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Memo to my daughter: “Keep your eye on the ball and hit hard” | PandoDaily
What I love about Abramson’s [...] she’s named it, she’s owned it, but she doesn’t make herself a victim. She knows she lives in a sexist world and that makes her victories– and even her defeats– that much sweeter. This is how we should talk about women in the world. Not stupid debates about having it all. Taking the world as it exists, naming it, shrugging, and continuing to fight. // +++ // "entrenched short-sightedness and sexist cruelty of male-controlled media [...] Yay, thanks for some crumbs of enlightened thinking, for some slightly nuanced improvements in the daily, punishing business of publicly evaluating and then reevaluating women’s worth. [...] 'I don’t fucking care if you like it.' [...] Social Media [frictionless, not thinking twice or setting something aside for a day]. [Women's] life['s and worth's] are up for public evaluation. [To this day.]" +++
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FUCK CONTENT ID | Dan Bull's YouTube diss track - YouTube
"Grey Suits without accountability made decisions." >> did every anybody get fired over this? >> if people submit gif - basically its a copyright infringement. ... but nobody makes money off gif or watches movies in gif form. double standard. + + "It's a 90-second clip from it. But that's more than YouTube's database needs to see to know I've taken something I have no right to rebroadcast or republish and put it on their system. It doesn't really matter to me, though, as I'm not selling ads on it. But this is an example of the content match in action: The video's still up, still viewable, I'm not being sued and my channel hasn't been banned."
YouTube  Content  ID  community  PR  Google  Google+  distribution  creator  monetization  Adsense  digital  RIAA  MPAA  copyright  infringement  copyright  Politics  fairuse  Remix  Culture  internet  gif  Tumblr  Twitter  Facebook  double-standard  disaster  MCN  YouTube  Network  corporate  governance  accountability  transparency  interest  groups  lobby  distribution  digital  artist  digital  economy  digital  natives 
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A sexologist’s two cents on the 2013 MTV VMAs - A Day in the Life of a Sexologist
A sexologist's two cents on the 2013 MTV VMAs Dear Society, If you think a woman in a tan vinyl bra and underwear, grabbing her crotch and grinding up on a dance partner is raunchy, trashy, and... +
Society  sexism  sexismus  Miley  Cyrus  stereotype  double  standard  double-standard 
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NBCFail: Would Twitter Delete Gaga’s Account If She Linked To An Email? | TechCrunch
Backstory: Twitter & NBC are working together covering Olympics.
NBC is not meeting expectations of viewers in their coverage of the Olympics ...

NBC is not amused about posted email of exec -> Twitter suspends account.

>> _24hrs later , account got un-suspended
generalelectric  NBC  double-standard  freespeech  censorship  Twitter 
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BBC tells stars to dodge tax: Workers face the ultimatum, go off the books or face the sack | Mail Online
"A corporation source acknowledged that some workers were effectively being forced to comply with the legal tax dodge.

[...] A top celebrity agent said the BBC used the practice to avoid paying national insurance, pension contributions and other benefits due to regular staff. The agent said many presenters ended up paying more tax than if they were on staff contracts."

Not Cool, ... BBC highest paid (incl Paxman) use legal work-around to reduce tax bill and insurance contributions.
While at the same time coming down hard on, arguably more crummy, tax practises like tax havens.

But if I remember well, Newsnight DID report on UCAS CEO who uses as well a services company to reduce tax bill and insurance contributions. As others do as well ...

Read more:
transparency  taxation  taxevasion  moralhazard  ethnics  double-standard  corporate  governance  BBC 
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Simon Johnson: The Federal Reserve and the Libor Scandal -
Bernanke on banking scandals: “I think the real issue is too big to fail,” correct, but the market cannot fix this
This New York Fed memo stands out as a model of clear thinking about the deep governance problems that allowed Libor to become rigged.
At the same time, the timing and content of the memo raises troubling questions regarding the Fed’s own involvement in the Libor scandal – both then and now.

According to the recent order against and settlement with Barclays by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Libor “market” had by 2005 become a hotbed of collusion and price-fixing

Fed is responsible 4 the “safety and soundness” of the financial system in the USA, THEY had to make a decision, either to let them fail (GFC) and thus the economy, the people and the world. LIBOR rigging scandal and TBTF is the aftermath et al
lobby  credibility  society  double-standard  WallStreet  corporate  governance  governance  accountability  confidence  trustagent  trust  2012  2008  bailout  BBA  misconduct  fraud  barclays  CFTC  MervynKing  timgeithner  PaulTucker  BOJ  ECB  BOE  Fed  NYFed  bank  crisis  banking  crisis  greatrecession  moral  moralhazard  GFC  toobigtofail  LIBOR  rigging  scandal  benbernake 
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Rede zum Arabischen Frühling Viel Pathos, wenig Pläne
Klare Unterstützung für Reformer im Nahen Osten - aber eine allzu vage Agenda für eine neue US-Außenpolitik: Die arabische Welt wird US-Präsident Barack Obamas Grundsatzrede zur Kenntnis nehmen, Jubel dürfte sie kaum auslösen. Nicht zuletzt wegen der deutlichen Unterstützung für Israel.

Dieser Auftritt war von vornherein ein Risiko. Niemand zwischen Casablanca und Bagdad hatte darauf gewartet, dass Barack Obama eine Grundsatzrede zum Arabischen Frühling hält. Der US-Präsident hat sich trotzdem dafür entschieden - und erläuterte am Donnerstag seine Einschätzungen zu den Umwälzungen in der Region. Obama erklärte, warum diese ein "neues Kapitel" in der Geschichte der amerikanischen Diplomatie nötig machen.
presidency  barackobama  pakistan  foreignaffairs  arab  israel  politics  middle-east  jasminrevolution  2011  Bahrain  lybia  double-standard  hypocrisy 
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