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Long-term Lyme disease 'actually chronic fatigue syndrome' - BBC News
The majority of people who believe they have a chronic form of Lyme disease are more likely to have chronic fatigue syndrome, experts suggest.
Lyme  disease  chronic  fatigue 
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How a vaccinated woman's death exposes the threat of anti-vaxxers | Society | The Guardian
Unvaccinated children and those with suppressed immune systems – like Montantes – are the most vulnerable to measles, which kills between one and two people for every 1,000 it infects. The virus can also cause brain inflammation, called encephalitis, and permanent brain damage at about the same rate. In 2017, measles killed 110,000 people, mostly children under five, according to the World Health Organization.
anti-vaxxers  anti-vaxxer  immune  system  autoimmune  disease  public  health  Cancer  suppressed 
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Antibiotics greatly reduce effectiveness of immunotherapy for cancer – study | Society | The Guardian
UK research finds patients who took antibiotics during immunotherapy lived half as long as those who avoided them
Cancer  immunotherapy  Autoimmune  Disease  immune  system  premature  ageing 
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Doctors hail world first as woman’s advanced breast cancer is eradicated | Science | The Guardian
A woman with advanced breast cancer which had spread around her body has been completely cleared of the disease by a groundbreaking therapy that harnessed the power of her immune system to fight the tumours.

It is the first time that a patient with late-stage breast cancer has been successfully treated by a form of immunotherapy that uses the patient’s own immune cells to find and destroy cancer cells that have formed in the body.
Cancer  Autoimmune  disease  immune  system  immunotherapy 
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Health 'to start failing at 47' in parts of Blackpool and Middlesbrough - BBC News
From 2009 to 2013, males born in Bloomfield in Blackpool had a healthy life expectancy (HLE) of only 47.1 years, five months shorter than females born in Middlehaven in Middlesbrough. //&! - Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists say.
premature  ageing  chronic  sick  population  UK  life  expectancy  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  western  diet  lifestyle  prevention  public  health  S.A.D.  immune  system  Cancer  autoimmune  disease 
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NHS England treats too many patients as an emergency, watchdog warns | Society | The Guardian
firefighting // failure to put in place enough services outside of hospitals to keep patients healthier.
NHS  Crisis  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  sickcare  demand  prevention  public  health  CVD  diabetes  Cancer  obesity  overweight  COPD  Disease  Diseases  GP  A&E 
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Ultra-processed foods 'linked to cancer' - BBC News
What counts as ultra-processed
Mass-produced packaged breads and buns
Sweet or savoury packaged snacks including crisps
Chocolate bars and sweets
Sodas and sweetened drinks
Meatballs, poultry and fish nuggets
Instant noodles and soups
Frozen or shelf-life ready meals
Foods made mostly or entirely from sugar, oils and fats &!
cancer  public  health  CVD  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  NHS  crisis  food–industrial  lobby  food  S.A.D.  western  diet  obesity  overweight  healthcare  diabetes  immune  system  Autoimmune  disease  Diseases  packaging  plastic  pollution  chemical  complexity 
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Chemicals in packaging, carpets and non-stick pans 'may contribute to obesity' | Science | The Guardian
Chemicals used to make non-stick pots and pans, stain-resistant carpets, and food packaging may contribute to high levels of obesity by disrupting the body’s ability to burn calories, scientists say.

Researchers at Harvard University examined the effects of compounds called perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), which have already raised concerns among some health experts after animal experiments and other studies linked them to cancer, high cholesterol and immune problems.
public  health  pollution  obesogenic  environment  obesity  overweight  Cancer  PFAS  BPA  bisphenol  plastic  autoimmune  disease  chronic  lowgrade  inflammation  immune  system  crisis  fungicide  herbicide  pesticide  ecological  environmental  Klimakatastrophe 
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In search of surrogates, foreign couples descend on Ukraine - BBC News
Foreign couples have been coming to this corner of Europe in droves since 2015, when surrogacy hotspots in Asia began closing their industries one-by-one, amid reports of exploitation. Barred from India, Nepal and Thailand, they turned to Ukraine, one of the few places left where surrogacy can still be arranged at a fraction of what it costs in the US.

"We have so many childless couples coming to our country - it's like a conveyor belt," says Ana, who asked for her identity to be protected.

When she was 21, and after some years of hotel work, Ana finally decided to become a surrogate. By then she had a daughter and realised she was eligible. Under Ukrainian law, a surrogate must have a child of their own before carrying someone else's. If you have your own child, you are less likely to become attached to the one you must give away, those who recruit the women say. [...] Europe's capital of surrogacy
Demand for surrogacy in Ukraine "has increased probably 1000% in the last two years alone," says Sam Everingham of Families Through Surrogacy, a Sydney-based charity that advises would-be parents.

The country, he adds, "has found itself almost accidentally as one of the handful of nation states" which allow surrogacy tourism.
IVF  fertility  public  health  crisis  western  diet  S.A.D.  lifestyle  infertility  autoimmune  disease  diseases  poverty  exploitation  trap  global  south  west  Ukraine  UK  India  USA  surrogate  surrogacy  parenthood  capitalism  Kapital  chronic  sick  population  premature  ageing  neoliberalism  neoliberal  ethics  moral  philosophy  Sociology  adoption 
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Gigi Hadid slams body shamers who call her too skinny - BBC News
Hashimoto thyroiditis // - "Imagine having a really extreme case of flu." That's how 23-year-old Rachel Hill describes living with Hashimoto's disease. //&! //&! " I was also part of a holistic medical trial that helped my thyroid levels balance out." Obviously not. Otherwise she would be whole-food plant-based vegan, duh. she did eat a burger on jimmy kimmel late night show and promotes eating animal products
Hashimoto  Autoimmune  disease  thyroid  public  health  chronic  sick  population  sickcare  demand  immune  system  Diseases  inflammation  prevention  S.A.D.  western  diet 
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Ageing immune system linked to cancer - BBC News
cancer as an autoimmune disease //&! - Cancer as an Autoimmune Disease //&! Data Source - //&! thymus ------ "We're not debating the fact that mutations cause cancer, but are asking whether mutations alone can account for the rapid rise in cancer incidence with age when ageing causes other profound changes in the body."
Cancer  auto  immune  disease  fasting  Valter  Longo  Diseases  Autoimmune  ageing  population  premature  longevity  Gerontology  demographic  bubble  sickcare  demand  NHS  Crisis  prevention  western  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  junk  fast  food  obesity  overweight  inflammation  IGF-1  public  health  CVD 
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Over 3,700 deaths linked to alcohol - BBC News
Alcohol was a factor in more than 3,700 deaths in a single year in Scotland, according to new research.

Findings from NHS Health Scotland show that drink was involved in more than 1,000 deaths from cancer in 2015.

It was also linked to hundreds of deaths from conditions such as liver disease, as well as accidental injuries.

In addition, more than 41,000 people were admitted to hospital as a result of consuming alcohol, the study found.

Experts said the findings show that alcohol has a wider impact on health than many people think.
UK  Alcohol  alcoholism  binge  drinking  public  health  crisis  NHS  A&E  GP  chronic  sick  population  Scotland  culture  sickcare  demand  self-medication  abuse  mental  coping  mechanism  prevention  maladaptive  Cancer  liver  disease  CVD  obesity  overweight 
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(4984) Cancer Cure Hits the Market! [Car-T Cells] - YouTube
advances in immunotherapy- first version was dump, 2nd version "targeted", 3rd gen - reprogramming? immunotherapy
Cancer  immunotherapy  immune  system  CAR-T  cells  autoimmune  disease 
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Gut bacteria 'boost' cancer therapy - BBC News
Two studies, in the journal Science, linked specific species and the overall diversity of the microbiome to the effectiveness of immunotherapy drugs. [...] Those that responded to therapy tended to have a richer, more diverse microbiome than those that did not.
Cancer  microbiome  immunotherapy  epigenetics  chronic  sick  inflammation  autoimmune  disease  gut  leaky  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  western  public  health  immune  system  immunesystem  antibiotic  antibiotics  post-antibiotic  chemotherapy 
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NHS failing to tackle 'significant safety risks', warns its medical chief
Patients were being left at risk of suffering needless harm – including amputations, devastating maternity complications and deaths – because of the lack of action to protect them, the former heart surgeon said.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sir Bruce said there were too many organisations vying for attention and instead, one simple system was needed to issue safety directives.

He also said too many hospitals were putting cost-cutting ahead of patient safety.
NHS  patient  safety  Austerity  STP  CEP  rationing  delayed  treatment  waiting  times  healthcare  demand  sickcare  ageing  chronic  sick  population  demographic  bubble  Disease  complex  staff  shortage  Nurses  recruitment  Crisis  winter  hiring  training  adult  social  care  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking 
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Einsame Menschen sterben früher - SPIEGEL ONLINE
without a friend (partner does not count), 4x likelihood to relapse and die - increase mortality - breast cancer patients.
public  health  crisis  mental  premature  ageing  death  inflammation  Depression  prevention  chronic  sick  population  disease  autoimmune  complex  loneliness  Einsamkeit  Gesellschaft  Society  Psychology  Sociology  Wertegesellschaft 
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Chronic ill health among working age population poses 'unsustainable drain' on NHS | HeraldScotland
Currently 39 per cent of the working age population in Scotland has at least one long-term condition, but that is forecast to surge as the population ages and Scotland grapples with the fallout of an obesity epidemic.

Prof MacDonald said a failure to prevent and manage long-term conditions properly would be catastrophic as pension age increases to 68 or more.
UK  Scotland  NHS  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  disease  population  babyboomers  baby  boomers  ageing  premature  CVD  Cancer  diabetes  obesity  overweight  pain  inflammation  demographic  bubble  England  Disabled  Council  adult  social  medical  advances  western  diet  lifestyle  S.A.D.  sedentary  prevention  public  intervention  GP  nanny  state  self-medication  Alcohol  junk  food  fast  mental  DWP  ESA  JSA  unemployment  stress 
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Data on NHS waiting lists in Scotland ‘suggests interference’ | Scotland | The Times & The Sunday Times
[ar politicians meddling with the statistics?] The UK Statistics Authority, the official regulator, has looked into a complaint about the publication of waiting list information by the Scottish NHS and concluded that staff made “a series of misjudged decisions”. They accuse the statistics arm of NHS Scotland — the Information Services Division (ISD) — of “catering more for the needs of policy officials” than patients. &! - It was concerned figures given by the Information Services Division (ISD) did not give a full picture of the scale of the problem and that patients returning for treatment, as well as first time patients, had to endure long waits.
NHS  Scotland  Politics  SNP  waiting  time  referral  Grampian  accountability  statistics  GP  delayed  treatment  Cancer  CVD  diabetes  obesity  pain  elective  urgent  A&E  care  social  adult  Council  bedblocking  bed  blocking  overweight  mental  health  Disabled  chronic  sick  population  ageing  premature  demographic  bubble  babyboomers  baby  boomers  disease 
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NHS takes control of record number of GP practices | Holyrood Magazine
Health boards in Scotland have taken control of a record number of local doctors' practices in recent years, figures from the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) have revealed.

Facing a recruitment crisis as family doctors take early retirement and remote locations struggle to attract new GPs, practices are being handed back to health boards as they struggle to meet their commitments.

This means the number of patients treated directly by the NHS in so-called “2c” practices has doubled since 2007 to around 160,000. [...] Dr Miles Mack, Chair of RCGP Scotland, said: “In particular, it means that GPs are no longer in a leadership role and there is less continuity of care for patients.

Mack said public funding on GP services as a proportion of NHS spending has declined.

“Sufficient action must be taken to fill the projected shortfall of 856 GPs across Scotland by 2021,” he said.

“To fund that appropriately we need 11 per cent of NHS Scotland’s budget to go to general practice services.”
NHS  Scotland  GP  recruitment  hiring  staff  shortage  morale  locum  health  care  demand  chronic  sick  population  ageing  demographic  bubble  CVD  diabetes  obesity  overweight  mental  Cancer  premature  disease 
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Diabetes: Auch Normalgewichtige können hohes Risiko haben - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Etwa jeder Fünfte leidet trotz Normalgewicht unter einem ungesunden Stoffwechsel. Besonders gefährdet sind Menschen, die an den Beinen fast kein Fett abspeichern - dafür aber am Bauch.
diabetes  metabolic  CVD  obesity  overweight  skinny  fat  inactive  chronic  sick  population  disease  metabolism  Cancer  inflammation  immune  system 
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Training für gesundes Altern: Willkommen auf der Langstrecke - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Wir wissen heute, dass man das biologische Alter durch bestimmte Maßnahmen deutlich beeinflussen kann", sagt Sven Voelpel, Altersforscher an der Jacobs University in Bremen und Autor des Buches "Entscheide selbst, wie alt Du bist. Was die Forschung über das Jungbleiben weiß". Mit kleinen Veränderungen bei Ernährung, Bewegung oder Schlaf lassen sich biochemische Prozesse im Körper anstoßen, die die Wahrscheinlichkeit deutlich erhöhen, gesund alt zu werden. "Aber nicht nur körperliche Faktoren spielen eine Rolle", so Voelpel: Auch die Lebensführung, soziale Kontakte, die Arbeit und Hobbys können viel dazu beitragen, geistig und körperlich jung zu bleiben.
biological  age  ageing  premature  chronic  sick  population  western  diet  S.A.D.  Standard  American  demographic  bubble  UK  NHS  CVD  cancer  diabetes  active  lifestyle  disease  health  inequality  deprivation  care  demand  prevention  whole-food  pant-based  well  being  mental  disabled  book  meditation  mindfulness 
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Molecule link to diabetic kidney disease - BBC News
The protein, called P2X7R, plays an important role in inflammation and the immune system and has previously been linked to kidney diseases not associated with diabetes. // inflammation? CVD? no kidding. - // Pritikin w rice diet! need to add sugar, bc of too much protein for people w kidney disease.
chronic  low-grade  inflammation  CVD  lifestyle  diet  prevention  kidney  disease  obesity  diabetes  whole-food  plant-based  cancer  immune  system  sick  population  overweight  health  care  demand  big  pharma  premature  ageing  NHS 
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Sodium and Autoimmune Disease: Rubbing Salt in the Wound? - YouTube
Two ways in which salt may drive autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, type I diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.
Autoimmune  immune  system  inflammation  diet  western  standard  american  disease  chronic  sick  population 
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Caroline Wyatt: MS 'brain fog' lifted after stem cell treatment - BBC News
chemo w stem cell transpant to reboot a new immune system which does not attack the body - trials in uk w patients in wheelchair have been succesful. but chemo for stemcell transplant is one expensive and two risky (complications) (risk benefit analysis + and cost benefit analysis - thus NHS will ration treatments, only for extreme patient cases ie in wheelchair where support and treatment would be more expensive long-term keeping people in wheelchairs than a risky and expensive chemo and stemcell treatment)
Autoimmune  immune  system  disease  chronic  health  care  demand  medical  advances  multiple  sclerosis  public  inflammation  sick  population  NHS  NICE  rationing  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  diet  lifestyle  CVD  cancer  Diabetes 
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NHS Health Check: Short GP consultations crazy, say GPs - BBC News
Average consultation length is 10 minutes in the UK - thought to be the shortest in the developed world.
GP leaders said this was already too short and the extra workload from the hospital closures proposed by local leaders would destabilise care.
The proposals are being made by local health leaders to "modernise" the NHS.
There are 44 plans in England - many of which involve reducing hospital care and pushing more services into the community to save money and make the NHS more efficient. Similar measures are being taken in the rest of the UK. [...] The RCGP and BMA said they would result in even more complex cases being passed on to GPs once they start being introduced later this year.
STP  NHS  GP  A&E  Austerity  mental  health  complex  chronic  diseases  disease  CVD  diabetes  cancer  obesity  hypertension  high  blood  pressure  ageing  population  demographic  bubble  sick  public  prevention  overweight  well  being  burnout 
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New breast cancer vaccine ‘stops disease in its tracks’ - The Scotsman
The new treatment helped stimulate the immune systems of 80 per cent of women who took part in a clinical trial and almost one quarter of patients experienced tumour shrinkage, according to researchers from the US. However the jab proved most effective in the very earliest stages of the disease. The vaccine targets a molecule that cancer cells use to hide themselves from our natural defences.

Read more at:
cancer  immune  system  Autoimmune  disease 
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AA Gill’s death doesn’t mean the NHS is broken – or that private healthcare is superior | Ann Robinson | Opinion | The Guardian
And the main factor the summary highlights is the fact that we smoke, drink and overeat more than the OECD average. “To reduce premature mortality, more attention to tackling health risk factors – smoking, alcohol consumption and obesity” are needed, according to the report. Public Health bodies are trying, but the alcohol, sugar and tobacco lobbies are powerful brakes on change.
public  health  crisis  lobby  sugar  tax  alcohol  sick  population  NHS  care  demand  budget  austerity  ageing  chronic  diseases  Disease  CVD  diabetes  cancer  rationing  Demographic  bubble 
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Tributes paid to sports commentator Craig Sager who's died, aged 65 - BBC Newsbeat
American sports stars have paid tribute to commentating legend, Craig Sager, who's died from leukaemia, aged 65.
cancer  Autoimmune  disease 
december 2016 by asterisk2a
Sick children moved as NHS intensive care units run out of beds | Society | The Guardian
Parents urged not to panic and planned operations delayed to cope with ‘record demands’ as winter sets in [...] All of us in paediatrics and child health would like an honest discussion about how the system is funded,” Dr Roland added. [ alcohol minimum pricing, tobacco tax into nhs & public health, meat tax, & as base - national insurance ]
NHS  Crisis  rationing  England  Scotland  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  Austerity  health  care  demand  budge  ageing  population  sick  chronic  disease  lifestyle  alcohol  tobacco  diet  demographic  bubble  Sugar  Tax  Meat  CVD  cancer  diabetes 
december 2016 by asterisk2a
EU Gesundheitsbericht: 550.000 Europäer sterben an vermeidbaren Krankheiten - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Tabak, Alkohol, Smog

"Wäre es nicht besser, wenn es gelänge, diese Leute so lang wie möglich gesund zu halten und somit die Zahl vorzeitiger Todesfälle zu reduzieren?", fragte Gesundheitskommissar Andriukaitis.

Was ist das?
Es geht unter anderem um Herzleiden, Krebs und Schlaganfälle. Wer zu dick ist, raucht oder zu viel Alkohol trinkt, hat ein größeres Risiko. Auch Umweltbelastungen wie schmutzige Luft sind ein Faktor.
public  health  sick  population  cancer  CVD  stroke  Tobacco  Alcohol  obesity  overweight  prevention  diet  lifestyle  disease  Diseases  chronic  NHS  Crisis  air  pollution 
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Send patients to private sector to avert winter crisis, hospitals told | Society | The Guardian
Hospitals have been told to turn to the private sector to “maximise elective activity”, with operations such as knee and hip replacements likely to be among the outsourced procedures to help free up beds for urgent patients.

The measures are likely to have a significant cost to the NHS.
NHS  England  Crisis  bed  blocking  STP  ageing  Demographic  bubble  sick  population  Austerity  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  rationing  winter  elderly  care  adult  social  chronic  diet  lifestyle  Disease  Diseases  Privatisation  health  demand  budget 
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The obesity epidemic is an economic issue | Business | The Guardian
Free-market forces have helped create a health crisis – and governments must take action to stop subsidising junk food [...] However, food companies prefer to deflect rhetoric about poor diet being the primary cause of obesity, and instead promote messages focused on exercise and other factors – a phenomenon termed “leanwashing”. [ everything in moderation, tobacco, alcohol ]
obesity  CVD  cancer  sick  population  demographic  bubble  ageing  health  care  budget  demand  NHS  Crisis  Austerity  diabetes  diet  lifestyle  chronic  diseases  Disease  Tobacco  Alcohol  Sugar  Tax  public  Prevention  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens 
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NHS £8bn budget plan 'not enough', say hospital bosses - BBC News
Patients in England will see rising waiting times, rationing and cuts in the number of staff unless the NHS gets more money, health bosses say.
A five-year plan to increase the budget by £8bn a year by 2020 was only set out last year, but now hospital bosses have warned that is not enough.
Chris Hopson, of NHS Providers, said the settlement needed to be redrawn.
It comes as the half-year accounts for 2016-17 showed hospitals and other NHS trusts were failing to keep in budget.
NHS  Crisis  Austerity  health  care  demand  budget  Simon  Stevens  Jeremy  Hunt  England  rationing  Scotland  Shona  Robinson  ageing  population  sick  demographic  bubble  chronic  diet  lifestyle  diseases  disease  CVD  cancer  adult  social  elderly  bed  blocking  diabetes  Public  Privatisation 
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Dementia now leading cause of death - BBC News
Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, latest figures reveal.
Last year, more than 61,000 people died of dementia - 11.6% of all recorded deaths.
The Office for National Statistics says the change is largely due to an ageing population.
People are living for longer and deaths from some other causes, including heart disease, have gone down.
Also, doctors have got better at diagnosing dementia and the condition is now given more weight on death certificates.
CVD  cancer  dementia  Alzheimer  sick  population  ageing  Demographic  Bubble  premature  death  UK  NHS  social  care  service  elderly  adult  bedblocking  bed  blocking  health  budget  demand  Crisis  diet  lifestyle  disease  Jeremy  Hunt 
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Self-care could cut need for millions of GP visits - BBC News
[ less sniffles, less back pain, less colic - see nutritionfacts org ] Back pain is one of the most common causes for a GP visit yet the majority of cases can be treated with over-the-counter treatments and self care.
The same is true of other minor ailments, such as coughs, colds and indigestion, says the LGA.
back  pain  prevention  sick  population  chronic  Disease  Diseases  diet  lifestyle  premature  ageing  NHS  Crisis  GP  England  Scotland  Austerity  health  care  demand  budget  Demographic  bubble 
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Summer 2016 'worse than most winters for A&E' - BBC News
Waiting times in A&E units in England this summer have been worse than every winter for the past 12 years bar one, figures show.
The colder months have traditionally been the most difficult for hospitals. But pressures have grown so much that this summer saw one in 10 patients wait for over four hours in A&E during June, July and August. [...] The data also showed hospitals are missing a number of other key targets for cancer, routine operations and ambulance response times. [...] [ elderly care adult social care at tipping point. not being treated at home end up in A&E eventually and then bed block! ]
A&E  health  care  demand  NHS  Crisis  England  austerity  elderly  adult  social  ageing  population  sick  demographic  bubble  chronic  diet-related  diseases  disease  lifestyle  CVD  cancer  diabetes  GP  prevention  Jeremy  Hunt  Simon  Stevens  budget  bed  blocking  CQC 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
The Role of Bovine Leukemia Virus in Breast Cancer |
As many as 37% of human breast cancer cases may be attributable to exposure to bovine leukemia virus.
cancer  breast  infections  immune  system  Autoimmune  Disease  public  health  sick  population 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
Alzheimer's = Bacon Brain? Evidence & Prevention - YouTube
lead time 15 years. the brain can manage to a certain point of being slowly clogged up , plaques. but as w the heart and arteries. it can't manage and compensate forever. there is a time in your 40s 50s 60s where the body gives up either slowly or quickly (sudden death heart attack). high blood pressure, angina, diabetes, etc are symptoms of the disease and first signs that the body can't cope adequately (pain, symptom free).
Alzheimer  Dementia  diet-related  dietary  cholesterol  CVD  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
Animal TB threatens human health say vets and doctors - BBC News
But animal tuberculosis - officially known as zoonotic tuberculosis - also affects those in close contact with infected animals including vets, farmers and butchers.
zoonotic  tuberculosis  zoonosis  public  health  communicable  infectious  disease 
october 2016 by asterisk2a
Dr. Jim Sharps Part 5 - Vascular Diseases - YouTube
USA 52% die of CVD event, ... silent killer as 1/3 die of 52% is sudden death! ... min 17:20. body is remarkable in compensating accumulation of fatty streaks, narrowing, stiffness. but in last 1/3 of progression till complete closing, body gives up and symptoms arise like high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), lymph system drainage of fluid failure. ppl in their 40s w high blood pressure was previously uneard of. [...] type 1 diabetes is auto immune disease caused by milk ...
CVD  heart  attack  stroke  embolism  aneurysm  angina  diet-related  lifestyle  related  premature  death  ageing  population  sick  health  care  demand  budget  NHS  Crisis  Cardiovascular  disease  vascular  cholesterol 
september 2016 by asterisk2a
Artery cell discovery paves way for new heart disease treatment | Society | The Guardian
Patients could have the treatment after a heart attack, or as a precaution if they are at risk, to give them extra arteries that would be ready to take over should their own become clogged.
diet-related  NHS  Crisis  CVD  Cardiovascular  disease  heart  attack 
september 2016 by asterisk2a
Hospitals in England are on the brink of collapse, warn NHS chiefs | Society | The Guardian
The body that represents hospitals across England has issued a startling warning that the NHS is close to breaking point because of its escalating cash crisis. //&!
The gap between funds and delivery is a chasm in the NHS: something has to give
Waiting lists are at their highest in eight years. In the absence of extra money, we need an open and honest public debate about where the cuts should fall. Years of underfunding have left the service facing such “impossible” demands that without urgent extra investment in November’s autumn statement it will have to cut staff, bring in charges or introduce “draconian rationing” of treatment – all options that will provoke public disquiet, it says. - &
prevention  NHS  Crisis  sick  population  England  Scotland  public  health  care  demand  budget  Jeremy  Hunt  austerity  Simon  Stevens  ageing  premature  Theresa  May  obesity  diabetes  cancer  heart  disease  diet-related  lifestyle  alcohol 
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First face transplant patient Isabelle Dinoire dies in France - BBC News
But heavy use of immunosuppressant drugs weakened her and she succumbed to cancer in April at the age of 49, the BBC's Hugh Schofield in Paris says.
cancer  immune  system  autoimmune  disease 
september 2016 by asterisk2a
Gene Wilder death: Star of Willy Wonka dies aged 83 - BBC News
The two-time Oscar-nominated actor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 1989.
Mr Wilder's nephew confirmed the actor died on Sunday in Stamford, Connecticut, due to complications from Alzheimer's disease.
premature  death  Alzheimer  dementia  Autoimmune  Disease  cancer  sick  population  immune  system 
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Blogilates Worst of the Fitness Industry Round 2 - YouTube
Dr Michael Greger // epidemiological findings - rise in cholesterol coincides w rise of reported back pain in society at large. // studies need to be done! // premature disc degeneration (big block of cartilage)
backpain  Rücken  vascular  Cardiovascular  disease  Diseases  public  health  sick  population  NHS  chronic  pain  dietary  diet-related  cholesterol  ageing  Demographic  Bubble  lifestyle  prematue  western  world  obesity  overweight 
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