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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Annedroids on Amazon Prime! - YouTube
>> something that needed done! - #democratisation of content - against the pattern matching & recognition of Hollywood, Music Industry & Entertainment Industry. #Democracy is / can be messy (See YouYube) // hard things are hard because they are worth it to do - in the end.
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Newsweek Feature Stories: The Future of Branding - YouTube
+ << democratisation of voice, KPI - social following, influence, engagement, ... currency is respect; long-term view/long-term thinking - domain knowledge - domain expertise. ... long-form content << measure of quality. not just instagram snaps. differentiation. standing out from the noise. the constant bombardment (( full video -
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Those YouTube Promo Plans Are A Lot More Common Than You Might Think
But it's something of a necessary evil, he continues. With copyright issues and the struggle to remain relevant amongst the sea of other YouTubers trying to get their Let's Plays noticed, a cushy bonus like a few extra bucks per thousand views could feel like a good deal. And so Boogie warns to take the videos you see with a grain of salt, because these kinds of deals are fairly widespread within the community. And despite many of these contracts necessitating a disclosure of the agreement in the descriptions of these videos, not every YouTuber is as open about the deals they make, Boogie says.
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