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Watchdog says police cuts have left forces in 'perilous state' | UK news | The Guardian
Government austerity blamed in report, which shows stretched forces downgrading calls and leaving suspects at large [ ie case where women calls police about burglary, says tracking of her ipad shows where it is, police call handler says 'go knock on their door' ]
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Personal Privacy Is Only One of the Costs of NSA Surveillance | Threat Level | WIRED
The Foundation’s report, released today, outlines some of the collateral damage of NSA surveillance in several areas, including: Economic losses to US businesses due to lost sales and declining customer trust. The deterioration of internet security as a result of the NSA stockpiling zero-day vulnerabilities, undermining encryption and installing backdoors in software and hardware products. Undermining the government’s credibility and leadership on “internet freedom” and governance issues such as censorship. -->> its like trade sanctions - but on the internet among other things. +++
USA  NSA  surveillance  state  Orwellian  unintended  consequences  complexity  unknown  unknowns  presidency  barackobama  foreign  policy  foreign  affairs  diplomacy  GCHQ  BND  globalisation  globalization  sanctions  Europe  Germany  War  on  Terror  War  on  Drugs  China  Internet  Privacy  cyberespionage  cybersecurity  cyber  security  cyber  attack  cyberwar  cyberattack  cybercrime  Industrial  Espionage  trust  trustagent  Career  Politicians  policy  folly  policy  error  accountability  oversight  Political  Governance  Democratic  Process  democracy  freedom  of  press  Pressefreiheit  Whistleblower  free  speech  self-censorship  Wikileaks  Edward  Snowden  Julian  Assange  TOR  TrueCrypt 
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There's A Full-On Cyber War On Facebook - Business Insider
"Success Invites - #" - "Running a business on FB is like opening a McDonald's on an active volcano" - Fyk, 40, is a self-made millionaire who’s built his fortune almost entirely on Facebook. It’s a rewarding business but not without its challenges. Not only must he play a constant game of cat and mouse with hackers and digital thieves but he must do so on a field of battle that is constantly shifting because of Facebook’s habit of routinely — and mysteriously — tweaking its algorithm. “It’s legitimately a cyber war,” said Fyk, who describes his archenemies as tech-savvy teens who are motivated by boredom. “I make almost a quarter-million dollars a month, so I have to protect what I’m doing. That means if I have to play their kiddie game, I play. I don’t have a choice.”
Platform  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  cyber  attack  cybersecurity  cyber  security  cyberwar  cybercrime  cyber  mobbing  cyberattack  cyber  bullying  Troll  Trolls  Haters  Hater  Social  Media 
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Oppose Cispa if you value any privacy in our digital world | Dan Gillmor | Comment is free |
Companies have new rights to monitor user actions and share data – including potentially sensitive user data – with the government without a warrant. [...] It's up to all of us to say, "We're not going to sacrifice all of our liberties for the illusion of safety." If you value any semblance of privacy in our increasingly digital world, call your House member's office. >> "[...] CISPA has a broad and alarming reach that goes far beyond Internet security. >> " immunity is worth alot of money to the companies. they'd rather have legal immunity than take a stand on protecting your privacy."
moral  dogma  Politics  cyberespionage  ethics  SOPA  liberty  transparency  barackobama  individual  liberty  cybercrime  cyberattack  liberties  cyberwar  society  privacy  ethical  cybersecurity  USA  oversight  CISPA  morals  culture  presidency  patriotact  fear 
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