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Lord Ashcroft 'not settling scores' with David Cameron book - BBC News
"If this was just a revenge job, Lord Ashcroft & I could have published it before the election." CoAuthor Isabel Oakeshott //&! - Ashcroft quits the House of Lords //&! Ashcroft & Cameron - an inevitable end? Two powerful men need each other, and then one of them becomes more powerful, and doesnt need the other anymore. [...] [book] looks a lot like revenge. [...] The Conservatives needed him, as all political parties need money, & between 2002/11 he gave more than £5m. [ those who want leadership position/power, ie Cameron, are & will be never great leaders when history judges them ] - &! So Cameron was young & reckless. Lucky he wasnt young, reckless & poor - - Cameron is part of a select group of people to whom different rules apply, and he knows it, [like evryone else in Britain [dubbed Hameron scandal].
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