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Global Capitalism: October 2015 Monthly Update - YouTube
33:40 Price Increase 13.1% 2013/14. Big Pharma + Lobby + insurance company + letting itself being sugar-coated-medical profession = medical-industrial complex. A cosy relationship. // Big Sugar. Big Tobacco. Big Oil/Fossil Fuel. // US spends more % (18%) of GDP on medical related expenses than any other developed/western country. //&! 44:40 - VW! No.1 air polluter is private automobil. "we are not talking about more profits. but maximising profits while accepting the contribution to air pollution and death of the vulnerable (asthma). [...] fraud. that caused who know how many people. [...] example of what capitalism is. if there is more money to make. do it." [+ Zeitarbeit, Leiharbeit exploitation] "deadly behaviour of conglomerates (many recalls blamed on complexity of car) in a rational society, but no questions have been asked." [] [Underinvestment in public transportation in USA. 1/2 of Berlin citizens have no car. tell that LA.] "Decision to Deceive. Knowingly harm People."
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