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Jeremy Corbyn: Labour will campaign for UK to stay in the EU | Politics | The Guardian
McFadden stressed he did not believe Cameron was seeking to undermine those rights in his talks with his EU partners, but recognises that Corbyn is deeply concerned at what he regards is a shift from a social Europe to a free-market Europe. He said: “If the prime minister tries to water down hard won employment protections that would be wrong and foolhardy on his part and we would very strongly oppose it. But if he does try to water down these protections, the right response is not to leave the EU but to fight the 2020 election on a clear commitment to restore those employment rights – and we have to remain in the EU to do that.”
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Larry Lessig’s campaign to run as the “Referendum President” & restore representative democracy - YouTube
min 7 campaign finance and party / politician finance - voucher system (tax free, out of your tax, financed by all tax payers, distributed across all). give it to the party and politician/candidate u think will represent u. does what you think is right. 1 man one woman one (voting right 16), company got a voucher. no lobby org got vocher. its the people. // GroKo Germany election Merkel partied in Berlin in-front of her party. No in-front of the people. // 100bn in corporate subsidies per y in USA alone statistic via Kato Institute (liberal think tank) // the internet is both the best it possibly can be and the worst it possibly can be // Americans have no capacity to admit to their mistakes. // &! - Referendum Candidate Lessig Would Consider Biden as VP
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