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BBC News - Dutch electronics giant Philips plans to split business
Chief executive Frans van Houten said the move was meant to prepare the company for "the next century". "I do appreciate the magnitude of the decision we are taking, but the time is right to take the next strategic step for Philips, as we continue on our transformation," he said. "Both companies will be able to make the appropriate investments to boost growth and drive profitability, ultimately generating significantly more value for our customers, employees and shareholders". +!+!+ >> aim? >> flatter structure, more focused, faster to execute,
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Umbau: Siemens zieht sich aus der Hausgerätesparte zurück - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hausgerätesparte - wer kann schon mit billiger production und entwicklung aus Fernost mithalten. WENN! WENN Siemens keine 'differentiation' kann. commodity business ist hart. kann man halt so nicht lange tragen/vorweg schieben gegenueber Wall Street. kann nur Amazon mit Jeff Bezos.
Siemens  commoditization  commodity  business  differentiation  differentiate  conglomerate  global  corporation 
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Sharp Drops After Saying Material Doubt on Survival - Bloomberg
SHARP and PANASONIC likely next candidates to fail (bankruptcy, reorganisation, splitting of assets). Their demise is partly to contribute not being able to stay in touch of technology trends. It is a dead end street to compete simply by price where ur products are just a commodity.

Same with Motorola and their cell phone business.
Same with Nokia and their cell phone business.
Same with RIM and their cell phone business.
Same w Kodak and photo business.

- But what makes it even worse for SHARP and PANASONIC is that they a Japanese companies, with Japanese Corp. ORG structures. Also see OLYMPUS.
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