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Catalonia: Spain issues deadline to separatists - BBC News
who blinks first. high noon pistol fight. &! - Catalonia: Spain takes step towards direct rule //&! alt view to 'counter revolution' movement left populist outward looking welcoming immigrants welcome nationalism: - neonationalism (global village no accountability) neoliberal kapitalism teilte die leute auf gegen sich auf. nicht vereint. siehe fb there is no global village connection to all (fb zuck dream PR talk), alles kleine identitaeten und grueppchen. isoliert. eigener blase. schaun nicht ausm fenster, wie mittlerweile in der realitaet. wer kennt schon alles seine nachbarn im etagen house wie sein bruder oder schwester? Scotland and Catalonia indy are majority led by left socialist populous. Brexit is led by far-right conservative neoliberalism on steroids populous.
Catalonia  Spain  Gesellschaft  Society  neoliberalism  Capitalism  Individualism  Consumerism  Consumer  Selbstdarstellung  Facebook  Twitter  mental  health  globalisation  bank  bailout  double  standard  indyref  indyref2  Scotland  Brexit  immigration  Identity  Culture  Politics  LGBT  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  left-wing  Jeremy  Corbyn  SPD  btw17  GE2017  workers  union  rights  trade  Community  segregation  GFC  Austerity  vulnerable  working  poor  Precariat  No  Representation  poverty  trap  Deprivation  income  inequality  Super  Rich  1%  Oligarchy  revolving  door  Corruption  social  mobility  redistribution  welfare  state  Privatisation  profit  maximisation  ZIRP  NIRP  QE  IMF  democracy 
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Inside Story - What's the future of the UK in the wake of Brexit? - YouTube
Felt left behind! proxy protest vote. Dog whistle racism/xenophobia. World of post-fact politics and post-fact campaigning! Still a protest vote vs the elite and establishment always promised Disneyland. Reclaiming democracy at home, from bureaucracy, unelected officials, unaccountable ones, in Brussels. Young voters; 3 in 10 voted. Scewed the result somewhat. This is a warning to mainstream parties around the western world. Politics is being hollowed out, voters go to either extremes as alternative!
Brexit  Indyref  2  England  unitedkingdom  UK  Wales  Northern  Ireland  disenfranchise  disenfranchised  immigration  inequality  Gini  coefficient  structural  unemployment  youth  unemployment  unemployment  poverty  child  poverty  fuel  poverty  populism  demagogue  demagogy  demographic  bubble  EEA  Freedom  of  Movement  Schengen  Agreement  Westminster  No  Representation  far-right  far-right  politics  austerity  right-wing  right-wing  extremism  Nigel  Farage  Conservative  Party  Labour  Party  Nationalism  Nationalismus  Altersarmut  UKIP  Identitätspolitik  identity  Ausländerfeindlichkeit  racism  Xenophobia  Xenophobic  babyboomers  Baby  Boomers  Boris  Johnson  David  Cameron  Jeremy  Corbyn  NHS  Crisis  Housing  Crisis  general  election  2015  long-term  unemployment  Fiscal  Pact  Schuldenbremse  Brussels  bureaucracy 
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