. Why not just sell off titles to fund political parties? [ ie also Michelle Mone, supporter of the No Campaign, got peerage and job at DWP as start-up czar; getting unemployed people to start businesses (self-employment). ] //&! Billionaire Tory donor alleges Cameron conspired to mislead public before 2010 election over knowledge of Ashcroft’s non-dom status - - accepting donations from tax avoiders/evaders is best practise nowadays. //&! So Cameron was young and reckless. Lucky he wasn’t young, reckless and poor - //&! How do you deal with a story like #piggate? A spin doctor’s view - //&! Live Feed Day 2 - - "White House [thinks] it had been “fucked over” on both Libya & Syria." Cameron not getting the votes for full military intervention. [...] Gaddafi’s weapons moved south, arming Boko Haram [in Nigeria].
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