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'They Will Want To Bleed Him To Death': Owen Jones on Corbyn, Labour and the Future of the Left - YouTube
Jeremy Corbyn MP's response to the Tories 2015 Budget - // &! The Corbyn Factor: Blair and Blairites panic, Labour in state of confusion - // &! Laurie Penny on Jeremy Corbyn - can he take Labour forward? - // &! Owen Jones - London Rally: Jeremy Corbyn For Labour Leader 3.8.2015 - & // &! (1) low wages don't fund the gov budget - where is Tories industrial global competitive policy? They've slashed Research Funding! STEM, industrial and manufacturing policy, vocational and professional education, social mobility, knowledge and creative industry, digital economy (London's high cost do no help Start-ups!), Tories pro business policy is for the big and existing players, not for the future. // &! Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Labour cannot go on being Tory-lite’ - &! &! &!
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