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China's long game to dominate nuclear power relies on the UK | Environment | The Guardian
While Germany and other western countries have turned their backs on nuclear, the UK is strongly committed to new nuclear to meet its carbon goals and this means, despite security concerns, the government needs Chinese involvement. [...] But the company is open about the bigger prize – the UK as a springboard for exporting Chinese nuclear technology to other countries.
UK  Brexit  China  energy  policy  national  security  espionage  cyberwar  nuclear  FDI  freetradedeal  tradedeal 
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Israeli spies 'watched Russian agents breach Kaspersky software' - BBC News
Israeli spies looked on as Russian hackers breached Kaspersky cyber-security software two years ago, US media report.
The Russians were allegedly attempting to gather data on US intelligence programs, according to the New York Times and Washington Post.
Israeli agents made the discovery after breaching the software themselves.
Kaspersky has said it was neither involved in nor aware of the situation and denies collusion with authorities.
Last month, the US government decided to stop using the Russian firm's software on its computers.
The Israelis are said to have notified the US, which led to the ban on Kaspersky programs.
coldwar  cyber  cold  war  hacking  coldwar20  cyberwar  leak  Wikileaks  Israel  Iran  Russia  USA  European  Union  cable  EU  Germany  spying  Lauschangriff  Angela  Merkel  AngelaMerkel  Security  IT  economic  damage 
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(1487) Blaming Russia Goes Deeper Than Hillary Clinton & the Democrats - YouTube
keeping in a permanent state of alarmingness/ "permanent war footing" / readiness preparedness: China South Sea (China) w Japan as Allie. // vs Russia. // Middle East. // Kovalik's new book is "The Plot to Scapegoat Russia: How the CIA and the Deep State Have Conspired to Vilify Russia." --- MANUFACTURING CONSENT - PERCEPTION MANAGEMENT HYPERNORMALISATION
USA  War  Military–industrial  complex  Russia  China  Japan  Middle  East  ISIS  Saudi  Arabia  Yemen  Iraq  Afghanistan  Putin  Syria  Ukraine  Libya  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  BarackObama  book  conflict  humanity  Chomsky  Manufacturing  Consent  Hypernormalisation  NATO  Crimea  Perception  Management  foreignaffairs  foreign  affairs  North  Korea  policy  cyberwar  Cold  2.0  ColdWar  history  west  UN  cyberattack  Nuclear  Arms 
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Putin decides against tit-for-tat expulsion of US diplomats - BBC News
He said Russia would not "stoop" to the level of "irresponsible diplomacy" but would work to restore ties with America under President-elect Donald Trump.
cyberwar  Cold  War  2.0  USA  Russia  Putin  vladimirputin  donaldtrump  Donald  Trump  BarackObama  cyberattack  cyber  attack  Wikileaks  Whistleblower 
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Xi Jinping state visit: UK and China sign cybersecurity pact | Politics | The Guardian
[ this is just show: // look at cable gate. what officials wrote and what was said in-front of cameras and press. ] Cameron said the two nations had signed a “high-level security dialogue” on cybercrime, aimed at stopping attacks on companies either to gain access to intellectual property or confidential information or to disable systems. The deal mirrors one agreed between China and the US last month, but which the American monitoring group CrowdStrike believes was violated almost immediately. GCHQ has reported “disturbing” levels of cyber-attacks on British companies, which are thought mostly to originate in Russia and China. The agreement is the first time that Britain and China have committed to work together on cybersecurity.
cyber  war  cyberwar  corporate  espionage  industrial  espionage  cyber  espionage  Hegemony  USA  Russia  China  GCHQ  NSA  BND  Angela  Merkel  presidency  barackobama  Nationalism  national  interest  Security  on  Terror  Surveillance-Industrial  Complex  surveillance  state  Orwellian  military–industrial  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Career  Politicians 
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Noam Chomsky: US is world's biggest terrorist - YouTube
self-inflicted extinction event. USA and Israel rouge states, and greatest threats to world peace. // // Greece debt owed to EU banks - advocates for haircut/debt jubilee. // Europes problems - no actual political and fiscal union. - technocrats failoure as well as leadership, policy and career politicians failure - symptoms; Protest Partei and no solidarity and "everyone for himself" mentality // Europe racist!!! xenophobic and antisemitic, // hope only in form by Syriza and Podemos, << protest party and rechtsruck right wingers wins in European Election 2014.
ecological  disaster  environmental  disaster  climate  change  crony  capitalism  Nuclear  War  geopolitics  climate  crisis  global  warming  Noam  Chomsky  extinction  AI  artificial  intelligence  democracy  Career  Politicians  short-term  thinking  short-term  view  Wall  Street  stakeholder  shared  economic  interest  shareholder  value  profit  maximisation  No  Representation  USA  Israel  Middle  East  World  Police  foreign  affairs  foreign  policy  foreign  relations  Europe  Russia  vladimirputin  Putin  disarmament  deterrent  Iran  India  Pakistan  Nuclear  weapon  power  Gaza-Israel  conflict  Drone  Strike  Drone  Warfare  ISIS  False  Flag  War  on  Terror  al-Qaida  military–industrial  complex  Torture  Syria  Syrien  presidency  Iraq  War  WMD  barackobama  China  cyberwar  cyber  cyber  espionage  Five  Eyes  NSA  UK  GCHQ  NATO  Ukraine  Ukrain  Cold  War  Iron  Curtain  Crimea  European  History  European  Union  Greece  PIGS 
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Tor Exec Claims NSA Agents Supply It With Vulnerability Information | TechCrunch
surprise .... ... secret agency agents using tor and telling TOR to fix exploits and bugs so they their cover isn't blown by other states secret agency efforts to blow their cover and earth their hacking and spying activities .... *facepalm*
TOR  surveillance  state  Orwellian  GCHQ  China  BND  NSA  CIA  FBI  Russia  cyber  attack  cyber  security  cyberwar  cyberespionage  cyber  espionage 
august 2014 by asterisk2a
Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance | Threat Level | WIRED
The Foundation’s report, released today, outlines some of the collateral damage of NSA surveillance in several areas, including: Economic losses to US businesses due to lost sales and declining customer trust. The deterioration of internet security as a result of the NSA stockpiling zero-day vulnerabilities, undermining encryption and installing backdoors in software and hardware products. Undermining the government’s credibility and leadership on “internet freedom” and governance issues such as censorship. -->> its like trade sanctions - but on the internet among other things. +++
USA  NSA  surveillance  state  Orwellian  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unknowns  presidency  barackobama  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  diplomacy  GCHQ  BND  globalisation  globalization  sanctions  Europe  Germany  War  on  Terror  War  on  Drugs  China  Internet  Privacy  cyberespionage  cybersecurity  cyber  security  cyber  attack  cyberwar  cyberattack  cybercrime  Industrial  Espionage  trust  trustagent  Career  Politicians  policy  folly  policy  error  accountability  oversight  Political  Governance  Democratic  Process  democracy  freedom  of  press  Pressefreiheit  Whistleblower  free  speech  self-censorship  Wikileaks  Edward  Snowden  Julian  Assange  TOR  TrueCrypt 
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There's A Full-On Cyber War On Facebook - Business Insider
"Success Invites - #" - "Running a business on FB is like opening a McDonald's on an active volcano" - Fyk, 40, is a self-made millionaire who’s built his fortune almost entirely on Facebook. It’s a rewarding business but not without its challenges. Not only must he play a constant game of cat and mouse with hackers and digital thieves but he must do so on a field of battle that is constantly shifting because of Facebook’s habit of routinely — and mysteriously — tweaking its algorithm. “It’s legitimately a cyber war,” said Fyk, who describes his archenemies as tech-savvy teens who are motivated by boredom. “I make almost a quarter-million dollars a month, so I have to protect what I’m doing. That means if I have to play their kiddie game, I play. I don’t have a choice.”
Platform  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  cyber  attack  cybersecurity  cyber  security  cyberwar  cybercrime  cyber  mobbing  cyberattack  cyber  bullying  Troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  Social  Media 
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Taken in phishing attack, Microsoft’s unmentionables aired by hacktivists | Ars Technica
The group has proven itself to be extremely effective in waging highly targeted phishing attacks that extract login credentials. For an idea how intricate some SEA attacks can be, see this detailed post-mortem of a recent ransacking of Forbes. [...] Taken together, the breaches are a sad commentary on the current state of security. If employees of two of the most visible technology companies in the world can't steer clear of social engineering attacks, what hope is there for less experienced Internet users?
phishing  Social  engineering  internet  security  cybersecurity  online  security  cyberattack  cyberespionage  cyberwar  encryption  Hacktivism  hacker  white  hat  hacker 
march 2014 by asterisk2a
BBC News - Russia and Ukraine in cyber 'stand-off'
On Tuesday, Ukrainian authorities confirmed that communication networks had been targeted, the first significant disruption of technology. "I confirm that an... attack is under way on mobile phones of members of the Ukrainian parliament for the second day in a row," Ukrainian security chief Valentyn Nalivaichenko told journalists. "At the entrance to [telecoms firm] Ukrtelecom in Crimea, illegally and in violation of all commercial contracts, was installed equipment that blocks my phone as well as the phones of other deputies, regardless of their political affiliation." In addition, Ukrtelecom said its premises were raided last week by armed men, and fibre optic cabling was tampered with, causing loss of service for some users.
Ukrain  Ukraine  cyberwar  cyberattack  cyberespionage  cybersecurity  DDoS  Russia 
march 2014 by asterisk2a
Türkei: Zweites YouTube-Video bringt Erdogan in Erklärungsnot -Video - SPIEGEL ONLINE
can it be an inside job, or even be hacked/tapped by the west? NSA, GCHQ ... to advance a regime change !!?? if NSA can tap Angela Merkel's phone, if NSA can tap other German officials phone, if NSA/GCHQ can create online profile of people that visited the wikileaks homepage ... then certainly they can tap Erdogan's and his families and confidants phones ... and leak stuff that is of value to the west !!!
Erdogan  Turkey  corruption  bribery  Politics  Career  Politicians  insidejob  Inside  Job  cyberespionage  espionage  cyberattack  cybersecurity  cyberwar  GCHQ  NSA  XKeyscore  PRISM  Edward  Snowden  Privacy 
february 2014 by asterisk2a
CCC-TV - Kryptographie nach Snowden
Die Verwendung von mittelmäßiger Kryptographie scheint gegen Angreifer mit Milliarden-Etat komplett versagt zu haben. Namentlich RC4, MD5 und SHA1 scheinen praxisrelevant brechbar.
encryption  Cryptography  RC4  MD5  SHA4  NSA  AES  MD4  SHA-2  stuxnet  RSA  Security  LLC  Skype  backdoor  Microsoft  FBI  cybersecurity  cyberespionage  cyberwar  cyberattack  Windows  8  corporate  governance  corporatism  conglomerate  Linux  Apple  transparency  oversight  Privacy  Lvabit  Edward  Snowden  Wikileaks  SSL  digital  natives  digitalnatives 
december 2013 by asterisk2a
Kommentar zur Handy-Affäre: Merkels Wut, Obamas Versagen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Barack Obama hat bislang den Eindruck erweckt, der Gute im miesen Spiel rund um die Sammelwut der US-Geheimdienste zu sein. Es ginge den USA bei allen Überwachungsmaßnahmen allein um Terrorbekämpfung, lautete das Mantra, mit dem das Ausland besänftigt werden sollte. Alles Bluff: Fast täglich kommen neue Enthüllungen über Abhörangriffe auf "befreundete" Nationen ans Licht: Frankreich, Mexiko, Deutschland. Wie lang ist die Liste noch? + + + +
NSA  cyberwar  angelamerkel  Wikileaks  cyberespionage  foreign  policy  Orwellian  State  Whistleblower  cablegate  Angela  Merkel  foreignaffairs  cybersecurity  surveillance  espionage  barackobama  G  Zero  Edward  Snowden  cyberattack  presidency  diplomacy 
october 2013 by asterisk2a
Brazilian president Rousseff: US surveillance a 'breach of international law' | World news |
Brazil's president, Dilma Rousseff, has launched a blistering attack on US espionage at the UN general assembly, accusing the NSA of violating international law by its indiscriminate collection of personal information of Brazilian citizens and economic espionage targeted on the country's strategic industries. Rousseff's angry speech was a direct challenge to President Barack Obama, who was waiting in the wings to deliver his own address to the UN general assembly, and represented the most serious diplomatic fallout to date from the revelations by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.
NSA  cyberwar  Wikileaks  cyberespionage  foreign  policy  foreignaffairs  PRISM  USA  espionage  barackobama  Brazil  Edward  Snowden  presidency  diplomacy 
september 2013 by asterisk2a
Whistleblower Snowden wirft NSA Hacker-Angriffe auf China vor - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Weltweit gab es laut Snowden mehr als 61.000 Cyber-Attacken durch den amerikanischen Geheimdienst. Viele der Angriffe hätten auf Server abgezielt, von denen dann Daten einzelner Rechner abgefischt worden seien. Snowden erklärte, er habe "die Scheinheiligkeit der US-Regierung" entlarven wollen, die entgegen ihrer Behauptungen auch zivile Infrastruktur überwachen würde. Das große persönliche Risiko habe er auf sich genommen, um der Weltöffentlichkeit zu helfen, "egal ob diese Öffentlichkeit amerikanisch, europäisch oder asiatisch ist". Um dieses Geheimnis zu schützen, schrecke die US-Regierung auch nicht vor Einschüchterungen zurück. Snowden behauptete, Washington habe auch auf Hongkong diplomatischen Druck ausgeübt, um seine Auslieferung herbeizuführen.
NSA  cyberwar  domestic  affairs  cyberespionage  foreign  policy  foreignaffairs  PRISM  cybersecurity  USA  barackobama  Edward  Snowden  cyberattack  China  presidency 
june 2013 by asterisk2a
Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world | Dan Gillmor | Comment is free |
Companies have new rights to monitor user actions and share data – including potentially sensitive user data – with the government without a warrant. [...] It's up to all of us to say, "We're not going to sacrifice all of our liberties for the illusion of safety." If you value any semblance of privacy in our increasingly digital world, call your House member's office. >> "[...] CISPA has a broad and alarming reach that goes far beyond Internet security. >> " immunity is worth alot of money to the companies. they'd rather have legal immunity than take a stand on protecting your privacy."
moral  dogma  Politics  cyberespionage  ethics  SOPA  liberty  transparency  barackobama  individual  liberty  cybercrime  cyberattack  liberties  cyberwar  society  privacy  ethical  cybersecurity  USA  oversight  CISPA  morals  culture  presidency  patriotact  fear 
april 2013 by asterisk2a
Reddit Co-Founder Wants Google, Facebook and Twitter to Fight CISPA
the legislation goes too far and ignores Americans' right to privacy. [...] CISPA is intended to allow private companies to more promptly share information on cyber attacks with the federal government, to improve and beef up defenses against cyber attacks. [...] Last month, it appeared Facebook withdrew its initial support for the legislation. And more than 30,000 other companies, including Reddit, Mozilla, Craigslist, and Duck Duck Go, have already come out against it. >> Lobby, demagogue's & National Security People @ Washington say one thing - but hide the other fact - that this bill helps them hunt down the good as well. "Backroom dealings."
fightagainstterror  Reddit  cyberwar  terrorism  Wikileaks  2013  cyberespionage  privacy  Facebook  SOPA  cybersecurity  USA  TOS  privacy  policy  CISPA  cyberattack  Google  Twitter  patriotact 
april 2013 by asterisk2a
The DDoS That Almost Broke the Internet - CloudFlare blog
Over the last few days, as these attacks have increased, we've seen congestion across several major Tier 1s, primarily in Europe where most of the attacks were concentrated, that would have affected hundreds of millions of people even as they surfed sites unrelated to Spamhaus or CloudFlare. If the Internet felt a bit more sluggish for you over the last few days in Europe, this may be part of the reason why. >>
cyberwar  cyberattack  DDos  cybersecurity 
march 2013 by asterisk2a
BND gründet neue Abteilung zur Abwehr von Hackerangriffen - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Fieberhaft sucht der Bundesnachrichtendienst nach Experten für eine Abteilung, die Cyberspionage auf Regierungsstellen und die deutsche Industrie abwehren soll. Nach SPIEGEL-Informationen werden bis zu 130 Mitarbeiter benötigt. Doch die Kooperation mit deutschen Hackern ist teuer. [...] Schindler zeichnete ein drastisches Bild der Bedrohung durch Cyberspionage, die vor allem von China ausgehe. Dort arbeiten nach BND-Erkenntnissen bis zu 6000 Experten in einer eigens eingerichteten Abteilung des Verteidigungsministeriums, die sich auf die Abschöpfung von Technologieunternehmen und Rüstungskonzernen aus dem Ausland spezialisiert haben. Russland betreibe eine ähnlich aggressive Cyberstrategie, allerdings seien die staatlichen Hacker dort als private Firmen getarnt. In den letzten Monaten registrierte der Dienst pro Tag drei bis fünf Attacken allein auf Bundes- und Regierungsstellen in Deutschland.
fightagainstterror  terroristattack  terrorism  cyberwar  cyberespionage  foreign  policy  CIA  Zero  G  G8  foreignaffairs  cybersecurity  USA  FBI  cyberattack  Russia  Germany  BND  MI6  China  MI5 
march 2013 by asterisk2a
Aussie Central Bank Discloses Chinese Cyber-Attack | Zero Hedge
The Reserve Bank of Australia’s computer networks have been repeatedly and successfully hacked in a series of cyber-attacks to infiltrate sensitive internal information.
cyberwar  cyberespionage  RBA  cyberattack  China  cybersecurity 
march 2013 by asterisk2a
New York Times: Monatelange Angriffe chinesischer Hacker - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Barboza war es, der die Daten über den Reichtum der Familie Wen zusammengetragen und für die Zeitung aufgeschrieben hatte. Die Angreifer hätten versucht, Informationen über die Informanten auszuspionieren, die Barboza zu den Finanzdaten verholfen haben. Das aber, so die Zeitung, sei von Anfang an ein fruchtloses Unterfangen gewesen: Barboza hat - und so steht es auch in seinem Artikel - die Daten komplett aus öffentlich zugänglichen Quellen bei der chinesischen Industrie- und Handelskammer zusammengetragen.
cyberwar  USA  cyberespionage  cyberattack  China 
january 2013 by asterisk2a
Trojaner Flame: So arbeitet der Virus - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Er kann Gespräche belauschen, Dateien übertragen, Chats protokollieren: Russische IT-Experten haben ein Spionageprogramm entdeckt, das rund tausend Rechner im Nahen Osten überwachen soll. Die Forscher nennen den Schädling "unglaublich komplex". Ein Überblick, was der Virus kann.

Nach der bisherigen Verbreitung zu urteilen, zielt Flame vor allem auf Rechner in Staaten im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika: Iran, Sudan, Syrien, Saudi-Arabien, Ägypten, Libanon und das Westjordanland sind Kaspersky zufolge betroffen.
cyberespionage  Dugu  Flame  stuxnet  Iraq  middle-east  cyberattack  cyberwar  cybersecurity 
may 2012 by asterisk2a
IMF Computer System Hit by Foreign Cyber-Attack - Bloomberg
The infiltration follows reported hacks at Google Inc. (GOOG), Sony Corp. (6758), Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT) and Citigroup Inc. (C) in the past three months. The FBI has said it would increase efforts to combat cyber-attacks by criminal gangs, industrial spies and foreign governments. On June 10, Spanish police arrested three suspected members of the online hacking group Anonymous, which has said it carried out attacks on governments and websites belonging to Sony and MasterCard Inc. (MA)

a Fund desktop computer had been compromised and used to access some Fund systems,” ... “At this point, we have no reason to believe that any personal information was sought for fraud purposes.”

The memo, which included advice on how to detect and report hacking attempts, said the IMF’s network connection to the World Bank was severed “as a precautionary measure.” The intrusion wasn’t connected to an attack by Anonymous, the memo said.
cyberattack  cyberwar  2011 
june 2011 by asterisk2a
Stuxnet: Israel soll iranische Atomanlage nachgebaut haben - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Netzwelt
Der Angriff des Stuxnet-Wurms auf die iranische Atomanlage in Natans war noch raffinierter eingefädelt als bislang bekannt. Israel hat laut "New York Times" Irans Zentrifugen eigens nachgebaut, um die Schadsoftware dafür zu optimieren. Die Sabotageaktion gilt inzwischen als großer Erfolg.
stuxnet  2011  iran  israel  cyberwar  usa 
january 2011 by asterisk2a

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