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(11596) Jimmy Kimmel Faces Off With MAGA Fools, Embraces DACA Family - YouTube
Also 2nd class citizens. All build on myth and misunderstandind. "da oben aufm berg in dem haus wohnt eine hexe und isst kinder." get da bloss nicht hin

MODERN FOLKLORE: See IPPR Local Migration Panel: Corby "get cell phone and everyting" - &
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Naomi Klein: ‘Trump is an idiot, but don’t underestimate how good he is at that’ | Books | The Guardian
One essential ingredient of resistance, she suggests, is to retain a belief in telling and understanding complex stories, keeping faith with narrative.

One of the questions that Klein’s book does not reach a conclusion about is how conscious Trump is of his shock doctrine tactics. Is he a demagogue in the scheming manner of Putin and Erdoğan, or just a useful idiot for the forces around him?
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