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Did You Know You're Eating Animals?!
It might sound hard to believe but a lot of people don't actually realize the meat they are eating required the suffering, death and decapitation of an animal.
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Scale of NHS deficits to be revealed - BBC News
"we are looking at a systematic problem across the health service." locum staff & sending patients 4 ops 2 private places paid by NHS 2 clear rising waiting lists (RISING DEMAND) & meet Targets. Bed blocking bc severe shortage of elderly care done by austerity. Ageing & premature ageing population & rise of chronic diseases (& thus other comorbidity things that are a result of chronic diseases:joint pains back pains heart problems mobility problems swollen legs bc bodies lymph system gives up skin problems infections care etc complex needs arise - bc they treat symptoms. not the problem, the root of all evil). NHS cant treat a sick population with the status quo it has been handed down by Tories policy. Tories like 2 remove benefits from parents of truants, disabled, vulnerable (to make their lives better). BUT Big Sugar & Processed Food? No nanny state there. Socially unacceptable. Unpopular amongst majority. Career Politicians unequal real reformer/visionary. &!
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