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Ted Cruz campaign using firm that harvested data on millions of unwitting Facebook users | US news | The Guardian
[ telling people what they want to hear ] Exclusive: Documents reveal donor-funded US startup embedded in Republican’s campaign paid UK university academics to collect psychological profiles on potential voters
presidential  election  2016  Ted  Cruz  Career  Politicians  Big  Data  No  Representation  Principle  USA  democracy  David  Cameron  opportunist  Opportunism  Establishment  Toff  Privileged  1%  Super  Rich  George  Osborne  UK  Social  Media  Facebook  datamining 
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29C3 in Hamburg: Jacob Appelbaum spricht auf dem CCC-Kongress - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Not my Department", dafür bin ich nicht zuständig, das Motto der Veranstaltung. Das Zitat wird in einem Lied dem Raketenbauer Wernher von Braun zugeschrieben. Zwar ist er dafür zuständig, dass die Raketen starten, aber wo sie wieder herunterkommen - das sei nicht sein Fachgebiet.

KeyNote on YouTube;;=9m46s
occupywallstreet  activists  activism  29C3  Jacob  Appelbaum  Chaos  Computer  Club  CCC  George  Orwell  1984  UK  Europe  USA  surveillance  state  dataretention  datamining  accountability  governance  transparency  Politics  hacker  digitalnatives  surveillance  History  Wikileaks  Hacktivism 
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Online prices: Caveat | The Economist
The transparent user = Transparent Consumer = Guide to Profit Maximisation.

"The makers of price-customisation software are eagerly promoting its potential for boosting profit margins; those firms trying it out are, perhaps unsurprisingly, less keen to talk about it."
online  shopping  datamining  data  pricing  profit  maximization  capitalism  Amazon  algorithms  internet  security  consumer  ecommerce 
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Grundsatzurteil: Vorratsdatenspeicherung verstößt gegen Verfassung - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt
Es handelt sich dennoch um das größte Verfahren, mit dem das Verfassungsgericht jemals befasst war.
datamining  dataretention  germany  internet  law  2010  piracy 
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BBC News - Twitter urges Murdoch to be open
"We can give away this real-time feed of data to other companies such as Google and Bing to give them a better experience for searching Twitter," he said.
twitter  newspapers  newspaper  media  free  newscorp  open  new-economy  data  datamining  rupertmurdoch 
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For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word - Statistics -
“I keep saying that the sexy job in the next 10 years will be statisticians,” said Hal Varian, chief economist at Google. “And I’m not kidding.”

et data is merely the raw material of knowledge. “We’re rapidly entering a world where everything can be monitored and measured,” said Erik Brynjolfsson, an economist and director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Digital Business. “But the big problem is going to be the ability of humans to use, analyze and make sense of the data.”
statistics  pattern  patterns  google  careers  math  datamining  research  jobs  data  economist 
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