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Europa: Den Parteien laufen die Mitglieder weg - SPIEGEL ONLINE
[ symptoms ] SPD und CDU haben seit 1990 fast die Hälfte ihrer Mitglieder verloren. Die Erosion der Parteien ist kein deutsches Phänomen, sie findet in ganz Europa statt. Unsere Demokratie ändert sich dadurch grundlegend. [...] Parteimitglieder sind nur noch Randgruppen [...] Personen statt Programme [...] Die Mehrheit der Bürger misstraut den Parteien
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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour will campaign for UK to stay in the EU | Politics | The Guardian
McFadden stressed he did not believe Cameron was seeking to undermine those rights in his talks with his EU partners, but recognises that Corbyn is deeply concerned at what he regards is a shift from a social Europe to a free-market Europe. He said: “If the prime minister tries to water down hard won employment protections that would be wrong and foolhardy on his part and we would very strongly oppose it. But if he does try to water down these protections, the right response is not to leave the EU but to fight the 2020 election on a clear commitment to restore those employment rights – and we have to remain in the EU to do that.”
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