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UK's most expensive city facing 'catastrophe' - BBC News
shortage of supply = unaffordable = nobody can afford to live there, work there, study there. or have to commute from out of town for 1 hour or more. // this is not only a problem in Oxford. NHS Grampian has problems of recruiting because unaffordable house prices and rents pushed up by Oil Industry and the lack of new housing. Same for teaching jobs. // all the while building companies make pumper profits and even skirt around the edges to lower the ratio of social and affordable housing they have to provide with each new big project. its in their interest, if prices were to fell, they would make less money. so they build not enough to keep up with demand at all. and not enough so each new builds profit rises because of risen demand and people willing to pay more for the same house or flat from previous year or two or three despite no real improvement in the build technically/energy efficiency wise/or architecture wise - modern, wide open, big windows. //
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