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Homejoy Is Shutting Down At The End Of The Month | TechCrunch / 7:10 $VC subsidized early business. Could not get 2 cash flow even. Lets not speak of cash flow positive. // If u dont have a cash flow even/positive business, u are dependent on $VC 2 keeping it afloat. If u dont have massive growth, VCs like 2 see & not hitting ur milestones & ur still not able 2 turn the business arnd towards cash flow even. Ur dead in the pan. AND 4 digital only consumer & entertainment products, scale is important +10m users. Because then only advertisers might ... might consider placing an add/natively if the conversion & engagement metrics are attractive. Advertisers & brands cant spread resources thin across 1000 apps. Its overhead & waste in ops. That is why BIG like TV (still), Daily Paper/Magazine (still) and FB (owning +70% of Social) are the MAIN HUBS. >> THUS [Freemium] the Free On Phone Version 4 closetphile (wont cost u much except dev) & the Customer paying 4 Cloud Convenience,Security, more features (ie analytics). &!
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NYT - EU and Google
“With more than a decade of hindsight, the theories supporting the case against Microsoft have all but fallen apart, and the pursuit of the company that makes Windows may suggest a reason for skepticism about this fight against Google: The tech marketplace is fluid and unpredictable. The giants that look most unbeatable today could falter in ways that may once have seemed unthinkable — and without a lot of help from the government.” [...] Google makes most of its money from search ads, but the market for such direct advertising may be tapped out. The next great wave of digital advertising — a market far bigger than search spots — will come from ad budgets now reserved for TV commercials, and many observers bet that Facebook, not Google, is in the best position to get that business. &! &! Growth stalls eventually 4all companies >> &! talk abt Google Search business practices and their way to "add value." And Lobbying activities.
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VarageSale Takes on Craigslist via Mobile App - Bloomberg Business
[ auto-posting to FB and Twitter and co. ] Local classifieds app @VarageSale raises $34M from @Sequoia Capital & Lightspeed Venture Partners; the app connects people through their @Facebook profiles & lets members list anything on their site w/ an asking price; the app has 7M daily postings, 20% of which revolve around commerce.
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Why I’m Bullish on the News - POLITICO Magazine
Go maximum mass or maximum specific. [...] News organizations are also going to have to mix and match revenue models. I see eight obvious ones: advertising, subscriptions, premium content, events, cross-media promotion, crowdfunding, micropayments and philanthropy. [...] Today, this same science culture, this civilization of engineers and math, is again on the rise. And to many, it feels like it’s running away with the future. [...] The point is that, for people who aren’t deep into math and science and technology, it is going to get far harder to understand the world going forward. || + + +
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