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Budget 2015: The return of Tina - BBC News
Tina, it would appear, is back. Forgotten Tina? The acronym for There Is No Alternative? Regularly cited by Margaret Thatcher? Thatcher? Oh, come on, it hasn't been that long since the Tories were in sole command of the UK. [ // history rhymes; Angela Merkel and her "Alternativlos." = There is No Alternative. ] George Osborne set out quite deliberately in a range of ways to suggest that there is no effective or realistic alternative to his approach. [...] It is aimed over their heads at the voters. Mr Osborne is seeking to suggest that there is a remorseless logic to his package, that only the ingrate or innumerate would oppose it.
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Drowning in venture capital, mobile startups are waging unsustainable price wars | PandoDaily
upside of this up-cycle/up-business cycle? everyone with a little bit of chops and a MVP with little bit of traction can get capital. Downside? Everyone spends their capital. Would never happen in a down cycle. Down cycles are great, you've got more time to build a great team, product and brand. .... "[L]ook at ecommerce 2.0 companies like Fab and EcoMom who blew millions in capital acquiring customers at unsustainable rates, hoping for some magic lifetime customer value to justify the spending. (It didn’t.) “There’s a tension between growing fast enough and having a disastrous bottom line,” Jeff Clavier, Founder of SoftTech VC, says. Clavier was an early investor in Fab, among others playing this game. “If you don’t have growth you’re stuck, but if you have growth with economics not viable in the long term, [you’re making] a real bet that you’ll be funded nevertheless.” [...] companies aren’t developing a sustainable business model. [Freemium works better with Software Product.]
Start-Up  lesson  Start-Up  advice  Lean  Start-Up  VC  Venture  Capital  hunt  for  yield  growth  round  Uber  Lyft  sustainable  sustainability  customer  acquisition  customer  retention  2014  asset  bubble  bubble  Silicon  Valley  Palo  Alto  San  Francisco  business  model  business  plan  user  experience  user  expectations  Amazon  Zappos  free  freemium  SAAS  on-demand  mobile  services  Industry  mobile  first  Uber  for  X  Groupon  Berlin  Start-Up  Scene  Europe  Start-Up  Scene  London  Start-Up  Scene  me  too  price  war  commoditization  commodity  business  differentiation  differentiate  brand  brands  branding  indefensible  values  defensible  values  business  management  management  economics  frictionless  friction  rackspace  training  your  customer  growth  crutch  growth  hacker  traction  Value  Proposition  long-term  thinking  long-term  view 
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