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How To Get 1 Million Subscribers - YouTube
meritocracy, democratic, egalitarian. anyone who has interest, can find it. u will have an audience, even it is just 1. either they like it, share it & come back. or they leave u alone. // Beme, remove the aspect of creation. the friction. the cognitive cost. the overhead. a process to follow. a tutorial or how to listicle to read. to Google or to ask. >> Product developers & investors should think about the cognitive cost of their products. The cognitive cost very often can be much higher than the financial cost. Products with a low cognitive cost are those where the technology fades away and dont require a consumers ongoing attention. // "Don't make me think." << book, UI UX mantra. // Photo-filter-app vs photo-editing-app vs video-editing-ai-augmented-intelligence-app that have popped up. podcasting. EDM // what has lots of overhead & sometimes really disappointing user experience? Skype, Windows, FriendFeed, Twitter?(niche compared 2 FB). Q&A
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Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari’s Big Book Deals – Flavorwire
But out of the two, which deal was the source of 1,000 thinkpieces and vague concern trolling about whether-or-not a big deal like this was “right?” You guessed it, Dunham’s. Was there a similar level of outrage for Ansari’s book deal? No — and perhaps speaking to his smaller footprint, culturally, it basically was reduced to a side note. The difference here speaks to a couple of things. Is gender playing a big role? Certainly! Also the difference in Dunham selling a book of essays “about her life” versus Ansari’s take on “modern love” where he was inspired “after reading Malcolm Gladwell.” Ansari’s book will be about his life, to be sure, but it’s not sold to the public as memoir in the same way. It is also probably the result of “Lena Dunham” being a loaded gun in the media representing a lot of ideas regarding young women and power, whereas Ansari, on the other hand, doesn’t represent every young man ever — or every young man of Indian-American heritage, either.
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Sascha Lobo über die Dämonisierung der Netzkonzerne - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Polemik bringt nichts - es geht um tiefere Problemfelder --- tl;dr Die Dämonisierung der Netzkonzerne erschwert die notwendige differenzierte Kritik und damit auch die wirksame politische Regulierung.
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The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius on Vimeo
honing your craft, put the work in, grind it out, ... sort of the 10k hour rule by gladwell - sort of. // Part 2: // ++ THE GAP by Ira Glass - - hone your skill your craft by putting stuff out. period. // ++ “The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work.” [...] The question of what makes someone successful has occupied some of history’s greatest minds. For Alexander Graham Bell, success was bound to befall the person “who carefully advances step by step, with his mind becoming wider and wider.” [... prolonged exposure ... grit ... personal growth and professional growth mindset ... there is no overnight success. ]
creativity  patience  long-term  thinking  long-term  view  craft  skill  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  skills  history  innovator  innovation  incremental  incrementalism  peak  creator  influencer  influence  Remix  Culture  digital  economy  Age  life  lesson  life  hacker  western  lifestyle  lifelessons  lifelesson  Millennials  generationy  entrepreneurship  entrepreneurial  entrepreneur  beginner  Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Ira  Glass  exposure  literature  liberal  arts  ambition  self-belief  self-improvement  self-awareness  self-publishing  self-employment  publishing  2.0  writing  digital  content  content  creator  Mobile  Creative  Mobile  Creatives  value  creation  creating  creation  Creative  Commons  collaboration  Collaborative  mentoring  mentor  internship  on  job  training  Trainee  education  education  policy  critic  critiques  critics  graphic  artist  digital  artist  artists  Signal  vs.  Noise  filter  bubble  content  curation  content  distribution  Personal  Brand  expertise  progress  human  progress  Success  grit  psychology  Personal  Management  growth  professional  growth  profession  professional  growth  mindset  HR  human  resources  overnight  corporate  people  intellectual 
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Boomland Brasilien: Die neue Weltmacht wackelt - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
Brasiliens Boom wird oft dem seit acht Jahren amtierenden Präsidenten Lula zugerechnet, dessen zweite Amtszeit nun zu Ende geht und der nicht wiedergewählt werden kann. Dabei hat nicht er die Grundlagen geschaffen, sondern sein Vorgänger Henrique Cardoso.

Er besiegte die Hyperinflation. Er sanierte den Haushalt. Er entwarf eines der weltweit größten Sozialprogramme, um Millionen Menschen aus der Armut zu befreien. Die Ernte dieser Saat fuhr Lula ein. Heute ist Cardoso einer der letzten Politiker, die den Präsidenten noch kritisieren. "Lula hat das Land betäubt", sagte er kürzlich. Brasilien befinde sich auf dem Weg in den Staatskapitalismus.

Doch nur wenige wollen solche Sätze hören. Vier von fünf Brasilianern unterstützen Lula, der sein Amt zum 1. Januar 2011 abgibt. Seine wahrscheinliche Nachfolgerin Dilma Rousseff, die an diesem Sonntag aller Voraussicht nach gewählt wird, wäre ohne Lulas Unterstützung chancenlos gewesen.

Rohstoffexporte statt Industrieaufbau
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