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DLD15: Andrew Keen: "The Internet is not the Answer" | G! blog - YouTube
>> Speed of change has changed, accelerated. (powerlaw distribution and hockeystick growth of apps) << >> Digital Society isn't working << // "Making the World a better place."- Claim. Criticism is about Privacy, user of Data (TOS), transparency, and how the sum of those companies affect humanity/society ... &! TNW – Andrew Keen – The internet is not the answer | The Next Web - &! 'Universal Basic Income has to come in the future because of the Future of Work and the Mobile Creative. etc etc.' &! DLD15 Interview/Debate - &! 'Uber Co. epitomise what it isn't working for people of the rest of the world. It's working for some type of people who have a stake in the company. [...] I am a digital environmentalist.'
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Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari’s Big Book Deals – Flavorwire
But out of the two, which deal was the source of 1,000 thinkpieces and vague concern trolling about whether-or-not a big deal like this was “right?” You guessed it, Dunham’s. Was there a similar level of outrage for Ansari’s book deal? No — and perhaps speaking to his smaller footprint, culturally, it basically was reduced to a side note. The difference here speaks to a couple of things. Is gender playing a big role? Certainly! Also the difference in Dunham selling a book of essays “about her life” versus Ansari’s take on “modern love” where he was inspired “after reading Malcolm Gladwell.” Ansari’s book will be about his life, to be sure, but it’s not sold to the public as memoir in the same way. It is also probably the result of “Lena Dunham” being a loaded gun in the media representing a lot of ideas regarding young women and power, whereas Ansari, on the other hand, doesn’t represent every young man ever — or every young man of Indian-American heritage, either.
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The Long Game Part 1: Why Leonardo DaVinci was no genius on Vimeo
honing your craft, put the work in, grind it out, ... sort of the 10k hour rule by gladwell - sort of. // Part 2: // ++ THE GAP by Ira Glass - - hone your skill your craft by putting stuff out. period. // ++ “The most important possible thing you can do is do a lot of work.” [...] The question of what makes someone successful has occupied some of history’s greatest minds. For Alexander Graham Bell, success was bound to befall the person “who carefully advances step by step, with his mind becoming wider and wider.” [... prolonged exposure ... grit ... personal growth and professional growth mindset ... there is no overnight success. ]
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Add: from minute 4:55 - Prometheus Arc
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PROMETHEUS Sequel Recap: What We Know About the Possible Follow-Up So Far

"The real question to me is – the more mankind discovers in science the more clear and helpful everything becomes, yet we’re very bad at managing ourselves. And one of the biggest problems in the world is what we call religion, it causes more problems than anything in the goddamn universe. Think about what’s happening now, all based on the very simple idea that a Muslim can’t live alongside a Catholic, or a Catholic can’t live alongside a Protestant…"

- Sir Ridley Scott certainly wanted to tell us something, educate, show, ... with Blade Runner. And as well with Prometheus.
- Same can be said about new TV Series Continuum (Canada)
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