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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Chickens (HBO) - YouTube
160 million chicken a week. its a commodity business. lowest price. commanded by rootless global conglomerate corporations that evade and avoid taxes and demand subsidies - no stakeholders in local economy, environment, ecology, country. no shared economic interest. listed on Wall Street; objective of profit maximization and creation of shareholder value. With a policy that pits farmers against each other. // And money buys you (Wall Street) career politicians, not representing your constituency (voters, people of America) instead you (Career Politician) bank that cheque from your regular corporate lobby representative.
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Desertec: Wüstenstrom-Projekt DII für Erneuerbare Energie vor dem Aus - SPIEGEL ONLINE
.... Europe has to step in. Capitalism sees no need to put that money now in long-term when profit margin sinks over the long-term as energy prices may sink over the long-term because energy (renewable energy) becomes commodity ... cheaper. with marginal revenue/profit. thus making it impossible to turn 15-20% ROI over the long-term. This became untenable for investors as they explored the project.
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