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Build it and they will come? Why Britain's 1960s cycling revolution flopped | Cities | The Guardian
Too easy to drive [ disincentivise driving, incentivise cycling ] The borough council’s cycle strategy – not updated since 2002 – conveys no doubt as to why cycle usage is so low: “Stevenage has a fast, high-capacity road system, which makes it easy to make journeys by car. Residents have largely been insulated from the effects of traffic growth and congestion and generally there is little incentive for people to use modes other than the private car … [The] propensity to cycle [appears to] depend on factors other than the existence of purpose-built facilities.”

Claxton was a regular user of the cycleways he had created. “I didn’t do my cycleways for cyclists,” he told an environmental magazine in 1977. “I did them for people.”
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Wendy Houvenaghel: British Cycling had 'medal at any cost' culture - BBC Sport
British Cycling subsequently admitted it did not pay "sufficient care and attention" to the wellbeing of staff and athletes at the expense of winning medals, an approach Houvenaghel attested to in her BBC interview.
IOC  UCI  Olympics  Doping  British  Cycling  UK  well  being  mental  health  public  London  2012  Sport  business  of 
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Nicole Cooke ‘sceptical’ of Bradley Wiggins and hits out at ‘sexist’ cycling | Sport | The Guardian
Her next words, though, were even more damning. “The chronological coincidence of the TUEs just before major events raises suspicions with me based on my experience of patterns and ways that I’ve seen other riders try and beat the system.”

Cooke was also fiercely critical of the efforts to tackle doping, saying that Ukad held a “chocolate sword” because of its lack of resources. But she also attacked the body for not doing enough to investigate wrongdoing. She said that several times she had gone to the authorities, including after being asked to dope by a team manager, yet been fobbed off.
Doping  Business  Of  Sport  IOC  Cycling  UCI  Olympics 
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Das Fahrrad wird in Berlin zum Lebensrisiko
In dieser Woche sind schon wieder zwei Radfahrer tödlich verunglückt. Es fällt auf: Oft überholen Autofahrer mit zu geringem Abstand. [...] keinerlei Radinfrastruktur, [...] Drei Tote durch fehlenden seitlichen Abstand [...] Der ADFC empfiehlt, auf engen Fahrbahn nicht direkt am rechten Rand zu fahren, um Autofahrer nicht noch zum Überholen mit zu geringem Seitenabstand einzuladen. Aktivisten fordern ein Überholverbot für Autos, wenn der nötige Sicherheitsabstand nicht ausreicht. Von 2008 bis 2015 starben sieben Radfahrer in Berlin durch zu geringen seitlichen Abstand. Zuletzt waren zwei ältere Frauen so ums Leben gekommen. Deutlich mehr, nämlich 25, waren es durch Rechtsabbieger.
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Commuters who shun car travel keep slimmer, study concludes
People who cycle, walk or catch the train or bus to work keep more weight off than commuters who travel by car, a large UK study has found.
The results come from 150,000 UK adults aged 40 or older who agreed to be measured and weighed and fill in a survey about their typical journey to and from work.
Cycling came out as the best activity for staying trim, followed by walking.
But even those who used public transport were leaner than car users. [...] Even when they factored in differences such as leisure-time, exercise, diet and occupation, the trend between commute method and bodyweight remained.
convenience  sedentary  lifestyle  commute  commuter  commuting  Cycling  public  transport  public  transportation  infrastructure  investment  carbon  tax  public  health  pollution  air  pollution  sick  population  health  crisis  health  care  spending  health  care  budget  obesity  epidemic  overweight  prevention  intervention 
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NHS to help create 'healthy new towns' - BBC News
"As these new neighbourhoods and towns are built, we'll kick ourselves if in 10 years' time we look back having missed the opportunity to 'design out' the obesogenic environment, and 'design in' health and wellbeing," he said. "We want children to have places where they want to play with friends and can safely walk or cycle to school - rather than just exercising their fingers on video games."
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'Brutal' cyclist hit and run captured on video - BBC News // loophole needs to be closed! - //&! Cycling deaths: Fewer than half of drivers face jail - //&! Family to continue calls for compulsory cycle helmet law - //&! Cycle death case handling 'may need to change' - - The way cycling deaths are treated by police and prosecutors may need to change, the former Director of Public Prosecutions has said. [...] Department of Transport figures show 113 cyclists were killed in the UK last year. Last year a Freedom of Information request by BBC's Newsbeat found that between 2007 and 2014 there were 276 recorded incidents where a cyclist was killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Of these, 148 - 54% - resulted in the driver of the vehicle being charged with an offence. Of those found guilty, fewer than half went to prison. [...] "Currently it's often on the victim to prove liability //&! - another one goes free!
Cycling  British  Cycling  Justice  System  injustice 
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Cycling: three-quarters of Britons support more spending on bike use | Environment | The Guardian
[ where is the bike lobby here? its a bn dollar business. ] Biggest ever survey on subject says people would like government to spend almost seven times more on bike infrastructure than it does now. [...] Currently, about 1% to 2% of all trips in the UK are made by bike, as against figures of 25% or more in some nations, such as the Netherlands. Activists argue that more bike use would greatly help combat the ongoing health crisis caused by physical inactivity, as well as reducing vehicle pollution, among other benefits. “The message from the public couldn’t be clearer: there’s a desire to cycle more, but that a lack of safe places to ride bikes is off ­putting,” said Jason Torrance, policy director at Sustrans. [...] “Physical inactivity, congestion and declining air quality cost our economy billions. Governments must act to secure a greater share of current transport investment for cycling and walking.”
underinvestment  air  pollution  noise  pollution  public  transportation  transportation  urban  planning  urbanisation  commuting  quality  of  life  standard  of  living  living  standard  public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  sick  population  sedentary  lifestyle  lifestyle  medicine  active  lifestyle  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  Nudge  theory  NHS  Cycling  British  Cycling  incentive  infrastructure  investment  city  living  carbon  tax  carbon  trading  scheme  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  emissions  CO2  NXo 
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New Sheriff in Irontown - - CEO of IRONMAN, Andrew Messick. Slightly talk about new owner Wanda Group.
Ironman  China  Private  Equity  business  of  sport  UCI  Cycling  Olympics  soccer  World  Cup  IOC  Entertainment 
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Why are London cyclists so white, male and middle-class? | UK news | The Guardian
[ road safety, road cycling lessons, reform of laws putting cyclist on equal status as road user, campaign against road rage, better weather?, ] A fascinating study of why some Londoners cycle and others don’t illuminates cultural obstacles Boris Johnson’s cycling plans must overcome [...] One of its main findings concerns the congruence between being someone who cycles and an entire social identity bound up with class, ethnicity, values and aspirations. In other words, London cyclists were seen as being a certain sort of person: “Somebody who’s quite environmentally friendly, probably quite independent, maybe a bit of a leftie, vegetarian,” observed a woman called Michelle. Another participant, Julia, a cycling young professional, was very candid about these cultural associations and embraced them. “I mean, to be fair, it does make me feel smug, my friends joke that it’s very middle-class and they joke that it sort of fits with the lifestyle of gardening, listening to Radio 4, ...
public  transportation  sedentary  lifestyle  active  lifestyle  Cycling  bicycling  British  Cycling  public  health  policy  public  health  health  crisis  identity  identification  lifestyle  medicine  lifestyle  western  lifestyle  overweight  obesity  epidemic  obesity  Environmental  Movement  transportation 
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Revealed: British ministers tried to block EU moves to clean up air quality | Environment | The Guardian
A document obtained by the Observer reveals that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been advising British MEPs to vote against legislation that would oblige countries to carry out “routine and non-routine” inspections on vehicles’ “real-world” emissions. [...] The revelation will add to the growing concerns over the government’s commitment to tackling air pollution. It follows the admission last week that the Department for Transport had ignored significant evidence of the fraudulent practices being employed by the car industry when this was sent to it a year ago. About 29,000 deaths in the UK are hastened by inhalation of minute particles of oily, unburnt soot emitted by all petrol engines and an estimated 23,500 by the invisible but toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2) discharged by diesel engines.
UK  Westminster  neoliberalism  neoliberal  carbon  dioxide  carbonfootprint  carbonemission  emissions  air  pollution  urbanisation  urban  planning  premature  ageing  premature  death  cancer  quality  of  life  life  expectancy  standard  of  living  living  standard  cost  of  living  commuting  infrastructure  investment  city  living  Cycling  bicycling  public  transportation  transportation  well  being  chronic  stress  Tories  climate  change  global  warming  public  health  public  health  policy  NHS  Conservative  Party  No  Representation  Career  Politicians  David  Cameron  Wall  Street  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  shared  economic  interest  economic  damage  productivity 
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Re that double standard, Floyd Landis puts it... - The Science of Sport - // half way in: elite sports & entertainment factor of drama, winners and loosers - nobody wants it to be complicated, knowing all the factors that play in to what is happening, what happened, what is likely to happen.
Tour  de  France  TdF  doping  Floyd  Landis  Alberto  Contador  IOC  UCI  2014  Cycling  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  elite  sports  elite  athlete 
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Italien und der Umgang mit Doping-Sündern -
- Sachschaden feststellen und zivil wegen Betrug und Sachschaden verklagen. + NADA muss unabhaengig werden und mehr geld bekommen - von Internationaler Stakeholder Gesellschaft (Sponsoren, Verbaende (die TV rechte verkaufen), Laender). NADA hat conflict of interest - Deutscher Staat der finanziert und aber auch resultate will. Kein Verfolgungsinteresse nach Hinweisen/Tipps und auch gestandenen. + + +
Society  NADA  DFB  DLV  FIFA  DOSB  Anti-Doping-Law  cycling  Spain  I.O.C.  Soccer  accountability  Italy  Doping  transparency  Anti-Doping  Riccardo  Riccò  conflict  of  interest  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  UCI  Sport  Germany  WADA  governance 
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Die Doping-Studie und ihre Folgen -
Systematisches Doping und Doping Forschung. Einige Koepfe sind immer noch aktiv und decken sich gegenseitig und die die ihre Rente geniessen. + + >> Privat muss man ueber das Zivilrecht gehen. Schadensersatzklagen. + Pound - "Der Sport wird bald in eine Krise geraten" [...] "Schwer zu sagen, was das Fass zum überlaufen bringen wird. Meine Vermutung ist, dass der Sport bald in eine Art Krise geraten wird. Ich denke, wenn die Sponsoren aussteigen, ist es vorbei." + + +
Society  DFB  DLV  Doping-System  West  moral  DOSB  FIFA  groupthink  Politics  Anti-Doping-Law  ethics  cycling  I.O.C.  accountability  doping  Thomas  Bach  transparency  Anti-Doping  Tour  de  France  Doping-System  Ost  Robert  Harting  TdF  UCI  reputation  Anti-Doping-Gesetz  hypocrisy  Sponsoring  morality  Pat  McQuaid  Group  behaviour  stakeholder  Marion  Jones  image  Willi  Daume  Mafia  Jan  Ullrich  corruption  lancearmstrong  Sport  Germany  governance 
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Schweizer Radsport-Präsident Richard Chassot tritt zurück - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Richard Chassot hat sein Amt als Präsident des Schweizer Radsport-Verbandes abgegeben. Die Causa Pat McQuaid hat Swiss Cycling in Unruhe versetzt, Chassot beklagt einen Mangel an Vertrauen.
Anti-Doping  transparency  Tour  de  France  cycling  TdF  UCI  accountability  doping  Pat  McQuaid 
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Doping-Jäger Travis Tygart im stern-Interview: "Der Fuchs passt auf die Hennen auf" - Sport | STERN.DE
"Deutschland braucht ein von Sportverbänden unabhängiges und eigenständiges System", sagte er in einem Interview mit dem stern. Denn Verbandsvertreter würden alles tun, um ihren Sport skandalfrei halten. "Es geht zum Beispiel überhaupt nicht, dass der Deutsche Fußball-Bund für die Tests in der Bundesliga mitverantwortlich ist", so Tygart. "Da passt der Fuchs auf die Hennen auf."
Society  NADA  DLV  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Politics  cycling  I.O.C.  Thomas  Bach  Olympics  Willi  Daume  bribery  conflict  of  interest  corruption  USADA  UCI  lancearmstrong  Sport  DTU  Germany  Pat  McQuaid  WADA  Travis  Tygart 
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Doping: Im Westen wie im Osten - YouTube
Jetzt scheint es amtlich: Auch der Westen hat im Kampf um Medaillen nicht sauber gespielt. In den 70er Jahren ist offenbar flächendeckend gedopt worden. Das Know How ist von der Uni Freiburg gekommen. "Duldung vom inneren." +
DFB  Doping-System  West  DOSB  Politics  cycling  domestic  affairs  Franz  Beckenbauer  I.O.C.  Manfred  Ommer  doping  Thomas  Bach  Joseph  Keul  Willi  Daume  Doping-System  Ost  UCI  hypocrisy  Sport  Germany  EPO  soccer 
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"Er hat sich völlig offenbart" - Über eine Doping-Beichte Jan Ullrichs die nie | Sport | Deutschlandfunk
Im Jahr 2007 hat Jan Ullrich Günter Wallraff umfassend Rede und Antwort gestanden: Über ein System Radsport, in dem Doping selbstverständlich war. Doch kurz vor der Veröffentlichung zog Ullrich seine Aussagen zurück. "Hätte er das damals offengelegt, wäre er ein Sympathieträger geworden", glaubt Günter Wallraff. >> "Ich habe nie betrogen." "Fussabll war auch ein Thema."
DFB  DOSB  anti-doping  cycling  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  I.O.C.  lancearmstrong  doping  soccer 
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Lügenforscher Klaus Fiedler über Zabels Dopingbeichte - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fiedler: Aber nur so funktioniert unsere Gesellschaft. Das moderne Transparenzdenken ist mutig und gut, aber sicher nicht immer dem zwischenmenschlichen Frieden zuträglich. Schauen Sie sich doch Edward Snowden an, der sich getraut hat, dunkle Geheimnisse nach außen zu tragen. Er wird gejagt. [...] Ich glaube, man solte das Verhalten der Sportler im Umgang mit der Wahrheit vor allem strategisch verstehen. Natürlich geht es bei diesen Strategien um die eigene Existenz, oft um viel Geld. [...] Armstrong hat meiner Meinung nach im Januar nicht alles gestanden, weil ihm danach war, sondern weil es um Millionenbeträge ging und seine Berater und Anwälte mit ihm und allen Beteiligten diese Strategie ausgeheckt hatten. Die Menschen im Hintergrund geben die kommunizierte Wahrheit viel öfter vor, als wir denken. [...] +
moral  anti-doping  Team  Sky  cycling  ethics  I.O.C.  Eufemiano  Fuentes  moral  dilemma  doping  transparency  Operation  Puerto  Tour  de  France  TdF  UCI  morality  ethic  lying  Weltschmerz  society  Team  Telekom  sport  Jan  Ullrich  Fuentes  book  lancearmstrong  Erik  Zabel  lie  culture  governance 
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Radsport : Ullrich und Zabel stehen auf Epo-Dopingliste - Nachrichten Sport - DIE WELT
+ >> Next, this isn’t an anti-doping event. Despite Pat McQuaid’s confused statements over Marco Pantani, the UCI cannot look into the matter because WADA’s eight year statute of limitations has passed and even if that rule didn’t exist, these samples tested for EPO don’t have the customary seals and A+B samples. There’s no doubt that EPO use can demonstrated here but not to the standard to achieve a doping conviction. [...] But all the same when the report is out tomorrow, count the number of pages related to the 1998 Tour de France and divide this by the total number of pages in the report. Armed with this percentage, see what proportion of airtime and column inches get dedicated to cleaning up sport compared to reviving the past. It’s a small test to see whether we’re interested in fixing things or not. +
NADA  anti-doping  Jan  Ullrich  Tour  de  France  cycling  TdF  UCI  USADA  Erik  Zabel  doping  WADA  Travis  Tygart 
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Can we Trust the Peloton? | Biking Fitness Plans and Advice |
Overall, the data suggests that the performances on AX3 fell within a range that could be expected for a relatively clean peloton with the exception of Froome. His performance on AX3 is clearly flagged as an outlier and warrants healthy rationale skepticism. Going forward, the progression of his performance should be closely followed over the rest of the Tour.
NADA  anti-doping  Team  Sky  Tour  de  France  cycling  USADA  UCI  TdF  Chris  Froome  WADA  doping 
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The Dark Side > Micheal Rasmussen interviewed during the Sibiu Tour
Doping for a decade under the nose of WADA. With a little help of UCI. Lance Armstrong life-time ban would have never happened if it weren't for the USADA. Period. + >
NADA  FIFA  anti-doping  society  Spain  cycling  sports  sport  Soccer  Eufemiano  Fuentes  doping  Operation  Puerto  Tour  de  France  Fuentes  UCI  USADA  TdF  lancearmstrong  Michael  Rasmussen  WADA  Travis  Tygart  culture  EPO 
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Cycling must be whiter than white to avoid yellow stain of suspicion | Sean Ingle | Sport | The Guardian
VO2max of 88ml/kg/min [...] But scientists are forced to play guessing games because teams guard their race data so closely. According to Team Sky's manager, Sir Dave Brailsford, this is because there are "very few people who can properly interpret and understand it. All you're going to do is create a lot of noise for people who are pseudo-scientists." That may be true. But you can understand how those who could put the numbers into context might find his remarks patronising. And the noise he mentions may yet grow into a deeper howl – especially given the recent comments of Tim Kerrison, the head of performance at Team Sky, that "riders, before too long, will surpass performances in the doping era". [Olympic Record in Athletics when Doping was rampant - are still out of reach.]
anti-doping  Team  Sky  UCI  British  Cycling  Chris  Froome  doping  Tour  De  France 
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Radsport: Tour-Führender Froome genervt von Doping-Fragen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Die Journalisten im Teamhotel hakten dennoch weiter nach. Irgendwann reichte es Froome: "Hier sitze ich nach dem größten Sieg meiner Karriere und werde beschuldigt, ein Lügner und Betrüger zu sein. Das ist uncool", sagte er, bevor er die Pressekonferenz pünktlich nach den vereinbarten 15 Minuten verließ. [...] Denn er tue seiner Meinung nach schon alles, sagte Brailsford: Er werde zwar nicht der Öffentlichkeit, dafür aber der Welt-Anti-Doping-Agentur (Wada) alle denkbaren Daten über Training und Gesundheit zur Verfügung seiner Athleten zur Verfügung stellen. Im Zuge des Falls Armstrong und der Situation in der Leichtathletik müsse man den Blickwinkel verändern.
Dave  Brailsford  Team  Sky  British  Cycling  Chris  Froome  Marginal  Gains  WADA 
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Doping im Fußball: Lügt Armstrong wieder? - Nachrichten Print - DIE WELT - Sport - DIE WELT
Auch der Fußball hat Dreck am Stecken, jedenfalls die Spanier. >> + Pep Guardiola kontak zu Fuentes und Doping geschichte. - selbst Eneko Llanos hatte mal auf Twitter berichtet das die Spanischen behoerden sehr lax seien. - photo gepostet auf blog - + >>,1473466,23606520.html + >> Von der Epo-Epoche zur Aicar-Ära?
Ironman  FC  Valencia  moral  anti-doping  Epo  Spain  Soccer  FC  Barcelona  Eufemiano  Fuentes  Sports  doping  Aicar  Alberto  Contador  Cycling  Operation  Puerto  Pep  Guardiola  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  Fuentes  GW1516  lancearmstrong  Sport  WADA 
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Radsport: Warum die Tour de France faszinierend bleibt - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Weil der Radsport faszinierend ist und bleibt, trotz allem. Weil er ein Sport ist, der von seinen Protagonisten verlangt, an die körperlichen und menschlichen Grenzen zu gehen. Weil die Tour de France das härteste und wichtigste Radrennen und eine der größten Sportveranstaltungen der Welt ist. Die Tour ist ein Mythos. Ein bröckelnder Mythos zwar, aber ein Mythos.
Society  Ironman  Culture  anti-doping  Rehabilitation  Sports  doping  Cycling  Tour  de  France  UCI  Triathlon  lancearmstrong  Sport 
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Radsport: Was sich nach Lance Armstrong im Doping-Kampf getan hat - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Wenn dem Radsport der komplette Umbruch gelingen will, dann müssen auch im Weltverband unverbrauchte Leute in entscheidende Positionen kommen. Dass überhaupt so viel in Bewegung gekommen ist, war im Oktober 2012 aber nicht zu erwarten.
anti-doping  cycling  UCI  doping 
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JAN ULLRICH - Das graue Schaf
Betrügerische System von allen Beteiligten um des Erfolgs willen gestützt wurde, ist kaum von der Hand zu weisen [...] das gnadenlose System des Profiradsports, in dem alle verbotene Substanzen nehmen, in dem alle einander betrügen und deshalb keiner sich als Betrüger sieht, sondern nur als Wahrer seiner Chancengleichheit. Den Blick auf den Radsport wollte er verändern; [...] "Ich habe niemanden betrogen, weil alle Betrüger waren." [...] Auch Sponsoren, Medien und nicht zuletzt die Zuschauer seien Teil des Systems: Die ungeheuerlichen Leistungen, die sie verlangten, seien ohne Hilfsmittel nicht zu erbringen. [...] Bei den Profis werde man allerdings von Verbandsärzten und Trainern, auch von Kollegen, nach und nach an Hilfsmittel herangeführt. >> Difference to Triathlon / Ironman :: Die Zielliene ist das Ziel. Nicht als erster an zu kommen. Due to broad participation.
journalism  Ironman  anti-doping  society  Spain  cycling  sports  sport  Eufemiano  Fuentes  doping  Olympics  journalismus  Operation  Puerto  Jan  Ullrich  UCI  Triathlon  lancearmstrong  elite  sports  culture 
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Einziger deutscher Tour-de-France-Sieger: Jan Ullrich gibt erstmals Blut-Doping bei Fuentes zu - Doping - FOCUS Online - Nachrichten
Der frühere Profi-Radrennfahrer und einzige deutsche Tour-de-France-Sieger Jan Ullrich hat erstmals zugegeben, mit Hilfe des spanischen Doping-Arztes Eufemiano Fuentes gedopt zu haben. „Ja, ich habe Fuentes-Behandlungen in Anspruch genommen“, sagte der 39-Jährige in einem Interview mit FOCUS.
anti-doping  Operation  Puerto  cycling  UCI  Fuentes  doping 
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UCI's public relations job retards its anti-doping function' – cycling inquiry | Sport | The Guardian
"The interest the UCI has in a good image for cycling has possibly been a delaying factor in development of anti-doping policy," - because of the conflict of interest. UCI looked over the issue of doping while the sport became more and more popular with the rise&domination of Lance Armstong.
anti-doping  bicycling  cycling  USADA  UCI  lancearmstrong  WADA  doping 
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What Americans Don't Get About Cycling - Business Insider
The problem in the U.S. is all about perception, said Colville-Andersen. Many commuters see cycling as a form of exercise, not convenient transport, and cities are still being built around automobiles.
urban  planning  bicycling  cycling  urbanisation 
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BBC Sport - Eufemiano Fuentes: Anti-doping group to appeal against ruling "I'm sure some are breathing a sigh of relief in the wake of the #fuentes decision. Those people are on the wrong side of #antidoping fence @Scienceofsport on Twitter [...] Re #fuentes decision, so demoralising when the truth in #antidoping is right there, close enough to feel the heat coming off it, but decisions like this hide it, cover it up, and only undermine the credibility of the fight. MORE transparency is needed, and this decision is just another sweep of the dirt under the world's biggest rug. Disheartening. [...] Fuentes verdict “@SSbike: Spanish shambles - suspended prison sentence of 1yr,no bags to WADA, only 4yr ban from sports medicine #joke” >> One has to doubt the Justice System in Spain. If it was really free in its decision making. Or if it was influenced by Politics and Others - who advised them not to push too much. "@Andy_Murray biggest cover up in sports history? why would court order blood bags to be destroyed?"
transparency  trustagent  anti-doping  cycling  trust  Fuentes  accountability  confidence  doping  WADA 
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BBC Sport - British Cycling wants a million more women riding bikes
A recent "leadership audit" of 57 sports by the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation revealed that British Cycling was one of only six governing bodies that did not have any female board members. The study also found that just 11% of its full-time coaches were female. This is hardly surprising for a sport that has been dominated by men, at every level, for decades.
sexism  London  2012  equality  leadership  cycling  sports  sport  UK  inequality  glass  ceiling 
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The takeaway from Peter Sagan's Tour of Flanders bum-pinching outrage | Matt Seaton | Sport |
"Sorry if" is not an apology! The Sagan "bummer" backlash is well underway in social media – with a chorus regretting the distraction not just from Cancellara's phenomenal win, but another dominant performance in the women's edition of the race from Marianne Vos. In fact, Sagan's sexist behavior comes at a particularly unfortunate time when, as Nicole Cooke underlined eloquently in her retirement statement, professional road-racing is in a deep trough of inequality – with the women's sport tragically underfunded and lacking institutional support.
sexism  society  cycling  tradition  sports  income  inequality  culture  inequality 
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BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong agrees to 'help clean up cycling'
USADA giving LA 2 more weeks beyond set deadline of 6th of Feb. > LA still trying to influence the outcome, still trying to mitigate damage in general and collateral damage. LA still LA. --- "We understand that he does want to be part of the solution and assist in the effort to clean up the sport," said Usada chief executive Travis Tygart. "We have agreed to his request for an additional two weeks to work on details to hopefully allow for this to happen." >> >> >> Firm sues LA, Firm said serveral weeks ago that they aim to settle with LA out of court. Obviously they can't agree on a settlement and or LA is blocking, not wanting to give more than he needs to.
anti-doping  cycling  UCI  USADA  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
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BBC Sport - Cycling could be dropped from Olympics, says IOC member
Cycling could be dropped from the Olympics if Lance Armstrong implicates the sport's governing body in a cover-up, says International Olympic Committee member Dick Pound. Pound, a former head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), said: "The only way it (cycling) is going to clean up is if all these people say 'hey, we're no longer in the Olympics and that's where we want to be, so let's earn our way back into it. "The IOC would have to deal with it. The (UCI) is not known for its strong actions to anti-doping. "It was the same in weightlifting a few years ago. All of a sudden when you get right up against it things go fuzzy and they say, 'well, we can't punish innocent athletes in these sports by dropping the sport from the programme'."
anti-doping  cycling  UCI  IOC  I.O.C.  lancearmstrong  doping 
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always get asked...
always get asked about my bike and being a triathlete when i travel. I do not usually get asked 'if I am on the juice, like everybody else?'(x5) Thanks Lance. Thanks - great for our sport.

- collateral damage -
cycling  sports  sport  lancearmstrong  doping 
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BBC Sport - Spain's Operacion Puerto to inflict more embarrassment on cycling
the fact so many were able to get away with cheating speaks volumes of an ambivalence towards doping


When asked by Le Monde journalist Stephane Mandard on Monday if he was going to "tell all", Fuentes said: "I don't intend to name any of my clients. For me, that's the past." [...]

"I do not want to be a hero or a martyr. This is a huge hypocrisy," Fuentes told Mandard. There are many of his compatriots who will be delighted he feels that way.
BALCO  Operation  Puerto  anti-doping  cycling  Fuentes  UCI  lancearmstrong  doping 
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Lance Armstrong Exclusive Interview |
CN: Would you hope that your ban was reduced if you testified to WADA?

Armstrong: That's irrelevant. What is relevant is that everyone is treated equally and fairly. We all made the mess, let's all fix the mess, and let's all be punished equally.

CN: Why WADA and not USADA?

Armstrong: No brainer. This is a global sport not an American one. One thing I'd add - the UCI has no place at the table.

CN: It's pretty clear to anyone with a brain that the UCI played the game and knew the score, yet Pat McQuaid said you had no place in cycling. How did that make you feel? What do you think of the UCI?

Armstrong: Pat is just in constant CYA (Cover Your Ass) mode. Pathetic.

CN: How much is the current level of hypocrisy a frustration for you?

Armstrong: Of course it's frustrating but it's cycling so it's not surprising.

CN: Do you feel like you're the fall guy for an entire sport/system?

Armstrong: Actually, yes I do. But I understand why. We all make the beds we sleep in.
cycling  UCI  lancearmstrong  doping 
february 2013 by asterisk2a
BBC Sport - Danish cyclist Michael Rasmussen admits to 12 years of doping
"I have used doping substances and methods during the period 1998-2010, including EPO, growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA, insulin, IGF-1, cortisone and blood transfusions," he said.
anti-doping  cycling  lancearmstrong  doping 
february 2013 by asterisk2a
Late Late Show - David Walsh and Emma O'Reilly (25/1/13) - YouTube
LA is not sincere. LA not interested in helping up cycling. Not willing to expose his compatriots.
David Walsh Busting Lance Armstrong On talkSPORT # # Walsh talks about how journalists looked over the issue of doping, if not even complicit in systematic doping culture of cycling. # # # Lance Armstrong: After the Apology :: If UCI is implicated in doping culture, were complicit etc. then IOC will be forced to remove at least road cycling from the Olympics for at least on cycle. # Floyd Landis - # # >> Peddlers Cycling's Dirty Truth BBC Audio Magazine on the Lance Armstrong Doping Schemes 10 15 12
journalism  anti-doping  cycling  IOC  UCI  I.O.C.  lancearmstrong  doping  EPO  investigative  journalism 
january 2013 by asterisk2a | Das Portal fuer Triathlon Training: Vom Volkstriathlon bis zum Ironman. - Hawaii 2012: Was vom Tage übrig bleibt
Armstrong war keiner, der durch das von ihm betriebene Doping Waffengleichheit mit der ebenfalls dopenden Konkurrenz herstellte. Sondern er nutzte die sich ihm bietenden Möglichkeiten zum Betrug, um sich einen Vorteil zu verschaffen gegenüber all jenen, die weniger weit zu gehen bereit oder in der Lage waren.

Dieses Vorteils, dem Kampf mit ungleichen Waffen zu seinen Gunsten, war er sich stets sicher. Wie sonst hätte er ernsthaft glauben können, nach zweijähriger Auszeit, weit jenseits des Höchstleistungsalters, es wieder mit den Besten bei der Tour de France aufnehmen zu können? Wie sonst hatte er sich in einem Duell mit den weltbesten Triathleten Siegchancen ausrechnen können?

With Triathlon: Armstrong wollte der Welt zeigen, dass er der größte ist.
anti-doping  cycling  USADA  triathlon  UCI  lancearmstrong  WADA  doping  culture 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Exclusive – Obree says UCI not fit for purpose | We Are Free Agents
As someone who had his own share of battles with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) Graeme Obree is well-placed to judge the effectiveness of an organisation currently defending themselves against accusations of at best incompetence, and at worst being complicit in systemic doping in professional cycling.

“I don’t think the UCI are a fit body to be running the sport. The UCI is an autocratic, old boys’ network all the way through the levels of the pyramid. I think there’s no way of repairing that organisation.”

> the whole shabang points that LA and UCI are covering each ones back. UCI was and still is at least looking over the issue of doping culture in cycling. at worst it was complicit and helped cover-up the tracks of positive samples and other evidence.
> IOC has every reason to suspend (road) cycling from the olympic program for at least one cycle because UCI isn't willing to clean the sport and itself.
> next up, Weightlifting, and other Sports
anti-doping  cycling  IOC  USADA  UCI  I.O.C.  lancearmstrong  WADA  doping 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Armstrong: Amnesty the only way to save cycling
“As much as I’m in the eye of the storm, this is not about one man, one team, one director. This is about cycling and to be frank it’s about ALL endurance sports. Publicly lynching one man and his team will not solve this problem.”
> Armstrong is covering his buddies. Armstrong isn't honest about being sorry. He is sorry that he got caught. Tygart from USADA, USADA were the one agency that brought LA to justice. Not UCI, not WADA. Anything forward without USADA is half-measures. Isn't worth anything.

> amnesty program under the helm of UCI, isn't public, isn't transparent, isn't accountable, won't remove the people - all people - involved.
Cycling  anti-doping  USADA  UCI  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Travis Tygart tells ’60 Minutes’ that Lance Armstrong is still lying
Asked about Armstrong’s denial of allegations that the UCI had covered up a 2001 positive drug test at the Tour of Switzerland, Tygart said evidence gathered by USADA indicates otherwise.
“I think [UCI’s] involvement was a lot deeper in him pulling off this heist than he was willing to admit to,”
>> UCI looks more and more in one boat with Armstrong.
- Travis Tygart of USADA considered a hero, the man that kept pushing and caused the fall of Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong’s lawyers say the cyclist will talk more about drug use in the sport, just likely not to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency ...
- LA is not willing to help clean up the sport
anti-doping  cycling  UCI  USADA  lancearmstrong  WADA  doping 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Fränk Schleck Given One-year Doping Ban |
The Disciplinary Board could have issued a maximum two-year penalty, but went with one year after noting the extremely low amount of the banned substance.

"Of course I am disappointed by the verdict that has just been announced. I think that the decision to suspend me during one year is too severe considering the fact that the Council acknowledged that I unintentionally consumed a contaminated product."

>> Pros should get the products tested they take. If they are serious about contamination.
>> Xipamide is a diuretic, thus a masking agent. Reducing the ban to 1 year is in the face of LA fallout just a farce.
>> It is hypocrisy of Pros and team being against doping and they don't do that any more, and then get tested positive for a masking agent. he got tested positive because he slipped with his dosage a little bit. it wasn't a contained product.
anti-doping  cycling  lancearmstrong  doping 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
"Arrogant" and "deceitful" - WADA's damning verdict on the UCI | | Road cycling news, Bike reviews, Commuting, Leisure riding, Sportives and more
World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) president John Fahey has branded the UCI as “arrogant” and “deceitful” in a strongly worded statement issued this afternoon in response to world cycling’s governing body’s announcement yesterday that it has scrapped the Independent Commission it had ordered to examine its own role in the Lance Armstrong scandal.

> UCI not doing its job to clean up the sport it governs. IOC should warn UCI and threaten to scrap cycling from Olympic program till further notice
anti-doping  cycling  USADA  IOC  UCI  I.O.C.  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Would you rather be...
RE: Doping culture in cycling

Would you rather be an honorable person perceived to be a fraudster, or a fraudster mistaken for an honorable person? The answer can help you understand why otherwise good people do devious things to avoid standing up against prevailing beliefs.

@ RE: Ponzi Schemes that turns by mistake and one little wrong decision into a real huge Ponzi Scheme
ponzischeme  society  cycling  lancearmstrong  fraud  doping  culture 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong 'still lying', says anti-doping expert
"Whether you call those results his biological passport or not is just semantics - his blood values during the 2009 Tour were consistent with having received blood transfusions," said Ashenden, who resigned from the UCI's expert group on biological passports last year because he refused to sign an agreement that would have prevented him from talking publicly about doping for eight years.

... UCI trying to silence internal doping experts !? oh oh.
... hints that UCI was complicit with doping culture in its sport.
biological  passport  anti-doping  cycling  UCI  lancearmstrong  doping 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
BBC Sport - Dani King tips Wiggins-backed team to boost women's cycling new Womens Pro Cycling Team - - - - -

Britain's Lizzie Armitstead, one of the shining lights of women's cycling, told BBC Sport that "the issue is much bigger than simply putting a few jerseys on a few women's backs".

"The sexism I have encountered in my career can get quite overwhelming and very frustrating."

- living wage and a future, that is the issue -
- universities as partners to offer tailored tele study ?
sexism  equality  cycling  sports  sport  gender  gap  professional  sport 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Blog | Sebastian Kienle – Triathlet
Ich war großer (Straßen-)Radsport Fan, das erste Mal als ich an der „Schwarzen Schaf-Theorie“ der Einzelfälle ernsthaft gezweifelt habe war, als die Reaktion der anderen Fahrer ein ums andere Mal sehr milde ausgefallen war nachdem wieder mal einer erwischt wurde. So reagiert niemand , der betrogen wird. Wenn ein Athlet in unserem Sport so einen Scheiß macht, dann kann er sich sicher sein, dass es auch nach seiner Sperre kein Vergnügen mehr sein wird.

Einmal mehr ist der Sport der Verlierer. [...] Mit Leistung macht man sich verdächtig. Schuld sind dabei aber nicht die Skeptiker oder die Presse, sondern einzig und alleine die Doper.
anti-doping  cycling  triathlon  community  sports  sport  lancearmstrong  doping  culture 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Radsport: Ex-Usada-Chef bezichtigt Armstrong der Lüge - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Der Gegenwind für Lance Armstrong wird immer heftiger: Der ehemalige Usada-Chef Terry Madden warf dem Ex-Radprofi erneut vor, dem Verband eine Spende angeboten zu haben. Armstrong hatte dies bei seiner TV-Dopingbeichte bestritten.

Bereits nach der Ausstrahlung des ersten Teils hatte John Fahey, Chef der Welt-Antidoping-Agentur (Wada) Armstrong vorgeworfen, weiterhin die Wahrheit zu verschleiern.

Der gefallene Rad-Profi hatte im Gespräch mit Winfrey bestritten, auch bei seinem Comeback 2009 gedopt zu haben. Laut Fahey ist die Usada jedoch im Besitz eindeutiger Blutproben Armstrongs, die "mit absoluter Sicherheit" zeigten, dass er auch bei seiner Rückkehr in den Profisport mit verbotenen Substanzen nachgeholfen habe.
publicrelations  anti-doping  PR  cycling  triathlon  UCI  USADA  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
A Letter to Lance Armstrong: A Fellow Pro Athlete’s Plea
But the central tenet of being a professional athlete is not winning; it is fair play. In your warped world, everyone is a cheater, but in reality, 99% of us are doing it right. A commitment to fair play is THE defining element of the profession. We sign agreements to it. Regularly. If you violate that, you may seek forgiveness as a person, but you need to find a new job. The public may not understand sports as a profession, which could lead them to feel sorry for you, but we will help them understand.

>> Caught Cheats have a very very very very hard time for re-entry in the professional triathlon world post-ban. The triathlon community (pros) pat them self on the back for their race cheats.

>> The public may forgive him. The public who don't give up everything else to compete in elite sports. The public sees a human being. But other elite athletes see others too who were hurt by the actions and the doping of Cheats. Its the viewing angle & experience that differs (public/athlete).
moral  anti-doping  society  cycling  ethics  sports  community  sport  doping  celebrity  triathlon  USADA  lancearmstrong  peer  pressure  WADA  morality  culture  nicole  cooke 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
BBC Sport - Lance Armstrong's apology questioned by Wada president
John Fahey believes Armstrong ducked key issues relating to his cheating in a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.
Both Fahey and the United States Anti-Doping Authority (Usada) want the disgraced cyclist to explain the full extent of his doping "under oath".
"That is his way forward if he is serious," Fahey told the BBC.
"Don't go on a show with a woman who will give benign questions, lead you to the answers and not follow up when you don't answer properly.
"But is he going to do it? Probably not. If he was prepared to do it, he probably wouldn't go down the Oprah Winfrey route in the first place."

> because he could (if not even would - with certainty) face criminal and civil charges with potential prison time and financial ruin. he again put himself first. trying to control this whole downfall.
anti-doping  cycling  UCI  USADA  lancearmstrong  doping  WADA 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Inside Story - Is drug-free competitive cycling possible? - YouTube
Sport carries now role models. Entire nations. Generations.
Thus these Athletes carry a huge burden time and time again.
cycling  UCI  sports  sport  lancearmstrong  doping  EPO 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Fall Armstrong: Dopingexperte Franke zweifelt an Geständnis - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Nach Ansicht von Dopingexperte Werner Franke hat das TV-Geständnis von Lance Armstrong nichts mit Einsicht zu tun. Der ehemalige Radstar wolle damit nur eine Aussage vor der Grand Jury verhindern. Im IOC wird gar über einen Ausschluss des Radsports von Olympischen Spielen nachgedacht.


Für Armstrong sei es am wichtigsten, dass er nicht vor einer Grand Jury aussagen müsse, glaubt Franke. "Dort könnte er Dinge gefragt werden, die bis jetzt noch gar nicht bekannt sind. Und das wäre dann noch viel kribbeliger, als wir uns das alle vorstellen können. Bei der Wahrheitsfindung sind die amerikanischen Gerichte nicht zimperlich", so Franke.

>> IOC could ban cycling for 2 games if it is true that UCI knew of doping and helped to cover up traces of doping.


lancearmstrong  WADA  USADA  UCI  IOC  cycling  bicycling 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Nicole Cooke's retirement statement in full | Sport |
People doping. They are not only hurting them self (health wise and career wise) but also others, their mates (non-dopers) and the sport (future athletes, current youth athletes - the being a bad influence), and the competition.

doping  Cycling  moral  ethics  lancearmstrong  sports  sport  professional  sport  Nicole  Cooke 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
What Lance Armstrong Wants From Oprah Winfrey -
A few years ago I was at a dinner with a star pro cyclist—a guy who still races, and has won multiple Tour de France stages—and he spoke with slack-jawed awe about Armstrong's life. Not the bike racing part. The private jet part. The audiences with world leaders. The celebrity girlfriends. This bike racer was young and rich and in his prime and yet to him, Armstrong just kicked it on a completely different, interplanetary level. He didn't talk about Lance Armstrong like Lance Armstrong was a cyclist. He talked about Lance Armstrong like Lance Armstrong was Beyoncé.

That superhuman status set Armstrong up for the hardest kind of fall, and he has plummeted back to earth. Even though he rejected the doping allegations brought by USADA, he lost control of his narrative, and now there is only the thinnest of sympathy. Fame is being pushed aside by infamy. He has been humbled and humiliated and sponsors have left and his name has been stripped from his charity foundation. He is still a relatively young man, and it is said that he still wishes to compete, in important triathlons, but now he is banned from the best ones. There's something haunting and almost poetic about that. All that stamina, and nowhere to put it.


As the ESPN writer Don Van Natta Jr. posted on Twitter, "You don't go on Oprah to confess. You go on Oprah to be forgiven." [...] It's about trying to clear a road ahead.
lancearmstrong  PR  personality  publicrelations  sport  sports  UCI  cycling  doping 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
You Are Not Welcome Here Anymore -
> giving him a 2nd chance? USA would like it, they like their comeback kids (Bill Clinton, Robert Downey Jr, ). + In short, this now looks like a carefully choreographed, slow-release PR plan – likely managed by Armstrong's long-time agent Bill Stapleton – to perform a 180-degree turn on all previously held positions: belligerent denial, self-righteous indignation and bullying belittling of accusers. Instead, we have Lance Armstrong the penitent sinner: the weepy, choked-up prodigal son, who is finally coming clean and seeks redemption. As is well-established, an audience with Oprah achieves that almost instantaneously: I can see her right now, reaching out and taking his hand as he shakes with emotion and talks about the pain of living the false life we all made him lead. [The Law Suits and future Settlements are no Threat] [...] But here's the thing: Armstrong's net worth is estimated to exceed $100m. These sums sting, but they don't really hurt him. And next to his post-rehabilitation earnings potential, they're chump change. [...] We do know that Armstrong lied repeatedly, even under oath, [...] A criminal conviction, no; but civil damages he can afford. Armstrong will have done his math, and worked out where the percentage lies: it's with confession. The benefits outweigh the costs: he'll earn that rehabilitation, but he will come out ahead. > Nicole Cooke. In her statement, I can't help thinking that the cheats win on the way up and the way down. >,1472784,3234562.html >

lancearmstrong  publicrelations  PR  doping  society  culture  Cycling  Nicole  Cooke  USA 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
BBC Sport - Burry Stander: South African mountain biker killed in crash
Britain's Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins, fellow Team GB rider Mark Cavendish and British Cycling head coach Shane Sutton have also recently been involved in collisions with cars.

[ add Kristina Vogel from Germany with her near death experience, numerous triathletes, road cyclists, commuters, ... the list is endless ...]


If you don't have to ride on the road, then don't do it.
In cycling "safety first" unfortunately means cycling indoors on the trainer.

A different animal is certainly training grounds like tenerife, lanzarote, etc. ... But domestic roads?! No, NO!
january 2013 by asterisk2a
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