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The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Up Next - YouTube
Back in the 1990s, Jeffrey Hawkins became both rich and famous when he invented the Palm Pilot—a device that in no small way ushered in a whole new era of mobile computing. These days, though, he’s on a far more ambitious mission. His goal: to build a machine that can think and reason on its own by mimicking the workings of the human brain. In this edition of Up Next, Hawkins opines on the both risks and rewards of artificial intelligence. Series: "Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything" [5/2015] // by 2040 there will be no jobs a robot can't do. *Lead of Carnegie Mellon Robotics. // &! Now Bill Gates Is 'Concerned' About Artificial Intelligence - // &! Nick Bostrom - << &! Engelbart's Law of Technology Prediction; short-term we will over predict/overestimate and long-run (bc of exponential growth of technology) we underestimate.
AI  artificial  intelligence  Stephen  Hawking  Elon  Musk  Three  Laws  of  Robotics  Future  of  Work  automation  Robotics  Software  Is  Eating  The  World  3D  printing  Manufacturing  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Moore's  Law  exponential  growth  augmented  intelligence  computer  science  STEM 
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Making Computer Science More Inviting: A Look at What Works
“I don’t particularly think that the existing computer science curriculum has been effective for anybody. It needs to be situated in a real-world or meaningful context so people understand why they’re doing it. That doesn’t make it less rigorous — students learn the same things, but in a different way.” — National Center for Women & Information Technology co-founder Lucy Sanders // like applied science, building stuff, real world things as team projects over the course of the whole semester, away from the math, theories, dry textbooks, learning by doing - figuring it out by trial end error (failure),
education  policy  STEM  computer  science  practical  skills  practical  skill  set  softskills  capital  skills  human  capital  Bulimie  lernen  bulimic  learning  Women  in  Tech  Industrial  Revolution  2.0  Mobile  Creatives  Mobile  Creative  Future  of  Work  Failure 
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Malcolm Gladwell on the challenge of hiring in the modern world - The New Yorker Conference - YouTube
// self-taught autodidact non-computer science applicants are not doing well in traditional brogrammer interviews &! RailsConf 2014 - Keynote: Writing Software by David Heinemeier Hansson -
Software  Development  HR  human  resources  programmers  Programming  computer  science  STEM  vocational  education  continual  education  e-learning  online  learning  MOOC  hiring  skills  mismatch  education  policy  practical  skills  practical  skill  set 
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Holy Grail of AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Computerphile - YouTube
artificial intelligence (broad and general) - vs - augmented intelligence (vertical, niche and specific)
AI  artificial  intelligence  augmented  intelligence  computer  science 
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Polished is Not Good for Education - Alan Mycroft, Raspberry Pi | You Tube - YouTube
[to truly understand something, you should build it, create it instead of absorbing literature about it.] // Devices are getting sleeker with their technologies more 'hidden'. This is bad for education, says co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Cambridge University professor Alan Mycroft. He tells us the 35-dollar computer's mission to make computing 'visible' and fun again.
education  policy  STEM  computer  science  workshop  DIY  tinkering  reverse  engineering  creator 
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John Carmack: “I just dumped the C server I wrote for a new one in Racket” | Hacker News
Carmack is constantly challenging himself. A trait common among masters. [...] // You know what gets things done and makes things easy to maintain? Boring ass code. IF statements. FOR loops. I mostly use Perl today. It doesn't get in the way. But getting things done is not trendy. That's where we are today. >> Reply "You know what's the problem with boring code? It's boring. This means its information content is low, and its abstraction level is low. This means that you need more of it to express an algorithm. [...] What makes code easier to maintain is clear separation of concerns and low impedance between code's abstractions and the subject area. This is, again, attainable in a number of languages (though expressive power and minimalism help make it even nicer), given the right mindset and skills. I suppose John Carmack possesses both. [...] [And in a reply of a reply:] " [...] Refactoring simple code to handle more complicated situation as it develops is so much better than ..."
Programming  programmers  computerscience  computer  science 
march 2015 by asterisk2a | Frank Schirrmacher - Emigration Of Thinking Because Of Algorithms.
... apart from teaching algo's, people have to be taught too - to think about the third factor that puts everything in question. algo's are about the absolute solution to problem x. thus we become blind to factor x, the third factor, the black swan (see GFC, we are not in a bubble, houseprices never reverted back to the mean). Narrative, doubt (zweifel), intuition - vs - algo's outcome. Without narrative, what world is that, where we just have results only? No narrative (linearity), no grammar. What world is that?
book  evolution  singularity  algorithm  algo  algorithms  Frank  Schirrmacher  technological  progress  ethical  machine  computer  science  degree  history  blackswan  GFC  Google  Facebook  filter  bubble  filters  filter  nassimtaleb  Nassim  Taleb  academia  academics  economic  history  debate  digital  economy  digital  world  unknown  unknowns  zweifel  intuition  narrative  doubt  Twitter  Pinterest  okcupid  Philosophy 
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VC Stewart Alsop: How I pissed off Steve Jobs - YouTube
Steve Job's last big gig was designing and figuring out the Apple TV, where TV is an app and the Device, what is known as TV is a super-size iMac. A Personal Computer. Plus they probably will make the iPad and Apple TV / iTV connect to each other so you can use the iPas and iPhone as 2nd Screen and do social media and surfing and sharing while watching TV. // Google acquisition of Nest Lab is also talent acquisition - Tony Fadell - a former Apple Execs. But he is a Product Guy and those are valuable, and Apple competed with Google for Nest Labs and thus Tony Fadell. Larry Page needs Fadell to improve Google's product line and future products and teach other Googlers 'product development, management and how to think about it correctly.' >> Android, Nexus, Google Chrome, Google Glasses, Google Car, Google ChromeCast. The big things that bring in the money. // // bn dollar companies have an asshole at their helm, that one that steps on people to get his way, get things done, rolling.
Google  Apple  Nest  Labs  design  designer  Steve  Jobs  history  Personal  Computer  PC  Microsoft  Kickstarter  Apple  TV  TiVo  Larry  Page  Product  Guy  Power  does  Corrupt  Product  Google  Glasses  Nexus  Android  Google  Chrome  Google  ChromeCast  Google  Car  Amazon  AWS  jeffbezos  Palm  larryellison  markzuckerberg  Ev  Williams  Twitter  Facebook  IBM  Personal  Product  Sonos  Tesla  iPhone 
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29C3 in Hamburg: Jacob Appelbaum spricht auf dem CCC-Kongress - SPIEGEL ONLINE
"Not my Department", dafür bin ich nicht zuständig, das Motto der Veranstaltung. Das Zitat wird in einem Lied dem Raketenbauer Wernher von Braun zugeschrieben. Zwar ist er dafür zuständig, dass die Raketen starten, aber wo sie wieder herunterkommen - das sei nicht sein Fachgebiet.

KeyNote on YouTube;;=9m46s
occupywallstreet  activists  activism  29C3  Jacob  Appelbaum  Chaos  Computer  Club  CCC  George  Orwell  1984  UK  Europe  USA  surveillance  state  dataretention  datamining  accountability  governance  transparency  Politics  hacker  digitalnatives  surveillance  History  Wikileaks  Hacktivism 
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