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NBCUniversal Buys Big Chunks of Vox Media and BuzzFeed | Re/code
[ independent outlets vanish from media landscape as the big ones invest or buy outright strategic (in their view) assets as they ponder the way forward into a future where they seem irrelevant (attributed at al by Facebook, Google, Twitter, dying newspaper, Appstore - the (smart)mobile phone, ... ] // Vox Media CEO Jim Bankoff — again, my boss — says that in addition to the NBCUniversal investment, the two companies now have a commercial partnership. That means, among other things, that they will collaborate on digital advertising, will work together on video advertising and video programming, and that you will likely see Vox Media employees more frequently on NBCU-owned networks like CNBC. (Re/code already had and continues to have a news partnership with CNBC). [...] Buzzfeed [apparently has] a revenue goal of $250 million in 2015. [...] NBCU more or less ignored digital for quiet some time. Still TV dwarfs digital publishing in real-terms $ ads spend, but TV is declining steadily.
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Kara Swisher has lost. | PandoDaily
As Fortune’s Dan Primack points out, as part of Vox, Re/Code now has investors in common with “Square, Uber, Dropbox, Spotify, Instacart, Jawbone, Lookout, Flipkart, etc.” We can argue — and I do, obviously — that having investors in common with companies you cover, or even having investors you cover, is a conflict that can be managed with fierce reporting and clear disclosures. The best example I can offer is that Pando has investors in common with both Uber and Secret. Swisher and Mossberg have made clear they see things differently: Journalism will always suffer when there are investors in common. // &! &! &!
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Unraveling Comcast Merger Exposes Weaknesses In Its Powerful Lobbying Arm | TechCrunch
Comcast spent $4.62 million on lobbying in the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 50 percent from its spending in the same quarter last year. But now the cable giant is reportedly walking away with little to show. Much of Comcast’s spending was aimed at ushering through the company’s merger with Time Warner Cable Inc. and preventing the adoption of strict net neutrality rules. Today Bloomberg reported Comcast is dropping the deal. The news came a day after the FCC staff recommended a hearing on the merger, a procedural move that would essentially halt the deal in its tracks.
Comcast  Time  Warner  Cable  M&A  ISP  oligopoly  oligopol  FCC  Net  Neutrality  lobbyist  lobby  Lobbying  revolving  door 
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U.S. Antitrust Lawyers Said Leaning Against Comcast Deal - Bloomberg Business
Antitrust lawyers at the Justice Department are planning to recommend that regulators prevent Comcast and Time Warner Cable from merging. They are said to be planning this recommendation “out of concerns that consumers would be harmed” if the companies merge. &! 24hrs later; Comcast and Time Warner try to convince the DOJ that competition is bad for consumers -
Comcast  ISP  oligopoly  oligopol  Time  Warner  Cable  M&A  USA 
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3 Myths Comcast Is Telling The FCC About TWC Merger – Consumerist
In addition to the wide swaths of rural land with few broadband options (again, this uses the outdated definition of 3Mbps or better), many of the most densely populated metro areas in the country — Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, Seattle, New Orleans, and basically the entire D.C.-Philly-NYC-Boston corridor — have few options for even barely acceptable Internet service. Approving the Comcast/TWC merger will do nothing to change this map. It will only change the name of the company that screws up the billing for the customers in these areas.
Comcast  Time  Warner  ISP  broadband  oligopoly  oligopol  cartel  FCC  Net  Neutrality  competitive  advantage  comparative  advantage  competitiveness  21stcentury  Future  of  Work  regulators  lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  Career  Politicians  barackobama  presidency  Competition  utility 
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Susan Crawford on Why U.S. Internet Access is Slow, Costly, and Unfair - YouTube
Is Net Neutrality Dead? - ""pressure from ISP and Cable Provider lobby in Washington not to call them a utility"" - - +++ Bill Moyers Essay: As the SEC Door Revolves - v=pqA4RGI5i8A
Susan  Crawford  USA  Europe  Net  Neutrality  ISP  Cable  Provider  oligopoly  revolving  door  lobby  Lobbying  lobbyist  fiduciary  responsibility  public  utility  public  good  WallStreet  presidency  barackobama  book  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  digital  divide  skill-biased  technological  change  knowledge  worker  White-collar  Blue-collar  productivity  social  mobility  income  mobility  Gini  coefficient  inequality  Tom  Wheeler  democracy  barriers  to  entry  trust  trustagent  antitrust  Career  Politicians  transparency  accountability  governance  Don't  be  evil  corporate  governance  choice  marketplace  efficiencies  marketplace  marketplace  inefficiencies  innovation  market  plurality  marketplace  plurality  pluralistic  society  pluralism  plurality  utilities  internet  tiering  internet  metering  Access  oversight  short-term  thinking  FCC  public  policy  leadership  Vision  national  interest  public  interest  Principle  regulators  self-regulation  regulation  deregulation  discrimination  Google  Fiber  greed  crony  capitalism  corporatism  capitalism  Comcast  AT&T  Verizon  TimeWarner 
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With Alibaba IPO Filing Set to Arrive Tomorrow, Here’s Why It Does Matter to Silicon Valley | Re/code
Thus the big question: What will Mayer buy? Or will the money go to buying back shares? Or what? As many have correctly noted, the Alibaba stake has had a significant halo effect on Yahoo’s stock and, once public, the company will have a definite value that can be counted. And, more to the point, once the Alibaba impact is felt, it will become completely clear how the core Yahoo business is valued by Wall Street — right now, hardly at all — and whether the company is a good deal or not. That clarity means a lot of things for Mayer and Yahoo, including whether it could ever be a takeover target itself — a strange but not implausible scenario that has been brought up to me recently by many players who could pull off such a deal. ||| + I believe a major tie-up between Yahoo and AOL is still in the cards.
Alibaba  Yahoo!  AOL  marissamayer  Silicon  Valley  M&A  TimeWarner  Comcast 
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BBC News - Google buys up games controller firm Green Throttle Games
Mobile Market is saturated. Now comes the fight for the living room and making the living room/TV/Movie/Surfing experience more like 21st Century. And cable companies (middle man) will become obsolete in the coming years. "More recently, the company announced the low-cost Chromecast dongle. The device allows content from a mobile device to be played out on a television. Joining Google from Green Throttle Games will be co-founders Matt Crowley and Karl Townsend. Mr Townsend was lead engineer for the Palm Pilot, a pioneering handheld device. +
acqui-hire  Nest  Labs  Green  Throttle  Games  Google  Apple  Amazon  TV  Chromecast  Apple  TV  cable  companies  USA  Comcast  TimeWarner  AT&T  Verizon  FiOS  Platform  TV  Arms  Race 
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It's official: Comcast and Time Warner Cable announce $45.2B merger | VentureBeat | Business | by Jordan Novet
Comcast and Time Warner Cable are the largest and second-largest cable providers in the U.S., respectively. [...] federal regulators could challenge the deal, just as they have pushed back on mergers of big mobile service providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile. + The Tek 0096: Comcast & Time Warner Wouldn't Hurt a Fly + + 30:06min in - all this comes back to the fight of the Middleman to try hardest to stay relevant in the future of distribution of digital content. Whether it be music, movies, tv, tv-series, and any other digital content. The future is about b2c, currently its about b2b2c. The middleman will fall away, but it is fighting back. Remove a middle man and get rid of the mark-up. + + +
oligopol  monopoly  crony  capitalism  Time  Warner  Comcast  USA  corporatism  corporate  governance  corporate  media  NBC  generalelectric  GE  antitrust  collusion  infrastructure  investment  infrastructure  middleman  Music  Industry  Hollywood  Entertainment  Industry  Entertainment  Games  Industry  ISP  digital  content  digital  economy  digital  natives  digital  artist  Verizon  cartel  Mafia  AT&T  Netflix  netneutrality  Net  Neutrality  net-neutrality  Netzneutralität  bandwith  metering  Internet  tiering  Internet  metering  public  policy  innovation  barriers  to  entry 
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Schumpeter: The emperor's clothes | The Economist
But the obstacles in the way of the heroic media mogul are especially big. Advertising is swiftly migrating online, and moving away from media companies as it does so. The internet retains the power to disintermediate (that is, bypass media firms by bringing products straight to consumers) and de-aggregate (turning albums into tracks and newspapers into articles). Few have worked out a way of making money from putting content online. Nor is it clear that a willingness to spend on media-playing devices is a wholly good sign. Consumers bought lots of iPods in the past few years. But they did not spend much money on music.

And there is always the threat that media moguls will go on another buying spree. The industry has a history of splashy mergers and acquisitions, particularly involving technology outfits, which end up destroying value. So let the content cocks crow. But if they start talking about synergies, run for the hills.
conglomerate  tuki  newscorp  newspapers  media  newspaper  M&A  nbcuniversal  comcast  internet  economics  trends  trend  content 
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G.E. Makes It Official - It Will Sell NBC to Comcast -
Jeff Zucker, the current head of NBC Universal, will stay on as chief executive and report to the chief operating officer of Comcast, Steve Burke. In a statement released by the companies Thursday morning, Mr. Zucker called the deal the “start of a new era” for NBC.
nbcuniversal  nbc  ge  comcast  television  distribution 
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Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale -
- they had to come up with fresh money!
selling their baby was hard.
nbcuniversal  GE  recession  nbc  comcast  media  conglomerate 
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Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale -
“If you disrupt the consumer experience, you’re in trouble,”

The scramble by TV companies to preserve its ad model while giving consumers choice — what Comcast’s chief executive called in interviews Thursday “anytime, anywhere media” — mirrors the efforts of newspapers, magazines and radio companies to wring more money from digital media. But all are facing some entrenched habits.
hulu  tv  internet  IPTV  streaming  online  youtube  nbcuniversal  nbc  comcast 
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Milliardenübernahme: Kabelriese Comcast schluckt NBC Universal - SPIEGEL ONLINE - Nachrichten - Wirtschaft
General Electrics benötigt Liquidität, nachdem seine Finanztochter GE Capital während der Finanzkrise erheblich in Mitleidenschaft gezogen wurde. Für GE ist die Verringerung des eigenen Anteils schmerzhaft: Der Industrieriese hatte das Film- und Fernsehreich NBCU über ein Vierteljahrhundert mühsam aufgebaut - und muss jetzt sein Scheitern eingestehen.

Verbraucherschützer kritisierten, dass die Zusammenführung von Produktion und Vertriebsnetz der Unterhaltungsbranche in einer Hand negative Folgen haben könnte. Comcast antwortete darauf, dass der Verbraucher von einer solchen Verbindung profitieren sollte. So könnten etwa Filme von Universal nach ihrem Kinostart schneller im Kabelfernsehen zu sehen sein.
nbcuniversal  comcast  conglomerate  media 
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Comcast-NBC deal faces regulatory hurdles | Markets | Markets News | Reuters
* U.S. regulatory review expected to take a year

* Lawmakers vow hearings to examine fair content treatment

* Public groups warn higher cable bills, less competition
nbcuniversal  media  conglomerate  comcast  regulation  nbc 
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Comcast to Buy NBC Universal
An official announcement from the companies is expected on Thursday morning. Nonetheless, Bloomberg speculates that the deal “will draw scrutiny from Obama administration regulators who have said consolidation of US media companies may thwart competition.”
nbcuniversal  comcast  vivendi  conglomerate  media  competition 
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