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El-Erian: This Is Not 1998 or 2008 - YouTube
it is a repricing. a correction. prices got too far away (reflation of equity & co through ZIRP, NIRP, QE, speeches, plus hunt for yield & FOMO). It just happened to be China being the trigger, the wake-up call - very loud wake-up call - bc of its economic size and heft. (taper talks 2015 that made equity already nervous, and bond holders too, was too timid). Reality check. // Was it justified, yes. // In the long-run, we are all dead. And in the long-run things will, eventually, correct itself. // People may take now into account a new normal, lower interest rate environment, lower global growth, lower yields, lower inflationary pressures, lower dividend payments, more work that corporates (crony capitalism) need to do to squeeze out that earnings growth especially in the western world. inequality - low wage growth/stagnation - less discretionary spending on non-essential items (in the western world). & "realization that policy tools were less effective". &!
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The Phablet Effect – AVC
[ remote control for your life, of your life ] Tablets are niche. Watches are niche. You could even argue that desktops are becoming niche. Everything pales in comparison to the smartphone it seems. [ small computer connected to super computer and all the worlds information ] & [ will have also impact on semiconductor business. marginal costs lower for mass smartphone parts, could (will eventually) find its way into the data center according to a16z Peter Levine and Benedict Evans and others. - - Mobile Invades the Data Center & Consumerization (commodity hardware and software (OPEN SOURCE) will orchestrate everything else) of the Data Center &! &! &! A Copernican Update … In Tech, the Smartphone Is the Center - // &! - The smartphone is the new sun.
phablet  Tablet  Smartphone  mobile  phone  mobile  homescreen  user  behaviour  snacking  technological  history  technological  progress  semiconductor  marginal  cost  commodity  business  commoditization  data  center  cloudcomputing  economics  of  abundance  Moore's  Law  Technology  Intel  Nvidia  AMD  ATI  ARM  Platform  Open  Source  Mainframe  Open  Hardware  Qualcomm  Google  Apple  MediaTek 
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