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Doctors, teachers, the police – public servants are demoralised | Will Hutton | Comment is free | The Guardian
To toil in the present-day NHS is thankless. [...] Whatever its merits, a workforce whose morale is already low sees it as yet more evidence that professionals’ views don’t count. Morale takes a further downward lurch. [...] Thus by 2020, the government will have imposed an unprecedented 10-year freeze in real pay across the public sector, shrunk its numbers by more than 1.5 million and offered as little upward career progression to public employees as it possibly can. A new industry of private contractors feeding off contracted-out public work will have been invented, offering even worse pay and conditions than the public sector itself. To raise taxes that might alleviate the crisis is ideologically prohibited. [...] Employees are voting with their feet. Between November 2013 and November 2014, 49,120 teachers quit – the highest rate on record. Nearly four in 10 newly qualified teachers leave after their first year. [...] [ Met warned less police officers on street ]
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